Go north and enter the first door on the right. After you are looking at the test, click the eye on the side of the screen. When the watch-bot is facing away from you, look at the test of the big-brained guy on Roger's right. Look at your own paper again. It doesn't matter what answers you give, but the "correct" ones are D, E, E, C, E, C, E, D, A, A. After the test is over, go south and open the door on the right. Get the Scrub-o-Matic and orange cones. Go through the hallway to the east. Stand on the circular elevator pad. Use the cones on the seal. Use the Scrub-o-Matic on the seal. Click the hand on the Scrub-o-Matic to ride it. Ride back and forth to clean the emblem. After the cut scene, return left and up the elevator. Go north and read the bulletin board.

The Eureka

Sit in the captain's chair. Use the ! icon to issue commands to the crew. Have Flo hail Starcon. Have Droole lay in a course for Gangularis (71552) and go to Lite Speed. When you are near your destination, tell Droole to go to Regular Speed. Flo will tell you she is picking up a waste beacon. Have Droole activate the RRS. Exit the chair and go through the doors behind you into Engineering. Open the RRS hatch on the right. Open the toolbox (on the floor towards the left). Get the laser torch, antacid tablets, fuse, and hole punch. (Basically, take everything it will allow you to. Make sure you move all the tools so you can see everything.) Clean up the box. Return to the bridge. Cliffy will tell you that Spike is burning holes through everything. Return to Engineering and go west into the Science Lab. Attempt to walk west and you will catch Spike. Put him in the Habitube (the tube at the right with red liquid in it). Add the antacid tablets to the tube. Return north twice to the bridge. Sit down and lay in a course for Peeyu (92767). Go to Lite Speed. Slow to Regular Speed when you are near your destination. Now set course for Kiz Urazgubi (20011). After W-D40 is through threatening you, go to the Science Lab. Stand on the transporter pad in the centre of the room. Talk to the computer at the back of the room.

Kiz Urazgubi

Save the game. Walk under the overhang and go west one screen. Go east at the bottom of the screen. Walk on top of the tree (not the log). Get the branch. Go under the overhang again, west, and into cave to the north. Go into the cave to the left. Use the walk icon on other side of chasm to jump across. Use the hand icon on boulder on top of cliff. Use the branch on the boulder. Click the walk icon back down on the ledge, jump back across the chasm and go into the cave. Enter the right cave and then go east. Click the walk icon on the log to crawl inside it. Click again on the opposite ledge to crawl out. Use the stick on the hanging fruit. Get the fruit as it swings towards you. Cross back across the log and go west. Enter the first cave and notice WD-40's lights in the pool. Return to the log and crawl inside. When WD-40 stands on top of the log, use fruit on her. Leave the log and get her head on the western ledge. Walk west and enter the right cave. You will be returned to the Eureka. Leave the room and return. Cliffy will give you a device. Beam back down. Walk north and you will hit the ship. Use the device on yourself. Get on the elevator pad. Open the panel at right. Pull the top and bottom handles. Turn the upper left and lower right knobs and then open the upper left and lower right panels. Turn the upper right and lower left knobs and open the upper right and lower left panels. Get the cloaking device. Exit the ship. Go to the bridge, lay in a course for the Spacebar (69869), and go to Lite Speed.

The Spacebar

Change to Regular Speed and have Droole go to Standard Orbit. Go to the Science Lab and beam down. Click the walk icon at Flo and Droole's table to sit down. After a while Quirk will challenge you to play Battle Cruiser (similar to Battleship). Save as soon as you start playing and if you don't win, you can restore the game and know where his ships are. When you are finished, sit at your table again. Put the space monkeys in your drink. Walk east. After the guards leave, press the switch on the console. Go to the second cell on the left and talk to Cliffy. Return to the transporter in the main room. Get Spike from the Habitube and return to the Spacebar. Go east and use Spike on Cliffy's cell. Return to the transporter. Go to the bridge, set course for Klorox II (90210), and go to Lite Speed.

Klorox II

Go to Regular Speed, orbit the planet, and beam down. Walk into the center building at the left. Slow the game down all the way and save the game. Click the hand on the computer in the centre of the screen. You will be pounced by a pukoid who will dangle loogies of doom at you. On either side of your head the cursor will change to a small arrow. Wait until the sound effect of the pukoid spitting is finished before you click to turn your head to the side. Alternate right and left, starting with the right. After 5 spits, Droole will arrive and zap the pukoid. (You can speed the game up again.) Get the piece of paper at the bottom left and read it. Use the computer and type in the code from the paper (80869). Read all the information. Leave the building. Go west. Look at the canister. Leave the screen and use the communicator. Set course for Thrakus (53284) and go to Lite Speed.


When you arrive, go to Regular Speed and orbit. Use the orange (center) switch on the chair console under Roger's right hand. Have W-D40 scan the planet. Leave the bridge and press the red button on the right wall. Stand on the elevator (flashing lights) to go down into the Pod Bay. Open the two cabinets on the right and get the mask and oxygen tank. Use the console next to the elevator. Open the elevator door. Go to the Science Lab and stand on the transporter. Wear the mask. Beam down to Thrakus. Go west and then northeastish into the cleft in the tree. Walk up close to the escape pod and look inside. Get the coat and press the red button to turn off the homing beacon. Return west. Bea will pounce you and you will both soon be dangling over a precipice. When she asks for help, give her the coat. Use the communicator. Wait a moment and grab the vine when it appears. In the science lab, press the red button on right. Open the Cryotube and put Bea inside. Look at the pod, then look at the "menu" at the bottom right of the controls. Set Cryofreeze for 10 seconds and press Start.

Go to the bridge and have Droole raise shields. After you are shot, have Droole take evasive action. Go into the asteroid field. Leave the bridge and go to the pod bay. Use the console and rotate the pod. Get into the pod. Slow the game down and save. First we need to pick up Cliffy, who is the red dot. Use the joystick at left to rotate (the cursor will change into arrows as with the pukoid spit) until Cliffy is in view. Get as close to him as you can by going forward. When a green rectangle appears over him and you get the message "target in range", press the Claw button with your right hand twice. Now head back to the Eureka (red dot) in the way you found Cliffy. Go to the bridge, set course for Genetix (41666), and go to Lite Speed.

For Your Amusement:
In the pod bay, open the leftmost locker in the row of lockers at the far left.


Drop to regular speed, orbit, and beam down. Due to one of those wacky transporter malfunctions, you are now a fly. Save the game. Look at the screen until you find yourself. Fly around over the water until a frog-like creature tries to eat you. He will land on the communicator and turn it on. Fly to it and talk to Flo. Fly west. Enter the glowing keycard slot in the rocks. Examine the lights. If you walk over each of them, you will notice that some trip tumblers in the lock. Continue west. Fly to the computer at bottom right. Press restart. Press Projects and read all the information. Do the same for Accounting and Activity. Press Systems, 3, Security. Look at each camera picture. Fly away and return through the keycard slot. Talk to Cliffy. Fly east, then northwestish, behind the rock. Land on your body. Go north. Use the hole punch on the business card. Move the cursor so you are familiar with where each of the nine possible punches is. Punch the card to look like this:

X         X
X         X

Go west, across the bridge, and west. Use the keycard in the slot and enter. Walk down the stairs. Press the black button at top left. Get the liquid nitrogen tanks. Exit the lab and beam back to the Eureka. When Cliffy asks what Spike is trying to say, select the long technobabble about the transporter manual bypass. Look at the Cryotube. Defrost for 10 seconds. Get Bea and put her on the transporter pad. Go to the bridge, set course for Gingivitis (81100), and go to Lite Speed.

For Your Amusement:
Look at all the cages in the lab.

The Goliath

When you arrive, drop to Regular Speed. Press the green (left) switch on the chair console and have Cliffy activate the cloak. Go to the Science Lab. Look at each section of the ship until you find the area with the least pukoids (a small area in the centre). Go to the pod bay, rotate the pod, and get in. Go to the spot that you saw in the lab (2nd section to the right of the rear engines). Open the pod bay doors. Use the laser torch on the ship. Wait where you are until a pukoid walks in, then leaves. Go through the door he came through. Open the floor vent. Notice what level you are on (printed on the wall). Yay, a maze. *eyeroll*

Crawl north, east, north, north, walk up (towards your head) two levels (every two doors is a level), enter vent. (Check the level number.) Crawl south, west, north, north, east, north, north walk up two levels, enter vent. Crawl south, west, north, north, west, west, north, north, walk up two levels, enter vent. Crawl south, south, west, south, east, south. Look at the switch and flip it to off. Once all the pukoids are on transporter and the doors are closed, talk to Cliffy to give him the command to energize.

Beam to the Eureka and go to the bridge. Have Droole fire and then activate the RRS. Talk to Flo and tell the crew to abandon ship. Press the red button on the chair console. Press the left mushroom-cloud icon. Go to the science lab. Try to beam out. Go to Engineering and enter the circular hatchway on the upper right. Remove the front center fuse (it's red on the diagram) and put in the new fuse. Return to the science lab. Open the Cryotube. Get Spike from the Habitube. Beam to the Goliath. Walk up very close to the machine, near the red flashing lights. Click the hand on the flashing area. Put the warp distributor cap on the console at top centre (the exact spot is hard to hit). Walk out the door at top left to the bridge.

For Your Amusement:
When crawling through the vent shafts, go south and west one from the elevator shaft on level 8. Go west from here.

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