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s i d h e,   f a e r y,  a n d  t u a t h a
( a n d   a l s o   s o m e   e l v e s )

Well, that sounds confusing, doesn't it? For this page, please keep the following in mind:

I consider elves, faery, sidhe, and Tuatha De Danann to all be distinct things, although there are definitely similarities and in some cases overlaps and interbreeding. Other people, both within and without the otherkin community, may use two or more of those terms interchangeably or consider some of them to be subgroups of others. Some links below talk about these things or some subset thereof as though they were equivalent, or address the topic of the confusion itself.

My own thoughts on this have changed over time, in both directions (broad/permissive and narrow/restrictive). Currently (2019), speaking only of beings on Earth since that's mostly what I know: I think it's quite possible that, while distinct at least as much as breeds of cats or dogs are distinct and quite possibly moreso, the Faery, (Earthborn) Elves, and Sidhe may all come from a single "root race" or common ancestor, though it could be quite far back in history (similar to how humans' and chimpanzees' common ancestor is some millions of years ago). I'm not sure whether the Tuatha are outsiders or not, but lean towards the idea that they are, or perhaps are a specfic grouping of sidhe that have differentiated somewhat. (I'm sure some Tuatha out there could offer me some Opinions on that. ;) )

It's for these reasons that I lump things together here rather than trying to put them in categories, because otherwise I'd have to agonize over what link fit best in what category. While I might like to do that in my personal bookmarks, it seems silly to do it on a public website where I'd rather make it easier for people to just find stuff. So, all that said, on with the show.


Topics I intend to get around to
writing about for this section (*looks sheepish*). (If you would like to write on any of them, feel free to email me at arethinn at eristic dot net.)


Some thoughts on the similarities and differences between sidhe, elves, faery, and Tuatha

A couple brief posts on sidhe in general

The group of characteristics I am referring to when I talk about "sidhe"

A little bit about the realm of Faery and on the possibly related realm of Annwn

Two posts on faery and glamour

A post about the nature of faery

A conversation between myself and Paradox offsite link about the concepts of "seelie" and "unseelie"

A comment by Rhianna SilEl about Tuatha compared to sidhe and elves

A memory from Talakestreal of a time when there was a war

A collection of brief post-bits from me on faery and sidhe

A comparison of sidhe, fae, and elves offsite link by the Crisses

Some thoughts in response to an article about the Alfar

Anara has written a substantial amount on her kind of sidhe: general info offsite link, history offsite link, glamour offsite link, sovereignty offsite link, and a glossary offsite link of names and terms.Take with a large spoonful of salt, however, especially where DJ Conway or Edain McCoy come into it, but I do find the occasional useful bit of information or similarity between her ideas and mine.

Vihrëa's Faeriepedia offsite link

A piece by Tiernan from the old Otherkin Resource Center about Danann sidhe offsite link

Taxonomy of Dannan sylvanus offsite link is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but interesting nonetheless

The Dananns and the Sundering offsite link by Tiernan

Some posts from The Faerie Channel offsite link (must register to view): Seelie vs Unseelie / Summer vs Winter offsite link, Religion offsite link, The Courts of Tír inna n-Óc offsite link, Seelie and Unseelie: Order and Chaos offsite link, On fae relationships offsite link

Fae are radical beauty offsite link by Swanblood

A phouka's view on humans offsite link

A discussion on cold iron offsite link on the LiveJournal nonfluffypagans offsite link community


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last updated: 4/05/2018