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p o s t s   o n   s i d h e   a n d   f a e r y

by Arethinn

(December 2009, post to Otherkin Community)

Can't help you specifically about the Shiri; that's all I've heard as well ["elves who migrated into Faery during the Corruption"]. Re sidhe: "cousin" [to elves and to fae] isn't an unreasonable term, I suppose. We're like faery in some (many?) ways and like elves in some ways. If your question is whether Shiri elves and sidhe might be the same thing, my instinctive answer is no. There are probably some resemblances because Shiri are, loosely, faery-ish elves (as I understand it) and sidhe are faery which share some elven characteristics, but I think "sidhe" as their own "species" are unique to Earth (although there are probably analogues on other planets, the same kind of "celestials embedded in the planet" thing that is related to faery).

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