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g l a m o u r   t e c h n i c i a n

by Arethinn

Click the thumbnails to get the larger (900x525 px) images. At 300 ppi, these will print 3 inches wide x 1.75 inches tall, which fits inside a business card-sized laminating pouch (sprinkle in glitter before laminating!). The signature areas are left blank for you to make your own fancy signature (I suggest glitter gel pen). These look best printed on a parchment-type paper.


The front (right) reads: The bearer of this card is a certified Glamour Technician, authorized by the Royal Underhill Council of Glamour Distributors to dispense glamour, spread magic, encourage wonder, rekindle belief in Faery, and to perform all the incidental duties pertaining thereto. Witness our royal hand and seal: Maeve, Banríon na Sidhe; Finvarra, Rí na Sidhe.

"Banríon na Sidhe" and "Rí na Sidhe" are mangled Irish for "Queen (King) of the Faery". Maeve is an Anglicised spelling of Mabh or Medb (who may or may not be related/cognate to Mab). Finvarra is an Anglicised spelling of Fionnbharr or Fionbhar (or other variants). The rainbow-background sevenstar is by Arhuaine/Casteylan. For the "royal seal" I actually used a Portuguese Euro coin, I think! (color altered, of course... though green coins would be cool!)


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