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g l a m o u r b o m b i n g

thee Gates are opening...

Glamourbombing, in a nutshell, is faery poetic terrorism. It is acts of enchanted art or performance intended to raise ambient magic levels and crack people's heads open a little to admit the idea that Faerie exists and might even be interacting with them. It isn't random acts of kindness (but do those anyway!), making people feel warm and fuzzy or cheering them up, or just "inspirational" platitudes with glitter added. While those things can have a subtle glamour to them, glamourbombing should above all be magical, and as intense as you can make it -- and magical and intense doesn't necessarily mean happy or comforting!

Remember that faery folk are not the cute, sweet, giggly things the Victorian or modern popular imagination portrays. A glamourbomb is meant to make someone wonder, to feel the magic in the world, to raise the world's ambient glamour levels. Don't just make a pretty piece of craft; invest some actual enchantment into it. "Program" it to implant the suggestion that magic/majik is real or that we faery and mythfolk exist into the mind of whoever happens to touch it or get in the "blast radius".

Be daring. Try to attract attention and be willing to be stared at. The exchange of energy that occurs between a performer and their audience (even if the performer happens to be unknown or absent) will greatly feed your purpose. Try not to stray into "empty" acts which are just a few words and a sticker, or meaninglessly surreal things which are only amusing to you. To be properly surreal you have to be just at the edge of what the "norms" can grasp. If you're too far afield, your message will fizzle out utterly un-received. The same if you're just too cute and silly - that may be personally satifying (in which case go for it!), but unlikely to affect adults, who tend to need it most.

When making physical glamourbombs, go easy on things like loose glitter. It's not biodegradable and tends to massively annoy anyone who has to clean it up. Have a care for the environment and use natural materials whenever possible. When in doubt, try to devise something that's performed or displayed rather than just a small object that's left behind. Better to act outrageous, get noticed and leave no chocolate mess (so to speak) than to make a mess that no one might pay any attention to anyway.

Background from ambianya Sindar-wolfkitten about how "glamourbombing" per se came to be. See also the Wikipedia entry for glamourbomb .

Glamour Bombing Intro & FAQ at Wild Muse

A list of possible glamourbombs and suggested text to put on or in glamourbombs that involve writing. Communique from the Faerie Resistance Troupe is mainly inspirational, but you might find the text itself usable too.

My email glamourbomb - use it as you would any chain letter. Here's another text on a similar, albeit more directly parodic, idea.

Looking for others to work with or get ideas from? Try the glamourbombs and glamourbombing communities on LiveJournal.

For your (and your wallet's) amusement: Be a card-carrying glamour technician!

A self-scoring system for glamourbombs: four factors to consider to help you evaluate how "WOOO YESSS THAT'S AWESOME" -- or not -- your idea might be.

For historical interest: "Wear" are Your Wings? was an informational site on "Wingsday", a kind of glamourbombing "holiday" (May 15th).

Rainworks external link makes a non-toxic and biodegradable hydrophobic (water-repelling) liquid you can spray on surfaces to make temporary "rainwork" designs appear when the surface is wetted.


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last updated: 1/29/17