When prompted, you can enter whatever name you like, but of course the canonical name is Roger; Roger Wilco.

Xenon Orbital Station 4

After your broom floats away, look at your watch. Press C. After the guy who looks suspiciously like Ken Williams is done, press F10 to exit. (+1 = 1) Walk west until you're under the circular thing on the ceiling, then walk up the north wall. (Whee, artificial gravity!) When you walk across the circle, you will be carried inside the station. (+1 = 2) After you've been decontaminated, walk over to the outfit on the left and wear your uniform. (+1 = 3) Check your inventory. Examine the order form. Walk over to the lockers on the right and open the third one. Look in the locker. Take the cubix rube and supporter (+2 = 5). Exit via the door on the left. Walk onto the yellow-and-black-striped lift on the left of the screen (you may have to move around a little to find the right spot that will make the lift rise). Enter the tube via the red doorway. When you reach your destination, leave the tube, walk down the stairs, and up the ramp into the shuttle. Watch the scene. (+5 = 10)

For Your Amusement:
Walk off the edge of the station.
Press H on the watch.
Leave the locker room while still wearing your space suit.
While in front of your locker, take condom.
Wear the athletic supporter.
Solve the cubix rube.
Talk to someone in the transportation control room.
In the transportation control room, type star.


After you crash, search the guard and take the keycard. (+3 = 13) Walk over to the hovercraft, search the craft, and push the button. (+1 = 14 - this turned off a distress beacon that would alert people to your presence.) Save the game. Walk north to the right-hand tree, avoiding the light-green dots that form a rough rectangle in the grass. Walk carefully around the bushes to the right of that tree, and exit to the north behind the tree.

On the next screen, immediately walk up the little path between the rock and the large tree and hide Roger completely behind the tree. Wait for a hovercraft to appear on screen, fail to find Roger, and leave. Go east at the bottom of the right edge of the screen. Walk behind the bush that extends from the left edge of the screen and untie the creature (a "Pinkunz").

Go two screens west. Stop. Save the game. (24) Walk up to the first cluster of blue spores, being very careful not to step on them. Take a spore. (+4 = 28) Carefully walk around the plant, towards the rocks, and head towards the northwest corner of the screen; then exit north behind the large tree roots. Stop immediately as you enter the next screen.

Save the game. Slow down the game speed. Carefully walk through the maze of roots, saving frequently, up to the bush at the top center of the screen. Get some of the berries. Return through the roots, again saving frequently. Go south, east, up the pathway, and west (exiting at the top left of the screen). Look at the mailbox (that's what the white thing is). Read the sign. Put the order form in the slot. Wait and take the whistle from the tray.

For Your Amusement:
Don't untie the Pinkunz, and watch what happens later (in the Escape from Labion section).
Touch the blue spore plants, or open the spore you take.
Touch one of the giant mushrooms.
Get caught by the root creature.

Into the Swamp

Go east two screens. Observe what the Pinkunz was doing: he seemed to be rubbing something on his body. Rub the berries on your body and go east, into the swamp. On the next screen, continue walking until something tries to eat you and then spits you out. Go slightly east of the north-central part of the screen, between the two green-lit tree trunks; you're looking for a deeper part where you are "forced to swim". Take a deep breath (if you don't, you won't take enough air with you to survive). Go down, west (this will take a little up and down jockeying), and up. Walk out of the pool, take the gem, and get back into the water. Take another deep breath and swim back to the surface.

Walk south out of the deep spot and go east two screens out of the swamp. Go east one more screen. Stop and notice the dead tree on the edge of the chasm. Climb the tree. Continue east across the log, and just keep walking east in the next screen. You will get caught in a trap and pass out. (This second dream may amuse players of Leisure Suit Larry.)

Yell at the hunter holding you captive. Do it again. Throw the spore at the hunter, quickly, but not so quickly that it doesn't land near the corner of your cage. Get as close to it as you can (bottom corner of the cage) and search the body. Take the key and unlock the door. Open the door. Get the rope from the rock next to the cage.

Quickly head north (don't go too far north in the screen, or you'll get shot!), then west two screens. Stop immediately on entering, or you may fall into the chasm. Walk over to the log and climb on it. Move to the center of the log and tie the rope around it. Climb down the rope. Scootch down to the bottom and swing. After the creature has struck at you at least once (but no more than 3 times), when you are at the left extreme of the swing, press F6 to let go. Continue west into the cave. Walk just barely into the dark area. Use the glowing gem. Continue west.

For Your Amusement:
In some versions you may be able to get lots of points by repeatedly climbing the dead tree. While climbing, press F3 (to re-enter command) and Enter repeatedly.
After yelling at the hunter twice, don't use the spore.
Climb all the way down off the rope.
When on the rope, let the creature catch you (4 swipes).
Without using the gem, walk west into the dark of the cave until you get got.

Escape from Labion

After your tumble, walk a little north and west, near the cave entrance, and get the gem again. (Gee, thanks, Sierra, for not giving the slightest hint Roger had even dropped it.) Follow the Pinkunz south. "Just say the word", huh? Well, say the word. Climb down the ladder. You'll find that if you try to use the gem here, you can't climb. So... put the gem in your mouth! Climb down the ladder to the bottom. Continue east until you reach another ladder, then go down again. At the first opportunity to go east, go east, then down. Continue east until you reach another ladder. Go all the way down, then west to the third ladder. Go down, then east when you get the opportunity. You should emerge in a subterranean cave with waterfalls. (If you're confused, see this map external link.) Save the game.

Enter the water and go east. On the next screen, head for the right-hand branch of the river. Wait while Roger is sucked into a whirlpool and deposited in a pool outside. Exit the pool and head off to the east. Blow the whistle. Throw the cubix rube to the beast. (Alternate solution, for fewer points: run away to the west, then return.) Walk to the opening in the stone wall and pick up a rock. Continue north. Sling rock at guard. Walk to the right pillar and insert the keycard in the slot. Ride the elevator to the top of the platform. Walk behind/under the ship and enter the ship. Press the power button. Set the attitude dial to VAC (vertical control). Push ascent, pull the throttle, and wait until you're in orbit around Labion (you will see stars outside). Turn the attitude dial to HAC (horizontal) and push the throttle. Wait until Vohaul's face appears on your monitor and watch the scene.

For Your Amusement:
From the start of the cave maze, go down, right, down, right, down, right, up, left, up, left to a dead end, then back to the right. (See this map external link if you're confused; you're trying to get into the middle dead end of the upper right region of the map.)
Go down the left branch of the river.
Try these alternate solutions to the elevator/keycard puzzle: 1. While the guard's back is turned, sneak from the first bush to the second, then from the second bush to under the platform, then over to behind the elevator pillar. Call the guard, then quickly enter the elevator after he leaves it. 2. Sneak to behind the elevator pillar as in the first alternate solution, then throw the rock at the bushes. Enter the elevator while the guard is distracted.
Walk off the ship platform.

Vohaul's Asteroid

Save the game. You may encounter a moving floor waxer here. If so, run away from it (you move at the same speed) and duck north into an elevator or closet to avoid it.

After you land, go west and enter the elevator. Examine the readout. Level three. (You have to use the word; the game won't recognize numerals.) Walk west two screens, push the button next to the door, and enter the closet. Look. Get the plunger. Return east two screens and enter the elevator. Go to level 4. Go west two screens, push the button, and enter the closet. Look. Get the glass cutter. Go west one more screen. Enter the left bathroom. Walk up to the empty stall (third from the left). Open the door. Get the roll of toilet paper. Leave the bathroom. Go west to the elevator. Go to level 5. Go two screens east, push the button, enter the closet. Look. Get the wastebasket and overalls. Get the lighter.

Walk west back to the elevator and return to level 1. Go to the ship, then south down the ramp to level 2. Try to go right, then left. Walls will spring up on either side, trapping Roger. The floor will slowly start to slide away, revealing a pool of acid. Type stick plunger to wall, but don't press Enter. When Roger barely has any more room to stand, press Enter. (If you do it too soon, Roger won't be able to hang on and he'll fall into the acid.) Soon, the floor will slide back into place and the walls will disappear. Let go. Look at the ceiling. Put the toilet paper in the waste basket. Drop the basket. (You have to do it in that order; the game won't let you drop the empty basket.) Light the paper. This will cause the sprinkler systems to be activated, short-circuiting Vohaul's security robots in the screens to the west and east (notice the "smell of fried electronics").

Go east. Notice the small white jar on top of the computer panel to Vohaul's left. Walk up the stairs towards Vohaul. He will shrink you and put you in the jar. Use the glass cutter. Climb into the exhaust vent on the left wall. Press the large red button on the wall behind the ventilator to deactivate Vohaul's life support system. Climb back out. Go west at the bottom of the screen to a computer terminal. Walk up to the on/off switch and move switch to turn it on. Type enlarge. Go east and back into the jar to return Roger to normal size. Search Vohaul; you'll find the code SHSR written on his hand. Walk over to the flickering monitor on the left. Look at the monitor. Type SHSR to abort the launch of the cloned insurance salesmen, then press F6 to exit the screen. (The code TITS will also work. SHSR is derived from TITS in the same way as the name HAL was derived from IBM. Ain't Sierra naughty?)

Exit via the stairs heading east. Open the box on the tube wall and wear the mask. Follow the passage until you're back in the regular corridors of the asteroid. (Roger will automatically walk around the blind corners.) Type press button but don't press Enter. Go west three screens. Walk to the button at the left of the first escape pod and press Enter. Run away from the robot, all the way east down the corridor. Make sure to stop before you fall off the beginning of the walkway after the rotating tunnel bit. Now, type enter pod but don't press Enter. Return five screens west and press Enter when you are in front of the open pod door. Press launch. You'll soon receive a message that the oxygen in the ship is running low. Examine the pod. Walk over to the sleep chamber on the right wall. Open the sleep chamber and enter it.

For Your Amusement:
Read the panel in the elevator.
One screen west of the closet on level 3, look out the window.
In the bathroom, try using a urinal along the right wall.
Repeatedly read the wall in the bathroom stall.
Close the stall door and use the toilet. (The game will recognize various verbs for this, but the response is the same.)
Flush the toilet.
Hang around in the bathroom until one of the other occupants makes an indelicate noise.
Examine everything in the bathroom: the toilets in the top left and top right corners, the stalls on the right wall, the sink, the mirror, the drain.
Use the lighter in the bathroom.
On level 5, walk one screen east of the closet, let the black xenomorph catch you, then wait a while.
On level 5, get too close to one of the large beasts whose brown hands are clutching the bars of their cages.
Type reduce and re-enter the jar.
Don't wear the oxygen mask.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Look at the Sierra > About SQ2 menu screen after dying.
Try swear words.
Type cheat.

A complete list of possible deaths external link

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