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m y   n a m e s

by Arethinn
October 2004

"Eshari" is actually a name I got on a "shamanic" journey in the late summer / early fall of 1998. It was the name of a city I visited, and it was communicated to me that the city was mine, or was me (in some fashion). Whether this has any literal (even literal-non-physical) truth to it I am now very doubtful, but the name itself seems to have stuck. At some point in the past I randomly expanded it into "Eshéarendelári", which a couple friends and I retconned into "from the high place of the sparkling/shining/flaming waterfalls/trails of light." (It's suitable, but again, no claims of literality with regards to "remembering" a language or anything.)

Mhirathkia is the very first name I ever went by among otherkin, way back on wyldefae in 1998. That name was got by attempting to place myself in a kind of trance state and "channel" a right name to use. It has since had several variants (Mhararathkia, Mhirathekrelkira, abbreviations Mhira or Mhi'kia), but generally fallen into disuse. My current conception of it is that it may apply to one of my dragon lives.

Lirrimirr Anavrin (abbrev. Lirri) is a name I attach to a life as some sort of "pixy" which not only tended to change sex at puberty, but also bonded with an animal in some kind of magical ritual that involved ... absorbing... the animal, and gaining physical traits from it. Lirri is actually the mature female (my memory-fragment is of being rather old and grumpy, actually), whereas as a young male I recall, or at least use, the name Tass (which is also my livejournal name, if anyone wondered where, in part, that came from). I don't know how I "got" either of those... just sort of thinking out loud while focusing on the fragment, I think, until the sounds formed what seemed like a name.


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