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d r e s s   t h e   p a r t

by ambianya Sindar-wolfkitten

...among other things i Saw, tho, was how *very* important it is for us to truly start Manifesting our Selves. and becoz ov Veils being what they are, and this world being what it is, etc, using Theatre as an assistant to this is Not Wrong.

that is to say, DRESS UP!!! _Wear_ your Faery/Elven/Were/Dragon/Pixie etc Self, any and every place you can. and a few you cant. do street theatre. gods! i had Forgotten how that used to be.. how Crushed we have become, and how coddled behind our screens. stop Watching, start Acting! All tha worlds a Stage, remember? and who wants to watch an audience??

as i said, this years theme was masks, and thee satyrday night ritual had everyone bring a mask they had made that weekend. standing in thee hall waiting to go in, i looked around and was.. really bummed out at how _mundane_ these pagans were. even compared to previous years! this is tha high point ov tha weekend, tha big Masked Ball, and what do you have? people who look only vaguely 'hip' in day-to-day life - longish hair, a 'weird' t-shirt, some extra jewelry.


ye gods, we got a bit dressed up.. our costumer created a Maenad outfit for me from a jewelled veil and a black lace scarf; sindar wore a vinyl corset, black skirts, a flowered bra and his tattoos, and we *stood out*. amongst pagans!! what is UP with these people??


well, all i wanted to do was say, YES! build your outfit, wear fur, wear Faerie wings, string yourself in battery-op twinkle lights and glowsticks and fluorescent paint and glitter! if Jason thee Fire-Bunny can do it, you can too! be YOURSELF!! becoz if we try to fight fire with fire, we will only succeed in burning it all down.

Dance thee Sacred Dance then.


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