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San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup

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The next meetup will be:

When: The March meetup has been cancelled. The next meetup will be Sunday, April 9th.

Where: Suju's Coffee & Tea, Fremont

Number attending: As of Tuesday, February 28th, there are 2 "Yes" RSVPs.

Deadline: RSVP for the March meetup no later than Thursday, March 9th. If you will not be able to arrive by 2:30 PM, please say so, so we know to wait for you.

How can I attend? To join the meetup and receive announcements of upcoming events, visit and scroll down to the section Subscribing to sfbayotherkin. If you plan to come, RSVP by replying to the event announcement on the list and/or emailing Arethinn.

Questions? Contact Arethinn for more information.

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last updated 3/10/2017