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m a j i k a l   a b i l i t i e s

by Arethinn
date unknown, but given the writing style and vocabulary I'd say ca. 2000.

>I think that someone on this list said that the Otherkin have magical
>abilities. Does this mean that the abilities are general and broad? Or
>are they more specific in nature such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis,

Humm. Well, I was about to say that Otherkin as a whole (trivia: another term for "our peoples" *g* is Fairth) are generally "more majikal" than humankind, but we've just had a bit of a row about that on another list and I think I'd better clarify it. Than the MASSES of humankind, as they are now, yes, probably. But not in potential - humans have as much ability to be majikal, glamoured and all the things we fae hold dear. And in fact there are quite a few such people about.

But I don't think that whatever sets otherkin apart is really all that important to think about... where I was leading to was that when speaking of psychic powers, you can compare otherkin to the magickal human community. There are some people that are rather powerful in one or several ways, but the majority are .. minorly powered, shall we say; they have a general awareness, or perhaps exhibit clairvoyance or the ability to astral project or something. As far as what you term "glamoury" - I think this is really just the approach we tend to take towards working majik (and if you wonder why I keep changing spellings, it's to help express this difference in the feeling of magick and majik), which usually is quite freeform, heartfelt and takes unusual forms.

A lot of it is based around dream, or with a capital D. This is hard to explain, but to me has a lot to do with wonder, beauty, and essentially "believing in unicorns" (whether literally is a personal choice, but what I mean is a general suspension of disbelief, in a way, about the world in general.) Glamour does exist, and in some ways really IS different from "usual" magickal energies. It wants to be used for different things.


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