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g l a m o u r b o m b i n g  :  d e f i n i t i o n  /  o r i g i n s

by ambianya wolfkitten

in brief, glamour bombing is an art terrorist activity designed to raise ambient glamour levels around you. you know that bumper sticker that sez 'Commit random acts ov kindness and senseless acts of beauty' - ? kinda like that.

anything you can think ov that somebody will stumble across unexpectedly and be left shaking their head in wonder at counts. cryptic graffiti, weird arrangements ov pennies glued to tha sidewalk, little packages ov glitz, etc.

Thee concept ov Glamour Bombs originated on Darkfae-L in tha summer ov 1997, as a multi-state act ov poetic terrorism, aimed at increasing ambient majik levels and making thee world a bit more Appealing to 'our' sort ov folke. Timed to occur over Summer Solstice weekend, there were participants in Boston, Cleveland, and Texas that i know ov; possibly a few others as well. Unfortunately, archives from that list got destroyed in a computer crash, so i am going on memory.. as i recall, little arrangements ov pennies were glued to tha sidewalk, subway platform, etc in Boston; here in cleveland we made tiny scrolls saying - in elegant Victorian script & clipart - "Thee Gates are Opening". we wrapped these up with glitter and iridescent pipecleaners and scattered them in various places (at a Prophetess show, out at our favourite seedy boardwalk area etc.)

Tha current project is scheduled for Beltane this year [1999]. Summer Solstice is a traditional time for thee Veils between here and Faery to thin - there's a great quote from some old poem on my Faeries calendar relating to this, but its at work :(

Last year, Walking the Thresholds was held over Solstice weekend, and our main ritual was aimed at Opening thee Gates to Faery. (hm, do we detect a Theme, here? =) (as an aside, thee Reconciliation in Imajica also happens at Solstice.. coincidence?)

By aiming this for Beltane, my thought is that we can continue this work, using thee glamour bombs to help Prepare tha way, so to speak. What form they take is up to thee individual participants. Ive also used grafitti (same message as thee scrolls), and considered placing ads in local papers, but anything that Feels faery and could bring an unexpected moment ov Wonderment to thee unsuspecting 'victim' would work.

What i'd hope to see here are ideas for various 'bombs'.. i'd like to figure some way to rig little packages so that they really do pop open when touched, spilling sparklies and what-have-you.. ov course, i would want to also have marvelous Scents waft out, and a cloud ov rose or lavender smoke.. =D maybe wax eggshells (or those sugar ones.. ohh, with little scenes ov Faery inside.. :)


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