This walkthrough is for the VGA version of the game. For the EGA version, click here.

The Arcada

On the Arcada, save frequently. Be wary of wandering Sariens. If you hear footsteps approaching, immediately get into an elevator or leave the screen (unless, of course, you would like to get shot in the first five minutes).

From the starting screen, go three screens west. Search the body and take the keycard. Return east two screens. Walk across the room. When you near the eastern door, a dying scientist will enter and fall over.Talk to the scientist. Make a note of the final phrase he whispers before he expires. Walk over to the greencomputer console and click the hand on the screen. A keypad will pop up. Enter the symbols corresponding to the phrase (see picture to the right). The droid will bring you a data cartridge. Take it. Leave the room to the west and go down the elevator. Go through the open doorway into the Star Generator room. Get the blinky, glittery widget that's on the left side of the broken equipment. Leave the room.

Go two screens east, then down via the yellow elevator. Go one screen east. Hide behind either the mouse or the joystick such that you cannot see Roger on the screen (you will actually still see Roger's edge if you choose the mouse). Wait for the Sariens to leave. Proceed one more screen east. Press the button on the control panel to open the bay doors. Use the keycard on the elevator. Open the door on the north wall. Get the spacesuit. Roger will automatically wear it. Click the hand on the circular spot in the brown area between the two doors. Roger will find another "gadget" in the drawer thus opened. Go east through the airlock doors. Click the hand on the pod to enter it. Put on your seatbelt. Click the hand on the control panel that's in front of Roger's face. Press the power button (the rightmost one) and then push the throttle stick forward. Regardless of how much time was left on the clock, as soon as you are away from the Arcada, it will explode. Press the AutoNav button (the left one on the panel) and the pod's computer will steer you to Kerona.

For Your Amusement:
(save first) In the escape pod, press the "DO NOT PRESS" button.


Unfasten your seatbelt. Roger will automatically exit the pod. Take the survival kit from the floor of the pod. Take the piece of broken glass lying on the ground near the front of the pod. Examine the survival kit and you will discover dehydrated water (!) and a Xenon army knife. Whenever the game says you are thirsty, drink the water.

Go east, then south. Take some of the pink plant. Go south and east twice. Walk up onto the ramp formed by the skeleton and follow it north and west. Stop just before the "bridge" formed by the cracked bone. Note the upright piece of bone on the south side, just before the bridge. Save the game. Very shortly, a spider droid will land on the surface and begin searching for you. You won't be able to take any action until it leaves the screen; keep waiting. When the droid comes back, just before it passes under the bridge, click the hand on the piece of bone. If you time it right, it will smash the droid. If you fail, restore and try again (or see below for an alternate solution). Cross the bridge and follow the bones all the way around. When you reach the end, walk towards what appears to be a doorway in the bones, and you will find yourself falling down an elevator shaft.

Get the tip of the stalagmite that's to the north of the path. (If you missed getting some of the plant on the surface, you can scrape the goo off the stalagmite instead.) Go west. Carefully approach the grate. until some tentacles emerge from it. Throw the plant (or the goo) to the monster, then cross the grate to the west. Put the piece of broken stalagmite in the hole where steam is coming from. Go north through the door. Continue west. Save the game. Carefully approach the laser beams and use the glass. Follow the path up and around to the east. Walk up near the dripping acid and save the game again. Watch the timing of the drops carefully. Walk past the first four to the clear spot on the southern edge of the path, and then carefully walk a little bit diagonally northeast where it is still clear. Watch the drop right in front of you and walk past it when safe. Continue east. Turn on the gadget (the one you found in the drawer). Proceed east one more screen. A giant holographic head (always the way, innit?) will give you an assignment and you will be returned to the surface.

Go two screens east. Take a swig from your water canister and save the game. Enter the cave. Throw the water at the Orat. Boom! (Alternate solution: lure the spider droid into the cave with you, and then hide behind the rock near the entrance. The droid and Orat will have at each other.) Take the Orat part that's left over and leave the cave. Go south and follow the path all the way back to the elevator shaft. Go through the caverns the same way as you did before. Give the Orat part to the hologram. You will be led to another room and presented with a skimmer. Before you get in the skimmer, examine the console near the pillars. Put the cartridge in the slot. Write down the destruct code. Take the cartridge.

Get in the skimmer. You can skip the arcade sequence, if you want; it doesn't cost any points. If you choose to play, you have a choice between the mouse (click the skimmer-shaped "walk" icon where you want to go) or the keyboard (use the number pad, because you can press 5 to stop). You can hit the smaller rocks 4 times; the fifth hit will kill you. You cannot survive a hit by the larger rocks. Eventually you will arrive in Ulence Flats.

For Your Amusement (you can tell these all result in death, right?):
Get eaten by a Keronian sandworm, hit by an asteroid, caught by the spider droid, or die of thirst in the desert.
Smell the grate/monster.
Touch the pool of acid. Try smelling and tasting it, too.
Walk through the laser beams.
Get hit by an acid drop.
Get killed by the Orat.
Attempt to cross the bridge a fourth time.

Ulence Flats

A shady-looking character will approach you and offer you 25 buckazoids for your skimmer. Refuse the offer. Take the key from the skimmer and go east. Search the pile of dust behind the building several times, until you find "nothing but ashes". Return west. Accept the alien's second offer (30 buckazoids and a jetpack, plus some coupons). Enter the bar. If you watch the blue creature playing the game machine on the right side of the screen, you'll notice that eventually he gets zapped. (Them's the breaks when you play Slots O' Death!) Walk over to the empty end of the bar. Give the bartender the bar (blue) coupon. Drink the beer. Order and drink beer two more times. On the third time, you will overhear a story. Make note of the sector mentioned therein ("cruising through sector __ when I spot this blip..."). Stand up. Put the magnetic widget on the slot machine. Save the game. Bet 3 buckazoids each round, until you max out the machine at 250. The widget is stacking the odds for you, so it's not really necessary to save the game after every pull, although you may want to do so occasionally because you can still get zorched.

Leave the bar. Go one screen north and one east. Enter Droids B Us. Give the other coupon to the salesbug and watch the display screen. When you see the NAV 201, give the salesbug your buckazoids. Roger will walk outside and pick up the nav droid. Go one screen west and one south. Return north. Click the hand on the "rocket"-shaped ship at the top. Pay Tiny for the ship and get in. After you are off the planet, a keypad will pop up. Punch in the code for the sector whose coordinates you overheard in the bar (see picture at left).

For Your Amusement:
Look at the mountains in the distance.
Punch in incorrect coordinates three times in a row.

The Deltaur

When you arrive, the droid, finding the Deltaur present, will ask if you want to leave. Say no. Roger will exit the ship with the jet pack. Open the hatchway using the button (wheel?) on the left. Immediately stand in the corner to the right of the doorway. When a cleaning droid comes in to pick up the jetpack you discarded, walk out the door. In the next room, open the trunk using the Xenon army knife and climb in. When the ride is over, get into the washing machine. After another bumpy ride, you will find yourself wearing a Sarien uniform. Pick up the ID card from the floor. Go southeast.

Talk to the guard. Take the other elevator. Go west and take the elevator up. Go east two screens. Note the Star Generator and the guard. We'll be back to deal with them in a moment. Continue one more screen east. Save the game. Show the ID card to the droid. When it leaves to get your weapon, quickly open the gate in the counter, get a grenade, return to the other side of the counter, and close the gate. The droid will return with your pulseray. Leave the armory. Stand directly over the guard, and drop the grenade. Go two screens west. Before you pass by the glowing thing between the two non-glowing things, ready the pulseray as the active item, and save the game. As you approach the elevator, Roger will trip and lose his helmet. Iin the next few screens, shoot any Sariens you come across as quickly as you can, They get five shots (total?) before they kill you. Save after each one you kill. Go down the elevator. Go two screens east. Search the guard. Use the remote control on the forcefield. Click the hand on the generator and enter the four-digit self-destruct code. Save the game again. You now have 5 minutes to get off this heap. Go west. Wait for a Sarien to come on the screen and shoot him. Take the elevator. Shoot the guard and go down the other elevator. Get in the pod, get the heck outta Dodge, and watch the ending movie.


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