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" a w a k e n i n g "   a n d   l i v i n g   t h e   " o t h e r "   l i f e


A brief account of how I discovered I was fae, and another email discussing otherkin as subculture and how I came to my identity as faery

What if you were wrong about being otherkin?

Would awakening have been easier in older times?

Avoiding the use of checklists

A post by Tsu on finding your type/race/species, and further advice (offsite link)


The Silver Elves' "Magical Elven Love Letters" on Realization (attunement; becoming more elven), Enchantment and the Faerie Rade

Feral's story about going wild or feral

The story of an enchantment?

Why would anyfae want to celebrate Purim (a Jewish holiday usually occurring in March) anyway?

Test your banality! (humour)

If you're going to be out and about as faerie, why not look the part?

A collection of words I've "remembered"

On "True Names" or "soul names"

A short description and background of some of the names I have used on otherkin fora, and whether they correspond to actual "past lives" or similar

What do you do on a daily basis?

Magic, Energy & Spirituality

Reiki and I don't really talk to one another nowadays, so these links are kind of in my personal past, but many otherkin do get along with Reiki - and Otherkin Reiki is what happens to it when you let otherkin get a hold of it. See also the Reiki Annex on Wandering Paths and the Tapestry of Worlds attunement.

Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu designed an Otherkin Avatar ritual which was performed at Kinvention North in 2004. (See also this page.)

A ritual intended to help one better claim and identify with their otherkind self.

On interacting with human ancestors


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