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o t h e r k i n   i n   g e n e r a l

FAQs and Other Introductory Information

Introducing the concept of otherkin to people who aren't otherkin external link, a resource kit by Orion Scribner (an excerpt from their Directory of Otherkin Writings external link). Includes links in Czech, French, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, and Spanish.

A Simple Introduction to Otherkin and Therianthropes external link , also by Orion Scribner, uses Simple English (a.k.a. Basic English) external link to facilitate machine translation into other languages.

Otherkin FAQ v. 4.0.1 external link by the Crisses with contributions from others. Keep in mind this is from 2001. While it's still good information, some things have shifted in the community since then (especially terminology), and several resource links are now broken.

A Revised Otherkin FAQ external link by Jarandhel Dreamsinger

Mikh'to's advice for those new to Otherkin external link

Jewelfox's Otherkin FAQ (onsite with permission; read the original post on Dreamwidth here external link)

A FAQ external link by Kanishtaa Naijuuk

An FAQ on Otherkin for the Perplexed Observer offsite link by Dragonslorefury

You're 'kin--what now? external link by Veamoryn

Identifying Your Otherkin Species: Ten Tips for the Terminally Tantalised external link by Sprite Rêvenchatte

Otherkin and Beyond: an FAQ and reading list for curious and confused parties external link by Aqua-Aureum

Nature, Origins, and Characteristics of Otherkin

A plain version of the famous Buck Young essay about fae in the world today, and a much more enchanting external link presentation

The Silver Elves' "Magical Elven Love Letter" on the Origins of otherkind

Regarding majikal abilities in otherkin

You Might Be Otherkin If... (for humor/entertainment only!)

Collected short bits on the definition of otherkin

One outsider's perspective can be found in this essay on elves external link

A response to the assertion that we are just pretending

Excerpts from two otherkin surveys I answered: one | two

Part 1 of an essay on otherkin and roleplaying offsite link by Dragonslorefury (to my knowledge no further parts were ever written)

On the idea of physical, genetic non-humanness


Community History

See also the section on "Otherkin and our Culture" in the recommended non-fiction reading.

Orion Scribner maintains the awesome Otherkin Timeline: The Recent History of Elfin, Fae, and Animal People external link. For anyone who thinks the phenomena of otherkin was invented on tumblr or LiveJournal or even on the Internet at all, this document will be very enlightening. "Spanning from approximately 1972 to 2011 inclusive [...] Events covered include the coining of jargon, the publication of books, the rise and fall of various parts of the community, the development of philosophical explanations for being otherkin, and much more."

Archives of a few old issues of TirNanOc external link, which was one of the largest and busiest otherkin mailing lists in the late 1990s. (The listmistress, Dreamfall, then known as Tiernan, said in 2013 that she has a hard drive somewhere with full archives of the list, but has yet to unearth it from boxes accumulated from multiple movings of house.)

A thread from the Usenet newsgroup alt.vampyres in 1996 external link regarding connections between fae and vampires. Alt.vampyres was one of the places "otherkin" conversation used to congregate before we had all the mailing lists, message boards and other stuff devoted specifically to the topic.

The Elf Queen's Daughters and the Silver Elves external link - spans 1973 to 2011, on the history of the Magical Elven Love Letters and articles and correspondence published in Green Egg Magazine, as well as latter-day activities and writings of the Silver Elves. (The folks who made up the Elf Queen's Daughters have laid down the elven banner and gone on to more general magical pursuits.)

A collection of things about elves posted to alt.pagan in 1993 external link

The first otherkin gather, Walking the Thresholds, was held in June 1998. However, that year the gather actually split into two events, held in different locations on the same weekend, because of some interpersonal conflicts between its organizers. The one originally planned for Four Quarters Farm in Pennsylvania is the one that survives by that name and in that place today; here are two Usenet posts advertising it: rec.arts.comics.elfquest December 1997 offsite link, alt.vampyres March 1998 offsite link. The other was held in Ohio: June 1998 offsite link (and some replies on alt.pagan.magick June 1998 offsite link). The descendant of this "splinter" Thresholds was Dancing the Endless Dream offsite link in Texas (or see the web page for the first event in 1999 offsite link), which ran 1999-2009 and in turn evolved into Summer Gateways offsite link, still running as of 2014.


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