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w h a t ' s  " o t h e r k i n " ?

A collection of bits on the definition of "otherkin".


a response to a thread on Otherkin Community external link, February 2009: (link is broken and not likely to come back, but preserved here just in case)

"Otherkin are people who believe themselves to be something other than a human being on a spiritual, psychological, energetic and some even on a biological level, and choose to identify with that non-human fragment of themselves to the point where they count it as a permanent and ingrained part of their personal mythology and/or identity." ~ Miniar

Well said, Miniar. I too [as other responders also said] am a little iffy on the fragment/whole thing, because as you explained, I don't consider it a "side" of myself in most circumstances; it's just "me". However, it's a "fragment" in the sense that it doesn't consciously occupy every waking moment, any more than the fact that I am a hominid mammal does. Perhaps that could also be phrased as "that non-human fragment or view of themselves"?

I like that you put in "choose to identify with" as being an important point; I think a lot of, maybe even most, humans have something non-human about them, but without first perceiving this and then deciding that it is a big enough deal to merit identifying with, they are not "otherkin", IMO.


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A post by Sonne external linkon how "identifying with" something is not sufficient to be otherkin, because all humans feel some connections to things that are not human


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