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San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup

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When: Saturday, July 10, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Where: Online at Jitsi external link - RSVP to get the room name and password.

Number attending: On average, we get 5-6 people at our online meets, sometimes as many as 8.

How can I attend? To join the meetup and receive announcements of upcoming events, visit the mailing list page and scroll down to the section Subscribing to sfbayotherkin. If you plan to come, RSVP by replying to the event announcement on the list or emailing arethinn (at) eristic (dot) net.

How do I use Jitsi?
The room does not persist between meetups, so there is nothing there to join until the meetup day at 2 PM Pacific Time.
To join by web browser, just click the link that was emailed to you or copy and paste it into your browser address bar. Enter the nickname you want to use and click "Join meeting". Enter the password that was emailed to you.
To join by the Jitsi Meet mobile app, first set your nickname by tapping the hamburger menu at the top left of the app screen and selecting Settings. When finished, tap the back arrow at top left. Then, where it says "Enter room name", type the room name you were sent. Enter the password when prompted.
If two people in the same physical room are both in the meetup, you should turn down the volume on each other's streams to avoid echoes and feedback. To do this, hover over the meatballs at the top right or bottom left of the other person's thumbnail (depending on which view mode you are in). Grab the slider dot on the volume control and move it all the way to the left. If your microphones are sensitive enough, you may also need to keep some distance apart within the room; or try muting one person's microphone and see if the other can pick you both up satisfactorily.

Questions? Contact arethinn (at) eristic (dot) net for more information.

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last updated 6/13/2021