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h u m a n   a n c e s t o r s

by Arethinn
October 2004

> Being 'kin, this takes on a confusing aspect. Do we celebrate the
forebears of the human families we were born into? Or do we
> celebrate the lives of our people that we remember from our memories
> and dreams? Or both? Do you feel a connection with your human
> ancestors at all, or is 'family' only important within the species
> we feel ourselves to be part of? When you call upon your ancestors,
> who comes to you?

An interesting question. I think that unless one feels a very serious disjunction from their Earthly body (e.g., are a very recent walk-in) and/or for whatever reason feel no connection to Earth whatsoever, even as a temporary "hostess", one's bodily ancestors should be honoured as well as non-human ones. We are the "past" manifesting itself, and IMO no part of that past is less important than any other. The ancestors live through us; we are the manifestation of the threads of Fate, as our descendents will be for us.


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