Regarding the Enchanter trilogy magic system

You must learn (memorize) a spell before you can cast it. In most cases, doing so immediately beforehand will suffice, so memorization will generally not be mentioned in this walkthrough. Most spells will work in either of two syntaxes: cast [spell name] on [object] or simply [spell name] [object].

Type spells to find out what spells you currently have memorized. You permanently know gnusto (copy a spell into your spellbook), frotz (make an object glow with light), and rezrov (open). When you sleep, you forget any other spells you had previously memorized.

Read your spell book to find out what spells you can memorize. Whenever you get a scroll, read it and then gnusto it, to commit the spell to your spell book. (You must be holding your spell book in your hands to do so.) Some spells cannot be gnustoed; this will be noted.

Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping

This game has an early permanent solution for eating and drinking; there is no actual food or drink. Sleep when the game tells you you're tired; everywhere is safe except obviously dangerous places like the Snake Pit or Meadow. (See the last For Your Amusement section for a complete list of dangerous places.)

The Twisted Forest / Guild Hall

You're only dreaming, so fritter away a turn and let the hellhound kill you (for example, just say wait). When you awake , frotz me to become a source of light. (Note that you cannot extinguish frotzed objects in Sorcerer, which I think is strange because you could in Enchanter. I have read that frotzing yourself can therefore cause some versions of the game to become unwinnable. I have not encountered this issue, nor can I see how it would wind up actually being a problem in the one scene I think could be affected, but caveat lusor; you may want to use the glowing calendar -- see below -- or frotz some other object, although not having to carry a separate light source can be handy with respect to inventory limits.)

Stand up out of bed. Go west to the Hallway. Read the note, then drop it. Go south twice to the Lobby and west into the Store Room. Get the vial and matchbook. Read the vial (berzio: obviate the need for food and drink), open it and drink the ochre potion. Drop the vial. Read the matchbook.

Go east back to the Lobby, open the brass receptacle, and put the matchbook in it. Wait a few turns for the messenger to show up, then open the receptacle again and get the orange vial. Read the vial. (vilstu: obviate the need for breathing) (This is one of those quite nasty cases of potentially losing the game right off the bat without having a clue that you've done so. The messenger shows up around turn 25 and then never again. If you don't get this potion now, you can't win.)

Go east to the Library and get the dusty scroll. Read it (meef: causes plants to wilt) and gnusto meef. Return west to the Lobby, then go north twice and west into Belboz's Quarters. Open the desk and get the journal. Look behind the wall hanging (tapestry) and get the key. Open the journal and read it. Make a note of the creature that is the "current code." Look it up in the infotater (part of the game feelies; the in-game item is not necessary) and note down the sequence of five colors that correspond to the creature. Drop the journal and key.

Go east, south, and south to the Lobby, then down from the Lobby to the Cellar. Notice the description of the trunk, with its buttons of different colors, that match the colors described by the infotater. Press the buttons in the sequence corresponding to the code creature you just looked up. (Copy protection: the breakfast of champions.) Get the moldy scroll. Read it. (aimfiz: transport caster to someone else's location) Cast it on Belboz (or Jeearr) directly from the scroll: aimfiz Belboz.

For Your Amusement:
During the opening dream, wake up. (save first)
Wander around as long as you can in the dream.
Before you frotz yourself, frotz a grue in the dark.
Read Popular Enchanting.
In the Chamber of the Circle (one north from the Hallway west of Your Quarters), read the tenets and sit on the table.
In the Library, take the encyclopedia.
In Belboz's Quarters, talk to the parrot, and sit on the parrot's perch.
In Belboz's Quarters, meef the morgia plant, then pay attention to the last line of the game (just before "would you like to Restart...").
Cast aimfiz on yourself, Duncanthrax, Krill, the Wizard of Frobozz, the servants, the mailman, the hawker, the author, Helistar, and Frobar (try the last two several times by saving and restoring).

Things you can read about in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica: Accardi-by-the-Sea, Amathradonis, Amulet of Aggthora, Antharia, Aragain Falls, author, Barbel, Belboz, Borphee, Bozbarland, Chevaux, Dimwit Flathead, Double Fanucci, Duncanthrax, Egreth Castle, Enchanters Guild, Entharion, Fibbsbozza, Flathead Ocean, Flood Control Dam, flumes, Fort Griffspotter, Frigid River, Gabber Tumper, Galepath, glass maze, gnomes, Great Sea, Great Underground Empire, GUE Tech, Gurth, Infocom, infotaters, Jeearr, Kovalli Desert, Krill, Largoneth Castle, Lonely Mountain, Magicland, Mareilon, me, Messengers Guild, Mithicus, Miznia, morgia plants, nymphs, orkan, Quendor, Razor Gorge, Royal Museum, Servants Guild, Softspel, Sorcerer, temporal travel, Thriff, trolls, troglodyte, Wizard of Frobozz, Zork, zorkmids; plus spells, potions, and the infotater beasts (they all give the same response).

The Forest, River, Fort, Chasm, and Castle

Unlike the dream hellhound, this one is real! Go northeast to Forest Edge to avoid getting torn to shreds. Memorize the pulver spell, and then go east and northeast to the River Bank. Pulver the river and go northeast twice to the Hidden Cave. Get the soiled scroll and the bat guano. Read the scroll (fweep: turn caster into a bat) and gnusto fweep.

Go down, south, west, down, west, southwest twice, and then west to Edge of Chasm. Cast izyuk on yourself and fly west twice across the chasm to Elbow Room. Go north to the Tree Room and pick a zorkmid. Retrace your steps south and east to the Bare Passage, then izyuk yourself and fly east twice to the Crater. Go north and up twice back to Forest Edge, then east, northeast, southeast, and east to the Parade Ground. Lower the flag, examine it, and get the aqua vial. Read it. (fooble: increase muscular coordination)

Go east to the Gun Emplacement and look in the cannon. Put the bat guano in the cannon, and get the ordinary scroll. Read it. (yonk: augment the power of certain spells) You cannot gnusto yonk. Go west twice back to Fort Entrance. Memorize izyuk twice, and then cast it on yourself. (After passing the River Bank a couple times it becomes dangerous, so you need to fly over it.) Go northwest, southwest, izyuk yourself again (the Drawbridge is also dangerous after passing a few times), east twice to the Ruins, down twice, and east to the Toll Gate.

For Your Amusement:
Go up the tree in Twisted Forest and examine the boa.
Fill a vial with water while it still contains a potion.
Pulver the moat.
Drink the indigo potion in the Torture Chamber.
Bite the zorkmid.
Climb the flagpole.
Wave or wear the flag.

The Glass Maze

Wake the gnome and give him your zorkmid. After he falls asleep again, search him to get your zorkmid back. Go east twice and north twice to Outside Glass Arch. Memorize fweep three times. Cast fweep on yourself (don't worry about the fact that you drop your inventory) and go east into the maze.

From here: N. E. S. S. W. D. E. E. N. N. U. U. S. You will return to your human form. Go east to the Hollow. Examine the brick structure. Hmm, doesn't the description remind you of a chimney top? Get the parchment scroll (you can't gnusto it without your spellbook) and drop it into the chimney.

Fweep yourself again and go W. W. S. E (goodbye dorn beast!). D. D. (...ew.) W. W. U. U. N. N. D. E. Fweep yourself one more time. (If you're following this walkthrough tightly, you'll soon get a prompt to sleep. Ignore it for now.) S. E. N. D. W. S. W. U. W. Once back at Outside Glass Arch, wait a couple turns for the fweep spell to wear off, and sleep if you need to.

Pick up all your belongings. Go south, south, and east to the Stone Hut. Get the parchment scroll. Read it (swanzo: exorcise an inhabiting presence) and gnusto swanzo.

For Your Amusement:
Yomin the toll gnome while he's asleep.
Frotz the gnome.
Frotz the zorkmid before you give it to the gnome.
Rezrov the toll gate.

The Amusement Park

Go west five times to the Bend, then southwest twice, south, and southwest to Park Entrance. Try to go west. (Boing!) Give the zorkmid to the gnome. Go west to East End of Midway. If you like, you can amuse yourself with the Haunted House (north), Log Flume (south), Roller Coaster (west, then north), or the slot machine in the Casino (west twice); but the place you actually need to go is west, then south to the Arcade.

Take the hawker's ball. Open the aqua vial and drink the aqua potion. Throw the ball at the bunnies and you will receive your prize, the glittering scroll. Read the scroll (malyon: bring life to inanimate objects) and gnusto malyon. Drop the aqua vial.

Exit the park by going north, east twice, then go northeast and south to the Hall of Carvings. Wait a few turns until "your muscles feel limp for a moment." Yonk malyon from the yonk scroll, then learn malyon and malyon the dragon. Go south through the revealed passageway into the Sooty Room.

For Your Amusement:
Yomin the park gnome and hawker.
Play the slot machine repeatedly. Try to get the jackpot, 1/64 chance. (save first)
Malyon the statue of Duncanthrax.
Malyon the bunnies.
Leave the Arcade with the ball.
Pulver the log flume ride.
Malyon the dragon a second time.

The Coal Mine

Save the game. Check that you are carrying nothing but the orange potion and your spell book. Go east into the Coal Bin room. Open the orange vial and drink the orange potion (which, remember, lets you not have to breathe). A "twin" -- actually you from the future -- will show up. Drop the orange vial. Your future self will tell you a combination number; make a note of it. Give spell book to older self. Go east into the Dial Room. Turn the dial to the number you were just told by your older self. Open the door. Go east into Shaft Bottom.

Get the rope. Go up and southwest to Coal Mine. Get the timber. Go northwest and west to Top of Chute. Tie the rope to the timber, drop the timber, and throw the rope down the chute. Climb down the rope into the Slanted Room. (If you don't land in the Slanted Room, you were still carrying some object and it made you too heavy; restore and drop that object.)

Take the shimmering scroll (golmac: travel temporally) and golmac me. Open the lamp and get the smelly scroll. Go down to the Coal Bin Room. Now you must repeat the actions that you earlier saw your older self performing: say younger self, the combination is [number] (the number you were told before). Wait one turn; your younger self will hand you your spellbook. Go down to Lagoon Shore. Read the smelly scroll (vardik: shield a mind from an evil spirit) and gnusto vardik. Wait a turn or two until you are told that the vilstu potion has left you exhausted, then sleep.

For Your Amusement:
Rezrov the door with the dial.
Yomin your older self and younger self.
Do silly things as your younger self, then see how your actions are described when you become your older self.
Save a game before entering the Slanted Room, then set up a time paradox with your actions there, and notice the results thereof (some are fatal, some not). You can do this in four ways:

Leave the Slanted Room without picking up the shimmering scroll at all.
Get the shimmering scroll, don't cast golmac, then go down twice to the Lagoon Shore.
Get the shimmering scroll, cast golmac, then get the shimmering scroll again (the game doesn't describe it reappearing, but it does), and cast it on yourself again.
Cast golmac, go down, but don't inform your younger self of the combination, and go on to enter the lower chute.

Defeating Jeearr

You're about to go underwater and ruin your spellbook, so memorize the spells you'll need to finish: meef twice, swanzo, and vardik.

Go east to Surface of Lagoon and dive to Lagoon Floor. Meef the spenseweeds and open the crate. Since you "won't be able to hold your breath much longer", go up, then dive again. Get the grue suit and you will automatically wear it. (...Grue suit?? I could handle a maze in the shape of a baseball diamond, but now you're just making stuff up.) Go north twice to Mouth of River. Meef the vines and go west twice to Mammoth Cavern. Open the white door that leads southwest to Belboz's Hideout. Vardik yourself and then swanzo Belboz.

Congratulations, Leader of the Circle of Enchanters!

For Your Amusement:
Open a full potion vial while underwater (try the indigo or amber potions).
Cast izyuk or fweep while underwater.
Turn on the floor waxer from the Store (past the toll gate) while underwater. (To get it to the Lagoon in the first place, drop it in the Coal Bin Room as your younger self, then pick it up again when you are the older self just before you exit the mine.)

For Your Amusement at various times:
Yomin yourself.
Repeatedly cast vezza.
Examine yourself while frotzed.
Examine yourself while a bat.
Perform an inventory while a bat.
Sleep while flying.
Cast gaspar on yourself in the Guild Hall, one of the dry river bed locations, or the glass maze, and then get killed elsewhere in the game. (The gaspar scroll is in Helistar's quarters. It was skipped in this walkthrough since picking it up scores no points and judicious saved games achieve almost the same effect.)
Drink the aqua, orange, or amber potion while under the effect of one of the others.
Drink the amber potion, then wander around in the dark.
Cast malyon on any ordinary object. (Well, I suppose you are a sorcerer's apprentice...)
Sleep in a dangerous location: the Guild Hall, River Bed, Coal Mine, Twisted Forest, Tree Branch, Snake Pit, Mine Field, Meadow, Drawbridge, River Bank, Hollow, Surface of Lagoon, Lagoon Floor, or Belboz's Hideout.


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Action   Points
Guild Hall    
Wake up   5
Drink ochre (berzio) potion   10
Get orange (vilstu) potion   10
Get dusty (meef) scroll   10
Get key   15
Get moldy (aimfiz) scroll   25
Cast aimfiz on Belboz (or Jeearr)   20
Forest, River, Fort, Chasm, Castle    
Enter Hidden Cave   20
Get zorkmid   15
Get ordinary (yonk) scroll   10
The Glass Maze    
Gnome opens toll gate   20
Enter the Hollow   20
Get parchment (swanzo) scroll   25
The Amusement Park    
Get glittering (malyon) scroll   10
The Coal Mine    
Enter Sooty Room   20
Open door in the Dial Room   20
Enter Slanted Room   20
Get smelly (vardik) scroll   25
Arrive at Lagoon Shore   20
Defeating Jeearr    
Open crate   15
Enter Mammoth Cavern   20
Enter Belboz's Hideout   20
Exorcise Belboz   25
Total   400


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