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a w a k e n i n g   i n   t h e   p a s t

by Arethinn
January 2005

> Do you think they would have found it easier to Awaken, given the mysticism and legends
> that were abounding so much more back then, or harder, as the commnly simple lifestyles
> restricted them from thinking "out of the box"?

I dunno... depending where/when, I speculate it might have been a much harder life. Beware of a tendency to romanticise the past. There may have been more belief in magic then, but I don't think that would make people more accepting. Pretty much every example I can think of, magical creatures and places are to be treated with careful awe at best and thought of as fearful and dangerous, to be repelled if not destroyed, at worst.

Otherkin take a lot of crap from modern "normals", but society was structured much differently even in the "Enlightenment" (1700s), never mind BCE. Kind of hard to make it if you're ostracized from your tribe for being "crazy", or cast out of a village for being "demonically possessed", or whatever. Ironically, the pure rationalism that we often decry as draining magic out of the world is a defence for us. I would much rather be thought of as ridiculous than as dangerous.


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