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t r u e n a m e s

by Arethinn
June 2003

I first ran into the idea of "soul names" in ElfQuest... where they came about because when you have a society with telepathic ability, you need some kind of "defence" which keeps your Core Self safe from invasion by others. At this point in my life I was young, naive enough not to question, and friends with another girl who was also a rabid fan, and in due course we both "discovered our soul names".

Now, the curious thing about this is that that name has stuck with me ever since, and unlike every other name I've ever had (including my birth name), I've never had a desire to change it. It seems extremely Right to me. On some occasions, hearing it said out loud has had an effect on me - not control, just an energetic effect. It is like it is a "word of power" with regards to me. However, I think for this to take place, that a certain channel or connection needs to be in place first. The speaker in question was my soul-bonded life-mate, so there's an especial openness there that facilitated the effect. I don't think the same would have happened if it had been anyone else; I don't believe the name has that kind of power over me.

I also think similarly to what Arhuaine said above - if souls have "true names", they wouldn't be pronounceable by these bodies' vocal apparatus. I think of such names as being more like a collection of vibrations, music, colours, something. A unique "signature" indeed, but not a "word" made up of spoken syllables, by any means.


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