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g l a m o u r b o m b   s e l f - s c o r i n g   s y s t e m

by Arethinn; originally posted in the LiveJournal glamourbombs community here



The "Santa-Suit" act mentioned in this post made me think "poetic terrorism, sure, but is it fey?" which brought an interesting tangent to mind: there are several different aspects to a glamourbomb, and some elements which might be strong in one might be weaker in another. So I thought it might be interesting to think about how any given glamourbomb "measures up".

Note that I'm not trying to pass judgement on anyone in particular, or indeed suggest that we rate people's glamourbombs when they post them. I just thought this might be useful for a way to evaluate one's own ideas, and pick out the more "ah-ha-ha! YES!" ones from ones that might be mediocre in some way.

A glamourbomb which scores high on all four of the following would be a pretty good bet for a winner. Something which scores low, you might want to rethink.

Factor One: WTF?/OMG!
Does it stand out? Is it likely to make people go "WTF was that?!" or "OMG, that is so beautiful!" Or does it blend in too much to actually get notice? (On the other hand, there are some which are subtle, but can pack a good payload when they are noticed.) This is the opening gambit, tryng to pry open a little crack in their head so you can put the message inside... the crucial moment of distraction as they are falling, so they might forget about gravity for a second and actually fly.

Simple in principle, but not always simple to practice. Is it fey? Does it bring thoughts of magic, the Otherworld, or wonder to mind? This is the meat of the 'bomb, the actual feeling or idea, the seed you want to plant in their soul. Note that this is not always "good" or "seelie" - monsters under the bed are also fey.

Something which is too nice or comforting, or which is very irritating (such as leaving a big mess for someone else to clean up) would fall at the bottom of this scale. This is the "aftertaste", and tends to affect how the target will react. If they just think "oh, that was cute", or "damn, what an asshole", the seed is less likely to grow. (As tactisle said, "if you merely annoy them, you haven't shocked them out of their banality-tunnel. If you merely please them, you haven't shook their complacency yet.")

The less you leave behind, the better. If your glamourbomb includes props, ones which are not discarded or left somewhere are best; failing that, be biodegradable. You get the idea.


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