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a r t i c l e s  &  i n t e r v i e w s

compiled by Arethinn

This page collects magazine articles, interviews with otherkin, scholarly papers, and other similar things. Keep in mind that these pieces are generally written by outsiders to the community, and as such may contain inaccuracies or misunderstandings even when they are sympathetic in nature.

See also the livejournal community iconotherkin-news external link community on LiveJournal, which features links to news articles and other media about or of interest to otherkin, therians, and vampires.


An article entitled "Elven Like Me" external link appeared in the New York publication The Village Voice in February of 2001. The publication of this article spurred a lot of initial activity in getting Otherkin.Net shaped into a community resource.

This article external link from Fate magazine was an early published article written by someone who is herself otherkin.

Danielle Kirby external link has written a number of papers on otherkin, including "From Pulp Fiction to Revealed Text: A Study of the Role of Text in the Otherkin Community" (some of which can be read here on Google Books offsite link); in the references for that paper she also cites one of her earlier pieces, "Alternative Worlds: Metaphysical Questioning and Virtual Community Amongst the Otherkin offsite link".

Another frequent writer on otherkin is Joseph Laycock external link. See also this list of his works as of February 2012 external link, compiled by Merticus.

An interview with leanan sidhe and vampire Sylverë ap Leanan external link on The Graveyard Press

An interview with an unnamed angel otherkin external link on the From 'DC to ZZ

Naya Aerodiode says, "I Believe in Otherkin" external link

"Otherkin: An Unseen World of the Non-Human" external link on New Rising Media. Note the corrections and additional information from members of the otherkin community in the comments.

An interview with a Daoine Sithe [sic] named Luke external link. Some of the responses in this intervew strike me as rather odd ("Innate Species Persona"? a "dark-elfkin" dating a "light-elfkin" would "raise some eyebrows"?), but I link to it here for general interest and perspective.

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last updated 8/31/2014