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f a e r y   a n d   g l a m o u r

by Arethinn

(January 2004)

Glamour... I agree with those who say it seems to be something innate to fae... to me it's more linked to illusion than to charm specifically..the charm is acheived by "turning on" the glamour such that you appear to be something particularly desirable to the target, or just strangely magnetic in general. On the other hand, it can also be used to hide or disguise something. Myself, I just can't do that "attractive" effect. People don't notice me.

To me glamour is also connected to something deeper and more dream- or wonder-like... less concerned with making things appear to be other than what they seem, but rather, having some connection to the essence of magic itself. This may sound like I'm lifting it out of Changeling: the Dreaming, but in this sense I think of it as The Stuff of Which Wondrous Things Are Made.

(March 2004 )

To my mind, they do have to have it... fae and glamour are inextricable. Not all types, nor individuals, would necessarily use it in the same way, or perhaps as powerfully / having the same "amount" of it. This is not the same as "are they less good at it", which.. I dunno. That's sort of where I was asking the question "are we talking native or not" because it would seem to me that that wouldn't happen in the right body/environment, whereas I certainly suffer from this "handicap" in my daily life on Earth. I suppose an individual could be "broken" somehow, but in a general sense I would say that all fae would be fairly equally able to "use" their glamour, because it's such a part of what fae are. It's like saying, can all mammals breathe, or have a heartbeat, equally well? There are some which are stronger and some which are weaker, and a few which are "broken", but in a general sense, there's a range in which one is as good as another. Am I making sense?

(agreed with hedgie, btw, that this is really unanswerable because it depends on a definition of "fae" first, and then we've gone all circular)


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