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Directories used to feature a very large directory of contacts, built up over the years since coming online in 2000. There is as yet nothing in the site's current setup that replaces it. (You can browse the member list , but it's not organized by location and searchable by distance in the way that the old directory was.) As an alternative, I suggest the Otherkin Directory on Dreamhart external link. It's not very large, but there's a way to cure that!

On AnOtherWiki, you can find various lists: active mailing lists external link (although "active" is defined rather loosely); active gathers external link, active meetups external link, and upcoming community events external link; and chats .

Darkfang Archive's Social category comprises lists of chats, forums, mailing lists, and other online groups. (Not everything listed is active; being an archive, part of its purpose is preserving history.)


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Changes in the Community

See also the Community History section on the general otherkin info page.

Some of my thoughts on the state of the otherkin community as of 2002. Obviously this is old now, but it's funny how relevant some of it still seems to me.

A remark on conversation trends on lists and boards as they were in 2006

Jarandhel Dreamsinger's thoughts external link on the differences between the community ca. 2013 and about 10 years previously, and a response external link from Liryen Enderea

About Changes & Growth in the Therian & 'Kin Communities external link by Spiritus-Sonne

Talakestreal's musings on the "generations" of otherkin external link

Email Forums

Text in italics is taken from the list's description of itself.

Lists with at least some activity:

Elfinkind Digest external link: The oldest elven/otherkin list, where the word "otherkin" was coined in the early 1990s. Still assembled manually and sent in digest form, although the days of getting it on floppy disk in snail-mail are now in the distant past.
The Elfinkind Digest is a mailing list format discussion group for elves and interested others. The term 'otherkind' and 'otherkin' originated from this discussion list, when we advertised for elves and got all sorts of other sorts too. ... It is unlike a Yahoo! or Google Group discussion form in that there are no web archives, and no web interface. It is email only. It's an old format, but durable, and private. ... The list's primary purpose is to give those out there who know what they are, but don't necessarily have a name for it or understanding of it, someplace to go and talk with others of their kind, others who might understand. There wasn't any such place for me, so I made one, hoping I wasn't alone out here. As it turns out, I wasn't. I certainly didn't think there'd be so many people, much less a Google/ category, but I can deal with that.

Elven Realities external link: As far as I know, the second oldest still-operating list, after Elfinkind Digest (see above). Despite the name and the description, other types besides elves are on the list as well, and it is at least somewhat of a general otherkin list, since so little else is active these days.
Elven Realities is a list to explore ideas on what it is to be "Elven". It does not matter if one thinks one is an elf, or thinks of it as a paradigm that they want to study...This list is here for intelligent conversation and exploration.

The following lists are, unfortunately, effectively moribund, but if you can join you might find something interesting in their archives:

Anderen Vereinigte external link ("Others" United): This is an English-language list, despite the German name. The moderator just wanted something unusual, I think.
For those of us who are 'other' and well-aware of it -- for the noble, the fallen, the chosen, the outcast, the longlost, the lone, the forgotten conscious ones of here and now. You're not alone after all. So whaddaya wanna make of it? This is a place for gathering and searching and reweaving together the past and its meanings, our lives and their purposes at hand, to confront what's there and make something more-than-the-ordinary. Because the stakes are higher and there's sometimes (despite all admonitions) a bit of drama in the air when you're dealing with delving into reality and truth itself.

OlderKin external link:
This is a forum for those Otherkin who are in this life—and chronologically over the age of thirty. Awakening can be difficult at the best of times, imagine coming into the process later in life, when you think you’ve figured it all out! This is a place where the OlderKin can discuss things pertaining to being older—and Otherkin.

Otherkin Theology external link:
The purpose of this list is to give Otherkin a place to discuss the effect Awakening has had on their religious beliefs.

Sidhe List external link:
The Sidhe List is [...] for the discussion of the Real World of Faeries, Elves, and Otherkin of the Earth. If you are serious about wanting to discuss and learn about Earthenkind Faeries and Otherkin, you may want to join this list.

TirNanOc external link: Created on Topica in 2000 after the demise of the original TirNanOc list mentioned in the description (I think).
TirNanOc was founded in 1995 as an e-community for Otherkin ... those of us who feel the fundamental part of ourSelf is not of Human origin. It is not a roleplaying list. It is not limited to any one kind of Otherkin but is open to all who feel themselves to be nonhuman in spirit, as well as those who are human but who feel a deep resonance with the nonhuman world. All are welcome, but please bear in mind that the focus of the list is on living well and happily as magical beings in a human world.

Tuatha De Danaan [sic] - Discussion and exploration of Tuatha myths and memories

This is the basic, most fundamental level of otherkin list you can find. No question is too frequently asked, nor too stupid. More advanced or speicialized topics may, however, be directed at more advanced or specific lists, so that the list can better serve the newly awakened.

KinFrontiers - This began life as a list for discussion of advanced, controversial, or potentially offensive topics relating to otherkin, but is now a general discussion list.
This is the real hard-core stuff. Dark? Light? Time-Space Continuum? Veils? Blood & Guts, bring it on. Serious questions won't be turned away, more basic or specialized topics may be directed at more basic or specific lists, so that this list can better serve the members of the community interested in exploring all the boundaries of being 'kin.

We do not attempt to define "Dragon" or what being a Dragon means, but instead encourage deliberation on the topic. ... the nature of Draconity, philosophy, the afterlife and souls, temporal and spacial theory, physics, psychic and occult phenomena, purpose and will, religion, physiology, and so on are all quite welcome.


Regional lists in the Western USA:

Nor_Cal_Otherkin external link:
An Otherkin list for those living from the San Fransisco Bay Area north to the Oregon border. Sadly, the listrunner Violin Goddess died in April 2016, and it seems no provision was made for anyone else to take over the list.

Northwest-Kin external link:
Group for Otherkin located in the Pacific Northwest, centralized around Western Washington.

Portland Elf Kin Gathering external link:
A group where those of the Portland, OR metro area or who plan to regularly be in the Portland area who identify as or feel like elves can gather and plan meetups and chats together. Those who think they might be elves but aren't sure and would like to get to know us better are also welcome.

Southern California Otherkin external link:
This Yahoo Group is for discussion between Kin in the Southern California area.

WestKin external link:
This list is for otherkin in the western US, mainly California, Oregon, and Washington (but also Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Arizona).

(There are many other regional otherkin lists, but being a US westerner myself, that's what I'm familiar with.)

LiveJournal and Dreamwidth

I co-moderate the LiveJournal community iconotherkin external link community on LiveJournal. The LiveJournal community iconotherkin_news external link LJ community, run by Orion Scribner, used to make regular postings of both news about otherkin, therians, and vampires, and items that are not strictly about these communities but may be of interest to their members; however, it's now somewhat out of date due to Orion's not having much time to devote to it.

Other potential LiveJournal communities, although they are pretty inactive: LiveJournal community icon_dark_otherkin_ external link, LiveJournal community iconhumanfaeries external link, LiveJournal community iconnext_of_kin external link, LiveJournal community icononce_winged external link, LiveJournal community iconother_writings external link, LiveJournal community iconthe_kindred external link.

I moderate Dreamwidth community iconotherkin-haven external link on Dreamwidth, which has moderated membership and all posts are locked to the community. The Dreamwidth community iconotherkin external link community is a general, open community. (I am only a member there, not a mod.)

Message Boards

General audience otherkin (or otherkin & therian) boards:

Otherkin Phenomena external link

Embracing Mystery external link

Dreamhart forums external link

Otherkin Community external link


Shadow of the Fallen Forum

Castle Otherkin

Otherkin and Therians on Google+ - Private community. Posts are locked to members, and to join you must either be recognizable as otherkin from your G+ profile or vouched for by someone who is already a member.

Feral Grove on Google+ - For both otherkin and therians. Created from the merger of the Otherkin Grove and Feral Nature forums.

Boards with a more specific focus:

The Elfin Sisterhood external link: Not just for women, despite the name.
This is a place for those who are interested in the Elfin and Faerie Races. And for those who are incarnated Elfin, Faerie, Goddess whether male or female. A place to work together for the greater good.

Unicorn Grove external link is a board oriented specifically towards unicorn otherkin. external link hosts possibly the oldest still-running dragon board.

Fae Paradise is specifically for fae and related types.

The Werelist is a therian-specific forum, although otherkin can sometimes be found there.

Boards not strictly about otherkin, but that deal with similar things and outlooks:

Elven World external link is a little on the New Age love-and-light side and I don't personally agree with equating elves, fae, and Tuatha De Danann as being all the same thing, but some interesting discussions occasionally happen there.
Elven, Fae, Other-Kin, Tuatha de Danann, Nature magical spirits, multi dimensional realities, Mythical beings, Love energy, Celtic mythology. Do you hear the whisper of the Elven and the Fae? Do you have the blood of Tuatha de Danann, children of the Earth, coursing through your veins?

Shadowlore external link is more of a general "dark" board, primarily aimed at vampires; they also have sub-boards for other topics such as therians, witchcraft, and goth subculture, as well as otherkin.


IRC and other Chats

Various of the message boards above have chat features attached to the boards; check individually for any scheduled chats.

Darkfang Archive's list of otherkin, therian, and real vampire IRC channels

To log on to the IRC networks and join the #channels listed below, you need to have an IRC client program installed, such as mIRC, KVirc, XChat, or the ChatZilla extension for Firefox.

#edmc,, SSL port 6697 (optional), or join by web client
Aimed at mythics and theriomythics, but other kinds and the politely curious are also welcome. (EDMC stands for "Experimental Disposable Mythic Channel"; it was originally just an experiment, considered "disposable", and the name stuck.)

#3lvz,, SSL port 6697 (optional), or join by web client
(The first character in the channel name is numeral three.)
For elven types only.

#dreamhart,, or join by web client
Scheduled chat on Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern time.

#draconic, Draconic also has a web-based chat external link.


Generally: not recommended.

The #otherkin tag external link mostly ranges from toxic to useless and I would not recommend looking through it unless you like tormenting yourself. Even blocking every jerkface who comes into #otherkin just to troll or bash doesn't do much; my block list grew to over 2600 accounts that way before I gave up tracking the tag. (That's right; anywhere from, say, 2000 up to 2600 individual human beings who thought that particular use of their time was a good idea.) You might have slightly better luck in type-specific tags like #elfkin or #faekin, but don't hold your breath. I also don't recommend bothering with any of the so-called "secret" or "safe" tags that people try to launch now and again.

In any case Tumblr has huge shortcomings when it comes to community discussion, since "reblogging" is a weak replacement for direct replies and is hard for other people to follow without special effort; forget threaded or collocated conversation like in email or a message board or journal community.

Also, it is frustrating to me as non-animal-kin that the "otherkin" population there is dominated by animal-kin and therians. I agree that therians can be considered a kind of otherkin in the broad sense of being non-human, and there is definitely community history of some folk moving in both circles, but it makes it hard to find the mythic types, because animal folks have always been more populous overall than mythics. I would love to see more elves, faery, and sidhe over there. (I begin to see the need for a more-specific term like "faeborn" or "mythic" to desginate exactly this category of mythical-magical folk...)

Meetups and Informal Events

Meetups or "mini-meets" are short in-person events typically lasting a few hours.

The general Otherkin meetup page external link at may help you find a local group for meetups.

I am the organizer for the San Francisco Bay Area Otherkin Meetup. We meet each month on alternating second Saturdays and second Sundays at locations that rotate among five regions around the Bay, to give everyone a chance to at least occasionally have one occur in a convenient location for them. Additionally, we also do an annual special meetup at PantheaCon external link on Presidents' Day weekend, assuming that my husband Celebron and I can get a room at the DoubleTree Hotel. (This is not a "hospitality suite" and so is not listed in the official program, but you can find information on the Meetup page and we distribute flyers at the con.) We started with a page in September 2011 and have been running continuously since then.

Dan O'Dea organizes the North Houston Otherkin Meetup external link, which has been meeting since March 2009 and also does the Summer Gateways gather each May and A Gathering Echo each September (see below).


A "gather" is the otherkin answer to a convention, although much smaller (typically 10-30 attending), and is something like a spiritual retreat. They last longer than a meetup, usually 2 to 4 days including a weekend. If you know of a privately owned site in northern California that we could use for a gather, please contact me at!

Summer Gateways external link, the successor to Dancing the Endless Dream, takes place annually on Memorial Day weekend in the Houston, Texas area, at an outdoor cabin site. The target audience is not solely otherkin, but the event is run by otherkin and otherkin topics feature significantly in the workshops. It was last held on May 26-29, 2017.

The House Kheperu Gather external link is not an otherkin gather per se, but a metaphysical/energy-work event with some workshops specific to House Kheperu and vampires. However, otherkin may find something of value there. It is held annually in a hotel in Ohio in June. It was last held on June 9-11, 2017 and will next be held on June 22-24, 2018.

Walking the Thresholds external link was the oldest still-running otherkin gather (begun in 1998) as of its last event on June 11-14, 2015. It and its autumnal cousin Crossing the Thresholds have now been retired, but the organizer Rialian Ashtae is now holding small monthly events at his land Mythlond, and may be doing a larger event in the fall of 2017. Contact him for information.

A Gathering Echo (link is to the 2011 event) is the successor to the FAE Retreat (a get-together for the now defunct Faeborn and Astral Entities board, a.k.a. Foundation for Awakening and Enlightenment), likewise put on by the North Houston Otherkin Meetup. It is held on Labor Day weekend when it occurs, but that can be somewhat irregular. The 2017 event has not yet been added to the calendar, but should be on September 1-4, 2017.

Other Events

Otherkin can also sometimes be found at various other kinds of festivals or conventions, such as:

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