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t h e   r e a l m   o f   f a e r y

by Arethinn

(February 2005 post on Other-Haven)

(point of annoyance - where did people pick up the name "Lavendise" as a term for the Faery realm? I mean, there's that website, but I don't know of any folklore references to it being a land of Faery. The only other use I know of is the book "Lavondyss" in which it is a land out of time which is primal, prehistoric - but this isn't the same thing as Faery.)

In general, I agree with what you are saying. I usually think of Faery as that place which is just "sideways" from this Earth-realm. Another way to look at it is as the top layers of the vast Underworld. But then there is the concept of a larger "Otherworld" or "Dreaming". To put it another way, I think Faery is a very large thing, and while part of it overlaps with or coincides with Earth, there are places within it which are indeed Lands Far Off, as you put it.

I don't think Faery is "another planet", but I do think that other worlds have their own "Faery realms" (the one that corresponds to "sideways" or "top of Underworld"). Perhaps there is the big large non-physical Faery which contains or touches with these smaller, localized planetary Faery realms.

(January 2006 post to KinFrontiers)

> What do you mean "a place"?

A spiritual/astral/etheric realm or dimension. I am not sure how much physical substance it has.

> I am familiar with stories in folklore where people actually
> physically travelled there, and I assume you do not mean that
> sort of "place" or those sorts of "lands".

Mmm, well sort of I do. As I said, I'm unclear on how much physical reality Faery has. In any case the idea of being able to bodily go there is one of the fond hope/fantasies I cling on to (although I probably wouldn't want to do it in *this* particular body..). In general though it is not a place on Earth that you walk to. Travelling to Earth's underworld is done by a shift in consciousness. The Underworld is not totally correlative to Faery - I think that it is part of it, or borders on it, and that Faery is something larger, which includes both places that overlap with physical planets and a lot of area which does not.


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