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o t h e r k i n - r e l a t e d   b o o k s   a n d   m e d i a

compiled by Arethinn
ongoing early 2000s-present

My definition of "otherkin-related" is fairly loose for the purposes of this list. There are some items (particularly books) that are about or directly mention/relate to otherkin as such, but not very many of these exist. Therefore, a lot of items in these lists are there because they might be of interest to otherkin for one reason or another: they offer lore or depictions of a certain 'kin-type, they have a feeling of glamour/the Majik, they are related to spiritual traditions otherkin are commonly involved in, etc.

That said, generally I have not included things that make only very brief mentions of otherkin. If that kind of thing interests you, you may want to check out Orion Scribner's Books About Otherkin and Therianthropes: An Annotated Bibliography offsite link, which is more comprehensive in that regard. They also maintain a Directory of Otherkin Writings and Other Works offsite link, which mingles all kinds of shorter works together.

Please note that a listing here does not necessarily constitute a personal endorsement. Some of these are old recommendations from other people I collected back in the early 2000s, and I haven't personally read/viewed/listened to them all.

For further reading (pun intended), see also: the Media category offsite link on AnOtherWiki, Wildmuse's Bibliography of Faerie external link, and the bibliography from GURPS Faerie offsite link (yes, really!).

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Bands/Artists  (back to top)

Elvendrums external link is a band of elves. (The otherkin sort of elves, that is, not just people dressing up!)

Hetoreyn's Elven Music external link

Woodland offsite link, especially this live rendition of "The Wild Wood" external link

Rhianna SilEl recommends the metal bands and Airged L'amh external link and Tuatha de Danann external link --"Many of their songs do have a mythologically Tuatha feel to them and they kind of remind you of a bit of a harder Jethro Tull".

Nightwish external link is popular with a number of otherkin


Albums/Songs  (back to top)

I have not provided links to things it was trivial to find in digital music on Amazon, figuring that those interested would be able to get at them some digital way or another, even if not on new or used physical media. Some are a bit more scarce, though, and I've tried to link to the artist or a download page.

Bauhaus, "Hollow Hills", from Crackle

Aijin Hidelias external link, "Namarie" (scroll down some; direct link to mp3 here external link)

Maire ni Chathasiagh, "The Chestnut Tree Medley" and "The Humors of Ballyloughlin", from Celtic Harpestry

The Belfast Harp Orchestra, "A Walk in Belfast", from Celtic Harpestry

Alisa Jones, "Deep Forest Reel", from Hammered Strings

Lothlorien, "Ghostwood" and "Dans en Dro", from Greenwood Side

Elven (a.k.a. Elvenworld), "Forest of Silver and Green", "Under the Oaks", and "Beyond the Mist". Unfortunately, only the first one of these still exists in the copy of their Internet Underground Music Archive data offsite link.

Herb Ernst, "Awakening Stars", from Dreamflight

Suzanna Reeves, "Dance of the Sidhe", from Cielie

Richard Searles, Earth Quest. I love this wholly instrumental album to pieces. I particularly recommend the tracks "Earth Dance", "The Unicorn", "Song of Elfarron", and "Dragons Tavern".

Dead Can Dance, "Song of the Stars", from Spiritchaser

Nicholas Gunn, "Ruby Forest", from The Sacred Fire

Aine Minogue, The Twilight Realm offsite link. DeerWoman (Desirée Isphording, a.k.a. SphinxMuse) says offsite link, "[This album] features a selection of traditional Celtic songs which revolve around the fey. Some pieces were said to be gifted to human musicians, while others are about such creatures."

Tears for Beers, "King of the Fairies" offsite link, from a live recording. Tears for Beers was a Celtic and folk-rock band from Germany whose website offsite link appears to be now essentially empty; I don't know if they're any relation to this Tears for Beers offsite link from Switzerland, who do "gangsta blues" (such as, they just decided to change musical styles?), or not.


Miscellaneous  (back to top)

There are several blogs on tumblr dedicated to otherkin-related music -- at least, music that is in some way otherkin-related in the eyes (ears?) of those who submit posts to them: Kin Radio Station external link, Otherkin Music external link, and Radiotherkin external link.

Online radio stations for otherkin-related music: The Music of Unicorns external link

I have a Youtube playlist and a Spotify playlist of "Elfaesidhe Mythic" music (contents are not identical to one another).


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Last updated 9/30/2020