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m i s c e l l a n e o u s :   1 9 9 4 - 1 9 9 8

Blackfeather (1994-1995)

On ebony wings streak far through the night
Silver light falls on forests below
Earth Mother's beauty fills all of the sight
Moon and stars on fields flowers do show
Sky is reflected in a sweet river's rush
And the river reflected in sky
Bright eyes shine as Cat peeks from a bush
Two stars are her eyes up on high
In one of the fields there is a small ring
Landing within, lights sparkle and shine
Back to the shape of an elven mage-king
But the time as a raven - oh, 'twas so fine!
His green-robed queen comes to see--
Gowned, crowned and feathered is she.

Source of Misery (1/95-6/95)

Can that be the source of your misery?
You ask as we sit by the fire.
I think. Yes, it may well be
That the source of my misery is the object of my desire.
Eyes so deep that speak so much
Of years of laughter and grief
Hands from which I relish each touch
And which unbury my emotions underneath
Voice--a delight! Such warmth, so pure
I like to be near just to hear its ring.
These three are not all, to be sure--
A soul I think to be much like mine, there's the thing.
Why do I sit out waiting in the cold?
Loneliness--longing--love--the answer, all told.

Aspiring Artist (1997?)

If I could sculpt
I'd sculpt new lines for my body
If I could paint
I'd paint my face a little prettier
If I could draw
I'd draw a picture of my future
If I could sing and play
I'd sing and play a siren song
If I could dance
I'd dance a spiral dance
If I could write
I'd write myself a new script
I always wished I was an artist.

Star Woman: Absolut Poetry. (1997)

'Twas a deep drain
Start slowly and tinkle the passion
Sleeping eyes keeping good figgy wonderland
Everyone knows glass is not crystalline.
Good grog at nog under chimney
Have a cup of sun, toast the Christmas sky
New walking snow lights the merry red world
Until the lot shriek of Sweden
The wise black beast, the river, and me
Will uplift man and finish the vodka.
Holiday pudding under piles of ice
Was I game? Please illuminate me.
Illuminate heavenly cocktails
Go drink orbs and love an expectant reindeer
Things cheer bodies
Stockings stirred after green-nosed navel
Rubbed horse with milk
What leg sees home in cold woods?
Even you, starry mama, pour joy for us.
Take sun fear out--carry laughing night in
Sprinkle down those magnificent silent bells.
Simmering mug is soft gold--not really good--
Twice shaken and open blow
When the happy grandmother mouse plans a night
Wishing you had jingle lips
My toes, tummy, and angels
Cow face with a delightful dessert
Look unafraid, giddy sister.
The clean have raised the way!
Exalt no prestige!
Don their miracle apparel
Ho! Ho! Hold caress squeeze handle with hands
Wipe and make warm
Where is the highball?
They lubricate through to red and like crisp, gay weather
Absolut in bottle before a wrap with a leaping dash
Say, to where?
Not about overview.
You're in!
Way to be.

Joe Mystic (1998?)

I met a guy once in a diner
Who called himself Joe Mystic
I asked him about politics
He said it only made him sick
Joe Mystic with his bright blue hair
Joe Mystic didn't seem to care
Joe Mystic drinking Pekoe tea
Joe Mystic singing "Lemon Tree"

We had some 10¢ coffee
The two of us talked a while
Played Tracey Chapman on the jukebox
We both had crooked smiles
Joe Mystic playing his guitar
Joe Mystic never went to bars
Joe Mystic had a graceful walk
Joe Mystic wore two mismatched socks

Misery loves company
So we both stared at the stars
Joe Mystic saw it all, I think
He drove off in his car
Joe Mystic in his '60 Caddy
Joe Mystic never had a daddy
Joe Mystic was a loverboy
Joe Mystic had to find his joy

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