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s t a r d r a g o  n s

by Arethinn

This is compiled from things I posted to some otherkin lists in 2001.


> It almost sounds like the birth or "creation"
> of an elemental being. Does that sound about right?

....something like that. We seem to exist by virtue of existing. *giggle* I think we "create" by... crossing energy "streams," so in a way it's still "exuded from the universe." We certainly don't "mate" and "give birth", not in our "high" natural forms anyway. Oh, dear. I did this over on Otherkin. Here, lemme give you a description of the major forms of a stardragon, at least IME (but then, I'm the only one I've talked to...)

Amorphous: The "base" form. Simply... an ..awareness field/area/collection? something? in any case it lacks shape and is just sort of there, though a full consciousness. This is the one I've referred to in the past as being "a collective of stars," like it was that star-cluster's joint/collective consciousness. However, this doesn't necessarily correspond to physical star-clusters, though that might not be a bad analogy for the "young". Oh, hello! Just got a nice visual analogy. You know how stars just sort of "are" out of big collections of gas? well, kinda like that. We just sort of "are" in the same way. Anyway, it seems that the "mature" are "clusters" that aren't all that physically near each other - they're the consciousness of a certain network of stars. Umph. Sorta. But independent too. Or created and then becomes independent, like the way the ROM BIOS starts up your computer and then Windows 98 takes over. But not so evil ;)

Sometimes I think, fancifully, that like planting a tree when a baby is born, a star is created for every stardragon, but that doesn't quite go with the idea about being a collective consciousness for stars, and I think that "really" we are separate from the stars in that sense. That, though, in turn, doesn't explain how I can be a stardragon "cluster" and simultaneously be a single star that I can point to in the night sky (and I can - and fancy this, it's the brightest star in Draco; I didn't plan it that way, I only found that out after the fact and wanted to punch out the universe yet again *lol*)... but then, a lot of things are unexplained. (Like the fact that the me-star is visible from Earth.. I mean, what are the chances of that? Maybe that's why I stick around this galaxy... I like to stay near "myself" *g*.. but there are so many other galaxies and stars in them I could be.. I mean, even next door, Andromeda, there's hundreds of millions to choose from... and no, I'm Eltanin, the "eye" of Draco. I mean, come on, it's only even IN Draco from Earth's perspective, although the constellations so determined by humans do impose at least a nebulous link on the actual stars - must be one of those holographic information links, so in a way, even though the stars aren't "really" a dragon, they "really" are on some level... but still!!! sometimes I think it was just a clue I left myself...)

Vaguely Humanoid or Vaguely Dragonish: Same "level", different shapes. Think a sheet draped over a human form, like a cheap Halloween ghost, for the humanoid. The dragonish is kind of the same thing, but over a dragon form. It's the Vague Humanoid I was in when I had my "galaxy-shaping" memory (which is about the size of the "mature" form - approximately galaxy-sized, give or take a spiral arm *giggle*).

Definitely Dragon-shaped: Like a dragon cut out of or shaped out of the night sky like it were fabric or clay. Still completely insubstantial, but with definite shape: four-legged, wings, tail, the lot, at least in my case. I suppose other stardragons could choose varying numbers of appendages. TMK there is no corresponding "Definitely Humanoid-shaped" form.

Then we start getting substantial. As you might expect, the insubstantial nature of a stardragon makes both size and shape of the "lower" physical forms rather manipulable, because all we'd have to do is form the insubstantial shape differently and then make it physical. I don't think we directly physically shapeshift - I think we "phase" back and forth to do that. That could be just me though. We don't generally do size/shape manipulation until at least the Definitely Dragon-shaped level. The Amorphous is quite large indeed; see above. and the Vagues are generally on the same scale.

Half-physical dragon: Kind of translucent - like a black "mist" holding stars in it or something.

Wholly physical: Looks pretty much like any other dragon, though the silver markings are still mysteriously "inside" or "underneath" somehow.

Incarnation into other forms of more natively physical bent is certainly possible (this body, hello?) and I think that's what I, at least, have done for quite a few of my lives - "walked in" and then back out again at some point, or else created a physical body for myself, lived in it, and then somehow caused it to die at the end.

I believe that the "merging" I was describing is only done up to the Definitely Dragon-shaped level. I think that the Half- and Wholly-physical levels, we might "mate" and "give birth" (or "lay eggs," whatever, I haven't thought about that) just the way "normal" dragons do. I could see spending "lifetimes" in one "level" or another, but it's hard to put a finger on the beginning and end of a stardragon's life.

> The ability to blend so well in to the "background" that for all intents and
> purposes you are invisible.

Ah, gotcha. When you said "chameleon" I had Rhianna's definition on the brain from elven-realities, which is basically "polymorph" as I know it, and I was confused. Mm. That's actually just sort of a side effect of the way the form(s) look(s) (I'd like to correct what I said; this picture is somewhere between Vaguely Dragonish and Definitely Dragon-Shaped). It's not a particular "blending" ability. It'd only work against the night sky - you'd have to look for the moving shape, the piece of the sky moving much faster than a planet does :) . The Amorphous is of course always starry. My thinkfeeling and recollection is that so are the Vaguely Dragonish/Humanoid and Definitely Dragon-Shaped. It seems to me that the first two never come down out of the sky/universe, really, and that for the latter to do so is uncommon, but not unknown. Normally for being down here we'd be Half-Physical or Wholly Physical. I know I spoke of differing body shapes, sizes, colors etc in the Wholly Physical, because of being able to coalesce an insubstantial body into anything one desired, basically. But somehow it doesn't occur to me as "normal" or maybe even possible to halt it in the Half-Physical and be something other than starry in that form either. It Seemeth Unto Me that the starriness is standard all the way down until you get to Wholly Physical. Um, see below for what I was trying to say with all this ramble; I never talk about this, you know! :)

> So basically I guess what my question is, are you actually transparent in
> your Star Dragon form or do you mottle you skin tones so as to precisely
> mimic the colors of your surroundings like a cuttlefish does?

It depends on how substantial. Amorphous is almost beyond "insubstantial" to the completely bodiless, more like a consciousness field than anything else, so let's skip that one. Vaguely Dragon/Humanoid and Definitely Dragon-Shaped are completely transparent, though in an odd way; the blackness is opaque, yet you see through it at the same time, like the night sky. I don't know how that's possible but it seems to be so. Half-Physical is ... translucent. It seems that the blackness is there almost a mist? I dunno. That seems like it would look *less* substantial.. this isn't real clear. Maybe more like the dragon looks pretty much physical, but somehow like a hologram, and you are strangely able to see inside it, though you wouldn't think on first glance that you could.. it's weird. Then the Wholly Physical, well, could be anything, but for all intents and purposes is completely solid; when the Wholly Physical retains the starry coloration, then it's black dragon with purplish undertones/shimmer/something and also silver in ways that are hard to describe - also an undertone/shimmer, or star "markings" - that, like the Half Physical, seem not so much markings "drawn on", as more like ... hovering light effects? and *still* some of them seem to be *inside*, which can be really mind-bending since the creature's clearly solid. Argh.

> If so... can
> you sometimes manage something similar while in human form?

If you mean while being a stardragon who's assumed human form, well, one could sort of achieve it by "backing up" in the physicality hierarchy and then re-solidifying, but like I say, this just doesn't seem like The Way Things Are Done. I dunno. Maybe it's just that I don't/didn't do it. While the insubstantiality of the basic stardragon allows theoretically infinite shapes, I don't think that's The Way Of Things and this sort of minor shapeshifting you're describing... just isn't bothered with? I dunno. If you mean me, personally, in this human form, no. I am no more or less invisible than any other ordinary creature.

> >I've never heard of Celestial (spelling?) What type of Otherkin breed is
> >that? Do you have any idea?
> Another way of saying Angelous, actually.

Can be a term for angelic/angelus/angelous. Not all celestials are angelic (not by a long shot); neither are all angelics celestial (though I would hazard a guess it's common). I've got no data from other people for most of this; so please excuse the gospel, this-is-fact tone I use here, because no one has yet compared differing experiences with me...

Celestials, in general, are those beings which are related to the heavens, the universe, the starry vastnesses, sometimes the "Upper Realm". Lumy's suggestion to investigate "Starborn" is good; celestials are not "beings from the stars" in the usual sense, which normally denotes "aliens", however. We do not come from other planets. We come from the stars, literally. From space itself.

The celestial being with which I personally have the most experience is the stardragon, and that is become I am one, so take all the rest of this as "flavour," meant to give a taste of the general cast and colour of celestials, not to be representative of them all. A stardragon is just what the word says: a dragon of the stars, much as one would say sea dragon or forest dragon, etc. I know that out in the universe we are not all that uncommon; I remember quite a few (say, several dozen?) congregating in a single place at one time, and that was a smallish percentage. Nowhere near as dense in population in comparison to our living space as humans are, for example, but hardly rare beasts. We seem to be rare on Earth, however, as I only know of one other besides myself.

In a sense, stardragons are star "elementals", simply "emerging" from star/space energies the way that a fire elemental or water elemental "simply exists" out of fire or water energies. In another sense, we are the collective consciousnesses of certain groups, clusters or constellations of stars, and single stars; sometimes more than one at the same time (I'm a grouping as well as a star in Draco called Eltanin, for example). Constellations, of course, change from different vantage points in the universe, but the imposition of the pattern by an observing astronaut creates a nebulous (npi) connection between the stars in question, and so there are many, many interweaving patterns and matrices of these constellations, as their component stars are seen from different angles to belong to different constellations. The consciousness "connects" them even though the stars themselves are often not in physical proximity, unlike clusters (such as the Pleiades, or those in the "halo" surrounding many galaxies) or galaxies. Nebulae where stars are being formed and even patches of dark matter, etc., might all be the "body" of a stardragon consciousness.

I'm not sure how, in natural form, a stardragon "child" would be "born," but conception seems to occur by melding of the energies of the two (or more) stardragons in question, accomplished by a physical melding of their "bodies". In these bodies, well, how do you think you *kaff* "meld energies"? :7

"Natural form" is insubstantial; a consciousness that simply appears to have a physical form, but doesn't (hence "body" in quotes). I've talked before about the various forms we seem to have:

1) the purely insubstantial, which is simply the consciousness described above
2) the vague form, which is something like a piece of the night sky cut out like fabric and draped over a vaguely humanoid or draconic shape
3) the definite form, which has a defined outline of a humanoid or dragon, but is still "hollow", a trick of the light as it were
4) the half-physical, which looks strangely solid and see-through at the same time, something like a black mist containing stars
5) the fully physical, which if colouring is unaltered would generally come through as black or deep indigo/violet with silver sheen or silver markings curiously appearing "within" the scales or other body-covering somehow; however, owing to the "solidifying" process that starts with essentially no mass, etc., a stardragon can alter this form (or any of the others, technically, though doing this to 1/2/3 seems "just not done," to my head) to look like pretty much whatever they want.

Further information from a post to Other-Haven in November 2004

> if you're the collective consciousness of Eltanin, how can you be a fairie?

LOL. Trust me, it confuses me too.

BTW, the stardragon stuff on my site [that is, the upper part of this page] is mostly collected from old posts (ca. 4 years ago, plus a few months) I made on various lists, and doesn't necessarily truly reflect my current self-conception. While I still think that Eltanin is "me" in some way I do not think it is reasonable to say it is a one-to-one relationship. I think others (other stardragons I guess) could also be related, enmeshed somehow if you will... and that in turn, it is also possible I myself would take part in more than one star (although I don't know this for sure either way).


I have never found it quite sensible when beings say they are "from" a particular constellation. Constellations only look they way they do from Earth. From other planets in the galaxy the arrangements of stars would be totally different. In most cases the stars in a constellation are physically nowhere near each other. Only people on this planet looking at them makes any connection between them at all in the patterns we are used to. Now, this is not nothing; I believe that it does create some kind of actual "web" between the stars concerned. In other words it is possible for a stardragon to be linked to a constellation that is the way it is seen on Earth. But I think this may also be why in my mind stardragons are so "interwoven"... they are part and parcel of different constellations as seen from different vantage points.

> The way you describe it is much like Halon describes 5dimensional communication -
if you want to get to know someone, you don't talk to them, you just. well . melt into
> them or something.

That's similar (or identical) to how I recall the equivalent of "sexual activity" and "reproduction" especially, but also just intimate contact in general, to have been among stardragons... meshing together by superimposing the "space" we took up. In terms of normal matter it would be like pouring two liquids together, or dissolving a solid in a liquid really (because it didn't increase the "volume"). Creating offspring required some kind of special energetic something while in that state.


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