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b a n a l i t y    t e s t

by Doug Wright (edited)

Actually instead of adding, I revised, tried to get it down to twenty yes/no questions. It seemed ok when I tested it against what I think the average person would answer and I got exactly 14 no's which translates to a 7 Banality. Only problem was when me and my friends took it the score fell to about 2-3. So either gamers are Changelings in a sense or my test is flawed. See what you think. take the test, count up no's, and divide by two rounding up. That's your Banality.


  1. Do you believe in True Love/Romance?
  2. Do you believe in Love at First sight?
  3. Do you have your own rituals/superstitions, which other people might think silly?
  4. If someone called you a "grown-up" would you take it as an insult?
  5. Do you believe in Faeries?
  6. Do you believe in Magic?
  7. Do you believe that there does not have to be a scientific explanation for everything?
  8. Do you like reading fiction more than nonfiction (newspapers and magazines etc. count as nonficiton, mostly)?
  9. Would you rather go to a small store where you know the owner, rather than a big chain store where the prices are cheaper?
  10. Sometimes when reading a really good book do you deep down wish, want, or think that it could be true?
  11. Is a person who takes time out of work to take a creative writing or art class NOT wasting his time?
  12. Do you listen to music often?
  13. Do you listen to many different kinds of music?
  14. Do you catch yourself daydreaming often?
  15. Do you like to draw/paint/write etc.?
  16. Do you vary your route when going to an often visited place?
  17. Can little kids really see things grown ups can't?
  18. Do you ever enjoy walking through pouring rain (assuming its not freezing cold)?
  19. Do you prefer reading books to watching TV?
  20. Do you own any out of the ordinary items: unusual musical instruments/sculptures/paintings, archaic weapons, etc.?


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