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Invisible Blessing (1997?)

we are moon-young and the incense-wind blows
we are sun-warmed and with forest-song
all we want is a little more than we'll ever get.


On Saturday (1997?)

wooden chair on a cloudy morning
Cheerios with no milk
Freakazoid and Tick awake with me


3:10 (1997?)

working working working
wish I still got out of school at this time


Ayoooah (1997?)

I flatten my ears
and open wet eyes
I'm HOWLING in my pain at a moon that isn't there


Clear Star (summer-fall 1998)

Black starry way
A miracle in silent ice
Furious fire frames the fray
Green crystals sing a cool persuasion


Twilight (10/98-12/98)

The sun sets
like a harmonious chord

I am insane

in the darkness

a poet's truth is found
in the golden chain
about the heart.


Rain (10/98-12/98)

The gentle rain smells of life
and patchouli
The gardenias smile at me
as I touch the bars of my prison
The drizzle, indifferent,
goes on.


Blood (10/98-12/98)

All our blood is red
as passion
A simple fact of life
and death


Reality (10/98-12/98)

You think so, huh?



(untitled) (5/16/00)

Much of the mystery in art
lies in knowing where to


drops (5/16/00)

sky, I love you best of all--
but please stop raining on me.
they might think I've started crying again.


listen (spring 2002)

listen… listen to the sound of the rain
pitter patter tap tap
isn't it alive, don't you think?
hollow, but fuller than many living here


(untitled) (6/28/02)

left-wise and shadow-loving
barely lit by moon and stars

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