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San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup

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Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup! We have short meetups (2 to 3 hours long) once a month, on alternating second Saturdays and second Sundays. Normally they are held at various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area, moving around the bay so that everyone has a chance to have a meetup nearer to them at least every few months: south bay (San Jose area), San Francisco proper, southwest or peninsula (Redwood City area), and northeast (Oakland/Berkeley area). By special request we may have meetups in the north bay (e.g. San Rafael) or on dates other than our usual ones. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been using the lightweight chat platform Jitsi to hold our meetups online.

Once a year we hosted a special event at PantheaCon external link on Presidents' Day weekend, which we may continue at its successor Between the Veils external link. For June 2020 we had planned a day-trip group picnic, dubbed the Mythnic ("mythic picnic"); this obviously was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. We still plan to hold the Mythnic at some future date, but as of May 2021 nothing has yet been set.

Adults 18+ only. No unaccompanied minors. Minors may only come to meets if their parent or guardian is also present.

The meetup is mostly aimed at mythic and theriomythic otherkin (mythfolk, faeborn), e.g. elves, fae, sidhe, unicorns, dragons, griffins, nature spirits, angels, elementals, Tuatha De Danann, celestials, and any other kind of mythical, magical, fantastic, or spiritual non-human folk. However, cousins like therianthropes and starseeds, as well as those who consider themselves fae-blooded or half-elven, and even human "elf-friends" are also welcome if they identify with a mythic and otherworldly "feel", or just want to talk to some otherkin now and again.

The focus of the group is social interaction. We are not a disciplined study/magical group. The aim is mainly to be able to chat and form connections with people whom we know will understand the idea of having an other-than-human nature, so we can feel comfortable not having to skirt the issue. Thus, discussion subjects can vary widely. Sometimes we are right on topic with past lives, similarities and differences between kinds of 'kin, awakening, memories, community happenings, magical practices, et cetera; other times we wind up talking about books, RPGs, computer programming, or crafts.

To join the meetup and receive announcements of upcoming events, visit the mailing list page and scroll down to the section "Subscribing to sfbayotherkin"! (I strongly urge you not to subscribe with a Yahoo address, because Yahoo bounces emails from my domain. If you have no alternative, let me know and I will forward you the announcements separately.)

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last updated 5/19/2021