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San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup

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Otherkin Meetup at PantheaCon

2017 - Room 809

Hello, PantheaCon!

If you're reading this because you saw the flyer: At this event we welcome otherkin --  those who experience themselves in some essential way as other-than-human, especially beings of myth, spirit, or magic -- and those who are friendly to us. It's OK if you don't use or even didn't know the word "otherkin". If you just call yourself an elf or angel or what-have-you, or use some similar term like faeborn, you're welcome too!

Sincere people with good intentions only, please. This meetup is intended to be a safe space for otherkin and is not a place for argument.

You do not have to be registered for PantheaCon on Saturday to come to this meetup. It is held in a private guestroom and no con badge is required to enter. If you are considering driving to the con just for this meetup, please note that the hotel charges $22 for self-parking, and it will probably be difficult to find a space on Saturday night. You can try to park in the overflow lot of the office buildings further down Gateway Place, or might be able to get away with short-term parking in the restaurant/office park across Airport Parkway on Technology Drive, since many of them are closed on Saturday evening. Taking light rail is another option.

There may be unaccompanied minors present at this event. Attendees come from the general con population, which includes minors. Plan for yourself accordingly.

Some snacks and drinks will be provided, including some alcoholic beverages only for those 21+ with valid photo ID. Please bring your own reusable cup! If you would like to bring food or drink to share, please provide a list of ingredients (for those with allergies or other dietary needs), and be prepared to take away any amount that is not consumed.

Donations of a few dollars towards the cost of food, drink, and swag we provide for the meetup will be greatly appreciated! :)

If you can't make it to this meetup but are interested in getting together with other locals in the future, you're welcome to join the group on this website, or email Arethinn.

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last updated 2/17/2017