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Please note that I'm increasingly having to rely on the Wayback Machine and Geocities archive sites as more and more otherkin web pages fall offline (especially ones that had been resources ten or twenty years ago) and there are fewer new ones to replace them. One of the pitfalls of this, though, is that not all sub-pages on a site may exist in the snapshot. C'est la vie.

See also the community page for lots more links to mailing lists, forums, events, etc.

In the interest of reducing visual clutter, I haven't used the "offsite link" indicator  external link on this page. All links are external.


General Otherkin Info


Elves, Faery, Sidhe, and Tuatha De Danann

Related, similar, but not the same thing... except when we are! (*evil grin*) The roots of today's general otherkin community are mainly traceable back to forays online in the early 1990s by elven folk looking for others like themselves.



Not all dragons consider themselves otherkin, though they usually can fit the (narrower) definition of being a mythic non-human. Some prefer to hang out with therianthropes, considering themselves to also be a kind of animal. The term "theriomythic" can describe folk like dragons (or gryphons, unicorns, etc.) who are mythic, but have a "bestial" form and may remember being of lesser intelligence. Dragons are numerous enough they can be considered a community of their own, with different roots than the general otherkin community.




Miscellaneous Types

There are many more types of otherkin, of course... these just happen to be a few I have links for!


Miscellaneous Websites


The Garden of the Past

Below are some archive links to websites from the late 1990s and early 2000s, to give you a picture of what the online otherkin community was like at the time.


Cousins that may be of interest


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