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w h y   w o u l d   f a e r i e s   c e l e b r a t e   p u r i m ?

>Can someone explain what Purim and Esther and the costumes are all about?
>Why do faeries want to celebrate this Old Testament Jewish holiday anyway?
>Thanks from the non-Judaically-minded.

The drag, to me, is about Middle Eastern, harem, Sufi...

Purim, to me, is the story of Esther living among the Persians. She is a Jew but the Persians don't know it. They just assume she is like the rest of them (sound familiar?). When the Persian king, Hesuarus, decrees that the Jews must leave Persia, it is Esther and Malichai, the Jews in Persians' clothing, that save the day and thwart the King's plot.

I like the holiday for its Carnival feeling. There are costumes, you're commanded to booze it up and celebrate. You're supposed to be sloshed so that it is harder to tell the good and the bad guy apart. That's just my interpretation. I only jumped on the Purim bandwagon because this night, a full moon celebration ... happens to fall on the eve of Purim. There are Jews within the Faerie culture. I still honor other religions in certain ways. The tale of using glamour or masquerade to do one's work among humankind rings really strong for me. As a Faerie, I see myself in the tale of deception in the way that I use my Faerie energy to do work out in the larger world. Many times, maybe most, it is not apparent that I invoke my Faerie spirit in my healing work. I'm a berdache, a shaman, a galli in a nurse practitioner's "uniform". I also worship a goddess who uses glamour to do her work among humankind. She appears to us in many forms as a way to give our psyche a little thump.

I guess this is why I chose to celebrate Purim. Actually, I really like the pastries.


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