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o t h e r k i n - r e l a t e d   b o o k s   a n d   m e d i a

compiled by Arethinn
ongoing early 2000s-present

My definition of "otherkin-related" is fairly loose for the purposes of this list. There are some items (particularly books) that are about or directly mention/relate to otherkin as such, but not very many of these exist. Therefore, a lot of items in these lists are there because they might be of interest to otherkin for one reason or another: they offer lore or depictions of a certain 'kin-type, they have a feeling of glamour/the Majik, they are related to spiritual traditions otherkin are commonly involved in, etc.

That said, generally I have not included things that make only very brief mentions of otherkin. If that kind of thing interests you, you may want to check out Orion Scribner's Books About Otherkin and Therianthropes: An Annotated Bibliography offsite link, which is more comprehensive in that regard. They also maintain a Directory of Otherkin Writings and Other Works offsite link, which mingles all kinds of shorter works together.

Please note that a listing here does not necessarily constitute a personal endorsement. Some of these are old recommendations from other people I collected back in the early 2000s, and I haven't personally read/viewed/listened to them all.

For further reading (pun intended), see also: the Media category offsite link on AnOtherWiki, Wildmuse's Bibliography of Faerie external link, and the bibliography from GURPS Faerie offsite link (yes, really!).

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Film & Television

See also this Google doc for Nonhuman Movie Night that I've been working on. That started as a copy of someone else's doc, hence the format, but I plan to eventually merge its better-quality listings into this page.

Adaptations  |  General Mythic/Fantasy Faery Dragons Science Fantasy / Speculative Fiction / Misc

Adaptations of books on the Fiction page (return to top)

The Last Unicorn offsite link. A live-action version offsite link has been in and out of production for, like, forever; don't hold your breath.

Alice in Wonderland. Many versions of this story have been produced, both for film and television. Personally I'm fond of the 1951 Disney animated film offsite link, and unfond of Tim Burton's 2010 production.

Mary Poppins

Peter Pan. Another widely-adapted story. I find Disney's 1953 animated version a little too childish and goofy (yeah, yeah, I know), and let us not speak of its problems with the representation of the Indians (oy). Try P.J. Hogan's 2003 live-action version offsite link or Steven Spielberg's Hook offsite link.

The NeverEnding Story offsite link. While this is actually quite different in character from the book that inspired it, it's still a classic about the importance of dreams and fantasy. Forget the sequels.

The Lord of the Rings. Besides Peter Jackson's lavish live-action versions of the early 2000s offsite link, about which little more probably need be said, check out the 1980 Rankin & Bass animated Return of the King offsite link. (Not to be confused with the very odd Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings offsite link!) It's a bit on the cheesy side, but some of the images have really stuck with me, like the shining of Galadriel's phial and Elrond's circlet of stars, and the non-canon songs they added are actually pretty good ("Where there's a whip, there's a way!").

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Another of the ones often adapted.


General Mythic/Fantasy (return to top)

Willow offsite link

Labyrinth offsite link

The Dark Crystal offsite link

Legend offsite link

The Secret of Roan Inish offsite link

The Secret of Kells offsite link

Pan's Labyrinth offsite link


Faery (return to top)

Fairy Tale: A True Story offsite link. Based on the case of the Cottingley photographs. A pair of girls have magical encounters with fairies.

Photographing Fairies offsite link. Also based on the Cottingley photographs, but a darker story that focuses on the fictional character of Charles Castle rather than the real Elsie Wright and Frances Griffith.

Ferngully: The Last Rainforest offsite link. Fairy-like beings dwelling in a rainforest fight against a polluting corporation with the help of a human shrunk to their size. (I have no idea how the sequel measures up.)

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns offsite link.

The Fairy Faith offsite link. Semi-documentary about fairy beliefs and encounters in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


Dragons (return to top)

The Flight of Dragons offsite link.

DragonHeart offsite link. The sequel to this (DragonHeart: A New Beginning) isn't quite as bad as The Neverending Story II, but still nothing to write home about.


Science Fantasy / Speculative Fiction / Misc (return to top)

Yellow Submarine offsite link. Utterly bizarre fantasy/magical world. Uh, it's not about acid... right?

The Matrix offsite link. The world you see is not the real world, and its rules can be bent and broken if you fully understand the illusion. Stick with The Matrix itself and skip the sequels.

What Dreams May Come offsite link. Soulmates, among other things.

Pleasantville offsite link. A few people see color in a black and white world, and bring it to everyone else.

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