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t h e   r e a l m   o f   f a e r y

by Arethinn

(February 2005 post on Other-Haven external link)

(point of annoyance - where did people pick up the name "Lavendise" as a term for the Faery realm? I mean, there's that website external link, but I don't know of any folklore references to it being a land of Faery. The only other use I know of is the book "Lavondyss" in which it is a land out of time which is primal, prehistoric - but this isn't the same thing as Faery.)

In general, I agree with what you are saying. I usually think of Faery as that place which is just "sideways" from this Earth-realm. Another way to look at it is as the top layers of the vast Underworld. But then there is the concept of a larger "Otherworld" or "Dreaming". To put it another way, I think Faery is a very large thing, and while part of it overlaps with or coincides with Earth, there are places within it which are indeed Lands Far Off, as you put it.

I don't think Faery is "another planet", but I do think that other worlds have their own "Faery realms" (the one that corresponds to "sideways" or "top of Underworld"). Perhaps there is the big large non-physical Faery which contains or touches with these smaller, localized planetary Faery realms.

(January 2006 posts to KinFrontiers external link)

> What do you mean "a place"?

A spiritual/astral/etheric realm or dimension. I am not sure how much physical substance it has.

> I am familiar with stories in folklore where people actually
> physically travelled there, and I assume you do not mean that
> sort of "place" or those sorts of "lands".

Mmm, well sort of I do. As I said, I'm unclear on how much physical reality Faery has. In any case the idea of being able to bodily go there is one of the fond hope/fantasies I cling on to (although I probably wouldn't want to do it in *this* particular body..). In general though it is not a place on Earth that you walk to. Travelling to Earth's underworld is done by a shift in consciousness. The Underworld is not totally correlative to Faery - I think that it is part of it, or borders on it, and that Faery is something larger, which includes both places that overlap with physical planets and a lot of area which does not.


> When my friend said he "went to Faerie" I had no idea at all
> what he was talking about!

Gosh, well.. he could mean any number of specific things. As I said, IME Faery is a very large place, with a good amount of difference between some of the realms therein. To compare with my own experience it should have at least been kind of malleable, unless he was in a realm that was specifically "held" by someone else. But there's a lot of variation here... Underhill, Faerie proper, sidhe "pocket realms", Summerlands, interlands... it's hard to say which of these are actually "faerie" and which just happen to border on it and are really something else.



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