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d a i l y w o r k

by Arethinn
June 2003

The thing that does the most for me is to ask myself each hour, each minute even, how I am connected to the "greater reality", how am I embodying magic this moment, what sorts of extra-ordinary things am I perceiving at this time. It is something like the lucid dreaming or astral projection technique which says, ask yourself however many times a day if you are dreaming, or look at your hands, at a piece of writing, etc. To say that I make myself be aware of such things is much too strong... but I choose to become slightly more focused in that awareness, on a periodic basis... I guess, similar to some meditation techniques... one always breathes, but certain spiritual disciplines ask you to become more consciously aware of the breathing process... I think it is somewhat like that. Some level of glamour or majik is always flowing through me, but every so often I choose to become particularly aware of it... this reminds me that it is always there. (Minds are a funny thing.)


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