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i n t e n d e d   t o p i c s   f o r   f a e r y   s e c t i o n

introductory text -- "The intention of this portion of my site is to provide information on faery otherkin. I noticed that while there seemed to be plenty of dragon, elven, vampire, were/therian, and general otherkin websites, as well as an inconceivable number of fairy folklore sites, there seemed to be a dearth of sites discussing faery from the otherkin perspective, and decided it might be a good idea to try to address this." I don't have a lot here which is relevant to specific types (as opposed to general application) because I myself am not a specific type. Rather, I am "generic faery" -- a faery or sidhe type who does not seem to match up with any specific described folkloric being (such as pixie, ferrishyn, phouka, or any of those described in the many lists of fairies), yet still feels they are "of Faerie". I don't mean to exclude specific "breeds", but on this kind of topic, it's often hard to write about something one doesn't have internal experience of without turning to history/folklore, which is specifically the sort of stuff I'm intending to (mostly) avoid as there's already plenty of that out there. Input from the otherkin perspective on specific types is always welcome. "

So what do I mean when I say "of Faerie"? What defines this kind of faery?

The realm of Faerie; lands within Faerie. Underworld compared/contrasted. Otherworld or Otherworlds. Faerie considered as a realm tied to Earth, and as something entirely separate. Changelands and "held" realms.

The faery - sidhe - TdD - elven - angelic - demonic mess. Connections (or lack thereof) to nature spirits, elementals, spirits of place, Underworld beings, the Dead.

Relevance of any human-folkloric bits, for example: iron; seelie and unseelie; high and low courts.

Faeries and glamour. "Banality" and "Dreaming". Are we created by human imagination? Faery as creatures of magic.

Faery magic style (touches on the perennial "wtf is so different about otherkin magic anyway?"). Symbols and techniques. "Just doing it".

Being part of a group/tribe/court of some kind vs. my own memories of solitary existence. Royalty/sovereignty. Ideas about "faery queens", etc.

What personality traits, likes/dislikes or behaviors are common? Nature-fae and city-fae. Has all that "dancing in rings" stuff got any relevance at all?

Why is the imagery involved here so strongly Celtic - British - European flavoured? Jarin sez: Maybe this is just people not knowing what else to call things. Perhaps they're actually menehune, for example, but it's similar enough to something Celtic that they call it that, not even knowing there was someplace else to look. Is there an actual preponderance, or is it only apparent?

Faery admixture in human bloodlines. Waking the Old Blood. Faery body because a faery is in it. Changelings. Relation to lack of memories - not remembering a "past life" in the way many others are (especially offworlders), but because this is an emergence perhaps of a new phenomenon - faery "essence" being born into a human (or not-entirely-human) body for. what reasons?

Gathering or at least linking to some specific faery/sidhe memories if I can. Try to find or solicit things which demonstrate the differences and similarities re: faery, sidhe, TdD. Also some things which are about specific folkloric types would be good, but from the otherkin perspective rather than just history/lore.

How about physical traits and etheric traits? Whassa deal with wings, anyway?

Not-to-be-taken-literally links to images, poetry, stories, music, etc. (or reposting of my own where appropriate) that gets across the feel I'm trying to talk about.


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