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Midsummer (1997?)

One year upon Midsummer's Day
I slept beneath an elder tree
And in my dream while I there dozed
A faerie came to me.
First tall and lithe, then short and stout
Then just like me was she
With pointed ears and gauzy wings
And then with none to see.
A light of green surrounded her,
I smelled her woodsy scent;
She spoke like silver bells a-ringing:
"Come see my land!" she said; I went!
Fiddlers played and pipers too
In rings of clover on the hills
I heard the drifting, lovely tune
And it overcame my will!
The faeries danced and ate and drank
As on their merriment they bent;
I joined them in a circle dance
And danced 'til I was spent.
When I awoke I was again
Beneath the stately tree;
I looked around, but could not find
A one of all the sidhe.
I've searched for all these many months
To find a fae to take me back,
But the magic of Midsummer
It seems is what I lack.
So I'll be off to the faerie lands
In June when the roses bloom,
When I see clover rings on hills afar
And I hear a drifting piping tune.


Faery Call (1997-1999)

Fair Folk, Fey Folk, Daoine Sidhe,
I invite the Seelie to join with me!
Tylwyth Teg, Tuatha, Elves,
Enter my life and show yourselves!
Pixies, Brownies, Ferrishyn
All are welcome, do come in!
Fenoderee and Ellyllon,
Undines, Sylphs and Leprechaun,
Dryads, Gnomes, and Plant Annwn,
I hope that I may see you soon!
Mother's Blessing, Devas, Sprites,
Show yourselves in dancing lights.
Come, Good Neighbours, Gentry, Fays,
Bring glamour to my nights and days.
I've wine and cakes and cream for all,
For all the fey that hear my call!
Abide with me, O Seelie Court,
And we'll have ourselves a merry sport.
Fauns and Satyrs, Nymphs and Fae,
Come along the Silver Way.
Green Children, you are welcome here,
Please join me now and have no fear!


Faery Circle Casting (1998)

A faery ring my paces tread
Between the living and the dead
Between the night and light of day
A majik place for every fae.
Between the worlds three it stands:
Beside the forest and the strand,
Its only roof the arching sky,
Its center where the hearthflame lies.


Full Moon Poem (summer-fall 1998)

In ages past did their children draw nigh
To worship the gods under full moon's eye.
They sang of their greatness, gave thanks for the love
Of the Lord of the Forest and the Lady above
And then sought their fates or asked their desire
With offerings burned in the sacred fire.
And now we are here, again in their sight,
Gazing with wonder on full moon bright.
The ancient days are past and gone,
But we again gather to hear their song.


Fae (summer-fall 1998)

forest deep
redwood's height
river swift
stars bright
lights glow
color spins
flame leaps
dance begins
hands clasp
voice sings
fingers pluck
harp strings
majik flows
majik flies
moon's light
laughter, sighs
couples, then
ancient dance
sacred cauldron
bleeding lance
faery majik
flowing far
living dreams
dreams are.


The Dream (fall 1998)

My hands, they might be filled with stars,
if I could see them shining
upon the plants they flower from
on verdant vines tree-twining.
The fire might be my dearest friend
if I trusted my own flame;
I might join the forest dance
if I could hear it call my name.
My heart, it might contain the moon,
if I could but embrace it
where it shines in darkened sky
with only light to trace it.
The flowers might their secrets whisper
if I knew their words;
The winds would more than softly sigh
if I understood the birds.
My hands, they might weave majik true,
if they knew its flowing ways
from stone to star to steep sea-cliff
through black nights and bright days.
This body might yet yield in shape
and hear thoughts silent sent;
The river's wisdom I would have
if I could learn to where it went.
My tongue, it might sing silver notes,
speak majik's honeyed sound
after I have seen the Veil
and found a way around.
My soul, it might remember all,
if it heard the majik's song
or saw its shiny, shadowy shape
aright and never wrong.
But it's dozing, senses closed,
leaving me to wait
until its Dream begins--
not never, only late.


Stardust (Faerie Dust) Blessing (1/24/00)

Stars on earth, stars in heaven
Faerie star of sacred seven
Shining blood, silver bone
Endless sky my spirit's home
Stars above, stars below
Stars' own kin am I, I know
Majik shed from starlit lands
Stardust I hold in my hands.


The Tree of Stars (October 2001)

ah the blue-green stars of the heavens
under the under the under the
grown in the lake of the shore of wonder
rippling shimmerlight starlight waves
branches of stars fractal leaves all of stars
withies stellar weeping down upon the galaxy below
the place from which it grows
a leafy shingle rooftree touching stars and stars for leaves
channel tunnel trunk and bits of fate are falling cards
and stars in turing autumn
the tree between the stars the galactic swirl
the faerie ferry up and down
and home again and back and both within
a rooftree stars the open sky a roof
the chimneyhole moon that lets the light go back and forth between
a portal closest knothole in a treetrunk
crossing branches ring-gate formed
and crossing branches to cross to other branches
where the clustered stars hang heavy
like fruit with rain in falling autumn
starpearl cluster pick and carry travel ferry faerie
flying treetop silent web
interclinging roots of starpaths
ascent to under over branch of leaflink star
the ripples in the lake
to climb the tree to everywhere
slanting blue and violet and ultra colours
infraultra brilliant blackness silver blood
the rays of seven seventeen
the piercing out from eyes and radiant halo spotlight mirrored
tattooed in filament upon the void and air just lines and patterns
ultrainfracolours colours colours underground and shining stars and stone
strength of starstone over high
and living tree of stars a wooden stone
the pillared circle not so round of spiral gesture
arching random webs across the forest of the clusters
the prism rainbow just one star refracted caught in its own web
all are the single source of the reflections reflections reflections
the everywhere star-tree
insect tunnels travelling through
this side that side up and down
tunnels you through and branches you on
tunnels formed reverse solid not hollow
nebula roots in gentle rippling galaxy-pond
the grainsand stars like swans and dust


ahi hay lilitu (November 2001)

ahi hay lilitu
the mother of the power!
endarken my blood
enrapture and enrage
mother of hellbeasts
holy hellion
raising hell
raising cain
raised into the power
lines of power
bloodlines of power


Becoming Prayer (late 2001 - early 2002)

Robin, Son of Royal Arte,
Horned Master
whom men oft call the Devil:
Behold [name]
who should someday
be great like thee!
Bring to me my Fetch;
Teach me to know
the Ancient White One
of the stars and void,
the circumference
to thy center;
and to use that power
of the serpent-cunning-fire
that is woven through all things.
By twin horns and cauldron, be it so!


a night for riding (February 2002)

o! tonight is a night for riding
the moon in the mist, and a teardrop star,
a diamond around the moon's fair throat
a compass-point to guide us on
straight on 'til mid-night, height of the moon
tonight is a night for riding

o! tonight is a night for riding
the wind in the trees, and the crackle of leaves
cavorting and tumbling down the lane
wind-devil fairies to lead us on
straight on to stand-stone, clearing 'midst woods
tonight is a night for riding


Drink the Moon's Luck (2003?)

The hoot of the owl we'll follow with care
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck
She'll lead us a goat-path no mortal should dare:
Come, off to the woodland to drink the moon's luck!

The tracks of Tod-Lowery shall show us the way
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck
To glades which are hidden in harsh light of day:
Come, off to the woodland to drink the moon's luck!

We'll rade on the ridge at the top of the hill
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck
And humans shall find the wind suddenly chill:
Come, off to the woodland to drink the moon's luck!

Singing fey music from moonrise 'til dawn
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck
And as sudden we came, we'll sudden be gone:
Come, off to the woodland to drink the moon's luck!

We'll steal through the forest, which often at night
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck
Holds many a wonder for fairy delight:
Come, off to the woodland to drink the moon's luck!

The meadow-brook's waters to touch and to taste
Jack o' Green, Will o' Wisp, Robin and Puck,
With twilight upon us I bid ye make haste!
Come ye, o follow, to drink the moon's luck!


see through the veil... (2003-2004)

see through the veil
and truth in the sight
inner gates open
and let in the night
greensilver glamourlight
sparkle inside
and starlight abide


Sidhe (01/20/04)

I am a creature of grace and skill;
Like the Crown-Stone of The One That Fell
Is my shining; I oft did dwell Underhill,
And Voice of the Waters was I as well.

In the secret and wild places of green
May you find me; also where, cities now grown,
I mingle among the growers, unseen,
Working old magic that comes from the bone.


Mortal, Fear... (11/12/04)

Mortal, fear to go out tonight
For Feery Folk more dark than bright
Do rade abroad with ghostly light;
The long straight tracks are theirs by right!

Mortal, I counsel you stay at home
For Feery Folk do more than roam;
They steal the unwary 'neath the loam
Or 'neath the sea all crowned in foam!

But mortal, if you would the Power gain
It's you must pass with the Feery train
For it's union with What's Below that sains
And fans to shining the mortal Flame!


(untitled) (January 2005)

The gold and the green
of the Forest-Dream
of the slumbering Heart of the Wood
spins in the night
all the starlight bright
into Threads that Weave towards the good...

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