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o t h e r   t y p e s   o f   o t h e r k i n

Some information on a few types of 'kin besides sidhe and faery. Please note that this is extremely far from being a comprehensive list, as should be obvious since common types such as dragons are absent, and in theory almost anything that exists in the universe could wind up here on Earth as an otherkin. These are just a few types I chose to provide some information and links about.



The Elenari Nexus offsite link is expressly for and about Elenari, which are one kind of elves that have come to Earth from other planets ("space elves"). See also some remembered words offsite link of various Elenari types, and an Elenari dictionary offsite link.

The Silver Elves offsite link were one of the original groups of folks to be open about being elves back in the 1970s. (AKA non-human/otherkin, although the terms did not exist then.)

Tië Eldalieva offsite link follow a Tolkien-inspired path of elven spirituality.

The current Elven Realities offsite link; or for historical interest, see the 1998 version of Elven Realities offsite link.

Across the Veil: A Brief Overview of Vanaheim offsite link by Nornoriel Lokason talks about Vanic elves, that is, the Vanir themselves an elven race (somewhat distinct from Alfar), a.k.a. Eshnahai (as they call themselves).


Miscellaneous Types

Stuff I posted to mailing lists about polymorphs and stardragons, and some stuff about dragons in general

Christopher Angelo's pieces on what it means to be a satyr and on nymphs

A nice, detailed piece by Archer about shadows

Angelkin resources offsite link collected by Jarandhel Dreamsinger (also see the same post here on Tumblr offsite link, where the links are actually "hot" and don't require copying and pasting) (offsite link)


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last updated 9/1/2014