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p a s s i o n   p o  e t r y

I am two fools, I know,
for loving, and for saying so
in Whining poetry.

(John Donne)

"Passion poetry" is just what it sounds like. Its original point was to be about most any prettyboy that came along, just for the Beauty in it, but then in 1999 I met my now-husband, and almost completely veered off into this sort of thing being about him. He has his own page.

Where's the Music? (1996-1997)

Beauty that burns
Music that sears
Even the thought of you
Brings me to tears
And as I weep
I wonder why
I can't write words
To make you cry
Where's the music,
Where's my muse?
Well, she's long gone
Where's my word trick?
My tongue can't choose
What words to dwell upon.
I love those songs
I love those hands
That play as I watch
The falling sands
And as I watch
I wonder when
Those hands will touch
My heart again
Where's the music,
Where's my muse?
Well, she's long gone
Where's my word trick?
My tongue can't choose
What words to dwell upon.


david: Homage to Leonard Cohen (12/98)

simply come here
for something in me wants to cry
and for you to lose yourself
in the infinite mystery of my skin
do not turn from my pleading
but touch me forever
and let me twine inside you
and tell me how to please you


adam: one single night (2/99)

o beauty of beauties,
let me have
a drop of your life
a moment of your time
a taste of your lips
a touch of your hand
a dusting of you

and I will love you
as the sky
the river
the forest

the one who calls me beautiful
and means it truly, unbidden
I shall shed tears for
until the moon's silver tarnishes

you are seven notes of music


bishonen (3/99)

I dance a furious Eris--
O Malkav and Arikel!
A creative chaos, a fertile madness
It is your beauty I am seeking.
darkhaired darkeyed--
o this is where my soul lies!


despair: never even met (5/7/99)

A singular kiss
A kiss of words,
void and vortex--
The rain on the window
forms tears down your face
as you look in on me.
You are as that one I knew
whose very existence
pleaded: please do not hurt me.
please, please love me.
It was in his dark-lined eyes.


Sweetness (5/99)

In love or just flirting
I'm passion, not sap--
Tell me I'm beautiful,
But tell me it darkly.
I'm sweet as can be
but even I
have my limits.


sensation (6/99)

the winds were my comfort
as I ran through the jasmine summer
I velvet-felt his lips
surround the words he spoke
all beauty condensed
to a flash of eye
and lick of song


jesse: on the pillow (2/26/00)

golden on green
in the kingdom of the west
a cotton laurel wreath
around your spun finery
for you have indeed
won honor with me


Pinball Smile (3/13/00)

Irish eyes, when they be grinnin',
May steal your heart, they say;
I only take what's freely given--
'Tis far more sweet that way.
For though my eyes may have a smile
That's thieving in their green,
A loving gift's more worth the while
Than any stolen thing.


jules: last night (5/21/00)

you wished me good night
and i got in my car
and i fiddled with chapstick
and i mucked with the stereo
and i went and got food
and i ate it while driving
and i drove out to Rancho
and i cuddled with Jesse
and he kissed me and held me
and then i went home
and i went to the bathroom
and i washed my hands
and i took out my contacts
and i turned off the a/c
and i opened the windows
and i took off my clothes
and i laid on my pillow
arm over head
my face to my shoulder
and there was your scent... did you do that?


(untitled) (5/6/08)

to touch upon your shadows
is to wander well at will
in warmth of velvet night,
and be held in just the way
that the starlight, falling downward,
holds the earth; and just as silent:
a song not quite of sound,
but silver streams and threads
that pass beneath the skin
and quake the flesh.


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