Regarding the Wizard

The Wizard of Frobozz can appear at any point and may cast various spells on you when he does. Most of them are harmless or merely inconvenient, and the best course of action is simply to do nothing and wait until the effect has worn off. Cast at the wrong time, though, their effects can occasionally cause you to die or get into an unsolvable state with regards to the puzzles. You'll take care of the Wizard eventually, but until that point, I recommend you save your game regularly, just in case.

The Garden Area

Take the lamp and sword. Go south, south, south, southwest, south (don't worry about this one turn in the dark) and southeast to North End of Garden. If you see a "large, white animal" (the unicorn), look at it; we'll be back for that key later. Enter the gazebo and get the teapot, then leave the gazebo.

Go north and northeast to Shallow Ford and fill up the teapot with water. Turn on the lamp, and go south, southwest, and southwest to the Carousel Room. You feel "sort of disoriented" because this room is spinning, and this means that you will only succeed in going the direction you type about 30% of the time.

Try going southeast. If you end up in the Riddle Room, great. If not, return to the Carousel Room and try again. (southeast from Cool Room, south from Marble Hall, southwest from Path Near Stream, northeast from Cobwebby Corridor, west from Topiary, north from Menhir Room)

For Your Amusement:
Hang around in the Topiary for a while.

The "Alice" Area

When you make your way to the Riddle Room, answer the riddle by typing answer "well". Go east to the Pearl Room. Get the necklace. Continue one more room east to the Circular Room. You are actually at the bottom of a well here. Get in the bucket, and then pour water into it from the teapot. After the bucket rises to Top of Well, get out of it by saying stand. Go east to the Tea Room. You can try reading the cakes, but the writing's too small to read on all but the green one: "Eat Me". Take all the cakes, and eat the green cake.

Now that you are in the Posts Room (the legs of the table in the Tea Room, natch), go east through what was once a small hole to the Pool Room. Read the red, orange and blue cakes through the flask. "Evaporate", "Explode", and "Enlarge", huh? Drop the orange "Explode" cake and throw the red "Evaporate" cake in the pool. Take the candies. Go west back to the Posts Room and eat the blue "Enlarge" cake.

For Your Amusement:
Eat the orange "Explode" or red "Evaporate" cakes.
(save first)
Eat the blue "Enlarge" cake in the Pool Room.
(save first)
Open the flask. (save first)

The Robot and Room Spinner

Go northwest to the Low Room. Read the paper, which is instructions for the robot, then drop it. You have to be in the same room as the robot to give it commands, so to bring it along with you, you have to send it on ahead (robot, east) and then follow it.

Go east, then south to the Dingy Closet, bringing the robot along. Try to take the sphere. Tell the robot to lift the cage. Get the sphere and look into it. Send the robot north, then follow it to the Machine Room. The buttons here control the room spinner. The square button increases the spin to high, the round button decreases the spin to low, and the triangular button switches the field between the Low Room and the Carousel Room.

Have the robot push the round button, then the triangular one. Go west to the Low Room, then try to go southeast to the Tea Room. If you wind up back in the Machine Room, just try again, as with the Carousel Room. If you made it to the Tea Room, go west to Top of Well and get back in the bucket. Fill the teapot with water (from the bucket) and you will descend to the bottom again.

Stand up from the bucket and drop the teapot. Go west twice and northwest back to the Carousel Room.

For Your Amusement:
Push one of the buttons in the Machine Room yourself. (save first)
Set the room-spinner to high, flip the field to the Low Room, then go west to the Low Room. (save first).

The Dreary Room and the Dragon's Lair

Open the steel box that has appeared and get the violin. Go southwest to Cobwebby Corridor, get the string, and then go southwest once more to the Guarded Room. Give the candies to the lizard head to put it to sleep. Drop the necklace, violin and red sphere here, since this is near where we'll need them in the future.

Go north, northeast, east, north, north to North End of Garden. Go in to the gazebo and get everything. Leave the gazebo and go south, west, southwest, and north to the Marble Hall. Get the "brick" (it's plastic explosive, actually).

Go north, north, and up to the Tiny Room. Put the place mat under the door, open the keyhole lid, then put the letter opener in the keyhole. Remove the letter opener and drop it. Get the place mat, and then get the key. Unlock the door with it, open the door, drop the key, and go north into the Dreary Room.

Take the blue sphere and look into it. Go south, down, west, and north to the Dragon Room. Ooo, big dragon. Attack him with your sword (if the Wizard has filched your sword, the brick will also work), then leave by going south. The dragon will follow. Attack him with the sword again to keep him interested. Go south again, attack the dragon once more, and go west to the Ice Room.

After the fracas, you will be able to exit west to the volcano region, but we're not going there just yet.

For Your Amusement:
Attack the dragon while under the influence of the fireproof spell.

The Princess and the Wizard's Rooms

Return east, north, north, and north again to the Dragon's Lair. Kiss the princess, and she will wake. Wait one turn for her to leave, and follow her back to the Garden and into the Gazebo (south, east, east, down, south, wait, east, wait, east, north, in). Wait. Soon, the unicorn will appear, and you'll have the golden key from its neck as well as a perfect rose. Smell the rose, then drop it.

Leave the gazebo and go south, south, west, southwest, and southwest to the Guarded Room. Unlock the door with the gold key. Drop the key here with your pearls and violin. Get the red sphere.

Open the door and go south, then west twice to the Aquarium Room. Throw your sword at the aquarium to break the glass. (If your sword has been filched, the steel box from the Carousel Room will also work.) Get the clear sphere. Go east to the Wizard's Workroom. Put the clear sphere on the diamond stand, the ruby sphere on the red stand, and the blue sphere on the sapphire stand. Pick up the black sphere that appears. Look into the black sphere. (And now that you have it, the next time you run into the Wizard, notice what he does!)

For Your Amusement:
Attack the princess. (save first)
Read the Wizard's degree from GUE Tech (in the Trophy Room, one south of the Wizard's Workshop).
Repeatedly look in the Wizard's Quarters (one south from the Aquarium Room).
Break the aquarium glass directly rather than by throwing an object. (save first)
Take the serpent. (save first)

The Volcano

Go east, north three times, down, and west into the Lava Room. Pick up the moby ruby and continue south to Volcano Bottom.

The odd wicker basket and cloth bag contraption here is a hot air balloon. Enter the basket, open the receptacle, and then put the newspaper in it. Light a match and burn the newspaper. Read the label that drops from the balloon as it inflates, then drop the label. The balloon will begin to rise. Wait one turn until you come to Volcano Near Small Ledge, and land. Tie the wire to the hook, and then get out of the balloon.

Get the zorkmid, then go south to the Library. Open the purple book and get the stamp. Return north to the balloon and get in. Untie the wire from the hook. Wait three turns until you are at Volcano Near Wide Ledge. Land and tie the wire to the hook. Stand and go south to the Dusty Room. Put the brick in the hole, insert the string in the brick, and then light a match and burn the string. Immediately return north.

After the explosion, go back south and get the crown. Read the card. ...Uh oh. Hurry back north, enter the basket, and untie the wire. Close the receptacle to smother the fire, and the balloon will gradually deflate and let you descend back to Volcano Bottom (wait 6 times). Drop the card and matches. Stand to get out of the basket.

Go north, east, east, southeast, southwest, and southwest to the Guarded Room. Drop your treasures (crown, stamp, zorkmid, and ruby) and head all the way back to the Dragon Room: north, northeast, north three times, west, and north. Go north into the Lair and open the chest twice. Take the statuette, and then go south and west twice into the Bank Entrance.

For Your Amusement:
Read the purple and white books.
Hang around in the Dusty Room while the brick explodes. (save first)
Go all the way up and out the top of the volcano in the balloon, or leave it moored at Wide Ledge and wait inside it for the ledge to collapse. (save first)

The Bank

Go northwest or northeast into the Teller's Room, then west (if you went northwest) or east (if you went northeast) into the Safety Depository. Read the paper on the ground, and then drop it. Read the cube. Go south to the Chairman's Office and take the portrait. Return north.

The north wall in the Safety Depository is actually made out of light, and can be walked through to teleport to other Bank locations. The direction from which you entered the Depository controls your destination. If you come in from the east or west, you go to the East or West Viewing Rooms; if from the south, you go to the Small Room; if from the north, you go to the Vault. Walk through north wall. Leave the Small Room by walk through south wall, thus entering the Depository from the north. Walk through north wall again to be transported to the Vault.

Get the bills, and then walk through the north wall once more. If you try to leave now, you'll set off an alarm, so drop the bills and the portrait. Exit the room to the east or west, and then return east (if you went east) or west (if you went west) into the Safety Depository. Pick up the bills and portrait and walk through the north wall again. You will now be transported to the East or West Viewing Room, from which you can safely go south to the Bank Entrance.

Summoning the Demon

Go east, east, south, south, and southeast to the Carousel Room. Take a quick detour west and pick up the can of grue repellent. Go east, southwest, and southwest to the Guarded Room. Pick up what you can with get all and start transporting treasures to the Pentagram Room, south, west, and south of here. This will take a couple of trips (north, east, north back to the Guarded Room); when dropping items, make sure to keep hold of your lamp, the black sphere, and the can of grue repellent.

The treasures you need are: pearl necklace, gold key, dragon statuette, violin, portrait, moby ruby, zorkmid bills, crown, Flathead stamp, and zorkmid coin. (Treasures the WIzard has filched from you and any you had in your possession when/if you have died are not required.)

When finished, put the black sphere in the pentagram to summon the demon. Pick up the treasures and give them to the demon. After he finally agrees to do you a service, say demon, give me the wand, then get the wand. (Other possibilities are demon, kill the wizard, which the demon seems to find quite cathartic, or demon, move the menhir. This last, however, does not dispose of the wizard's power.) If the wizard has filched anything from you, you can take this opportunity to go to the Trophy Room (north, east, and south) and filch it back, if you like. (To filch your sword, refer to it as "elvish sword" to distinguish it from the others.)

For Your Amusement:
Ask the demon to kill Cerberus.
Play around with the wand. To cast a spell, point or wave the wand at something and say "[spell]". Unfortunately for the cause of said amusement, you cannot point the wand at yourself, and not everything is an appropriate target. I have therefore not been able to figure out exactly what all the spells do. The possible spells are:

fall (makes target trip and fall when they move)
float (makes an object float)
freeze (makes target unable to move)
(makes target unable to leave the room: "An invisible fence of magical force bars your way")
(enrages target)
ferment (makes target drunk)
fear (makes target afraid and run from the room)
feeble (makes target weak and unable to carry much or fight)
fumble (reduces target's carrying capacity, possibly making them drop items)
filch (steals a possession from target)
fantasize (makes target hallucinate)
(destroys target "in a puff of smoke"; when the Wizard casts it on you, you get a much more dramatic description of being struck by lightning)
("a strong odor of chocolate permeates the room")
fluoresce (makes an object glow with light; I speculate this is the spell later seen in the Enchanter games as frotz)

The Oddly-Angled Rooms and the Crypt

From the Pentagram Room, go north, east, north, north, northeast, and south to the Menhir Room. Point the wand at the menhir and say "float". Go southwest into the Kennel. Get the collar and return northeast. Go south, then down into the Oddly-angled Room maze.

This is actually a baseball diamond ("oddly-angled" Implementor brains, if you ask me!). The solution is to walk in the sequence of directions of a standard baseball diamond, starting from the pitcher's mound. (The pitcher faces west, hence a left-handed pitcher being a "southpaw".) You may wish to save the game before you start moving.

In the room with the stairway, examine diamond. (You don't see this diamond in the room description until you leave the room and come back.) If the diamond is not already dark, alternate east and west until it turns dark. Then go west (the "club" here is a baseball bat; you're at home plate), southeast, northeast, northwest, and southwest. You will hear "a strange rusty squeal echoing in the distance".

Go west back to the room with the stairway and go down to the Cerberus Room. Put the collar on Cerberus. Go east, then open the door into the Crypt and go south. Apply the grue repellent to yourself and turn off your lamp. Open the secret door you can now see, and - congratulations, moby adventurer - go south to Zork III.

For Your Amusement:
Wander around the Oddly-Angled Rooms while under the influence of the fantasize spell.
Pet or kill Cerberus after collaring him.
Remove Cerberus' collar.
Cast all the spells on Cerberus.

Die after freeing the demon (kill me with sword, if nothing else serves).

For Your Amusement at various times:
Diagnose whenever the Wizard has just cast a spell on you (especially ferment, freeze, float, or feeble).
Try to move around while you are under the float spell.
Cast several spells in succession without waiting for the wand to recharge.

When the robot and the Wizard are both in the room, tell the robot to take the wand.


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