Although some of the "amusements" will result in your death, in LSL6 you can take back the last move you made if you die, so there's no need to worry about saving beforehand.

When you meet each of the girls, be sure to talk to them until they repeat themselves, because you score points by hearing what it is they want from you.

Here and There at La Costa Lotta

In the lobby of the hotel, first talk to Gammie to get your room key. Take another room key from the bin on the left. Go up the stairs on the right. Your room is the doorway next to the ice machine. Click your room key on the door and go in. Go in the bathroom (the top door) and turn on the sink; brown water will come out. Turn off the sink.

Leave the bathroom and read each of the three cards on the table. Pick up the phone. Call 71 for Room Service. Go through the menu. Pick up again and call 75 for Housekeeping. Larry will order the "turn-down service". Call 76 for Building Maintenance and Larry will report the brown water in the sink.

Leave the room by walking off the bottom of the screen. There may be a maid's cart in the hallway. Look at both sides of it and take everything but a towel (you'll get one of those soon): toilet paper, toilet seat covers, a washcloth, hand cream, dental floss, and soap. If the maid's cart isn't there, skip it for now and do this the next time you come back.

Wander about the resort, getting a feel for where everything is. The game area is quite small and not very difficult to navigate.

Heading to the right (east) from the lobby, the first door leads to the dining room. Search the ice bar in the dining room to uncover an orange. Take the orange. Go through the double doors into the kitchen. Search the trash cans in the kitchen to find a can of lard. Pick it up. Leave to the south and go back through the dining room into the hall.

Further east down the hallway, the ramp leading downwards is the Blues Bar. Take a match from the bowl on the bar. Leave the bar the way you came in.

Go through the next open doorway. At poolside, look at the floating bar and take the sunglasses case. Click the hand on it three times to open it, take the sunglasses, and find the polishing cloth. Exit the closeup view of the bar. Take the deflated beaver pool float that's at the top of the screen, to the right of the barrel that guards the high-dive tower.

Return through the open doorway. Go west one screen and through the dining room into the kitchen. Inflate the beaver pool float by using it on the front tire of the taco truck. Return south twice and west to the lobby.

Now heading left (west) from the lobby, the first door leads to the "health spa". Take a brochure from the towel desk. Look at it. Sign your name in the registry on the desk to get a towel from Gary (yaaaayyy, gay male stereotypes).

Go through the second door from the left into the men's locker room. Pass on through for the moment into the showers. Move the lighter-colored tile that you can see near the handle for the middle showerhead on the east wall to take a peek at the women's shower. (You can only do this while you're dressed in your leisure suit.)

Now return south to the locker room and open the bottom right locker. Undress by clicking the towel on Larry. Go back past the showers into the mud baths. Jump in and relax for a moment. Afterwards, click Exit and return west. Shower, then go south to the locker room and get dressed again by opening the locker and clicking the towel on Larry. Go two screens south to return to the hallway.

Go west. The ramp leading down, like the one to the east that led to the bar, is the beauty salon. Take the electrical cord from the empty station (row closest to the door, second from the left).

Return south, east twice, up, and in to your room. Get the items from the maid's cart outside if you didn't do it before. (If the cart still isn't here, don't worry just yet.)

Go into the bathroom. Talk to the plumber. Click the "take" icon on him twice to take his wrench and file. Leave the bathroom and walk away from the door. The plumber will leave. If you still haven't seen the maid's cart, try leaving and returning to your room and/or leaving and returning from the lobby a few times. If you still don't see it, just continue. (Remember, you need toilet seat covers, dental floss, a washcloth, soap, hand cream, and toilet paper.)

Go back in the bathroom and put a toilet seat cover on the toilet. Click the toilet paper on yourself to wipe and stand up. Urinate. Flush the toilet. Turn on the water in the sink, then click the soap on the sink to wash your hands. Turn off the water. Leave the bathroom. Call Housekeeping again (75).

Take the flowers from the table and the condom from your pillow. Leave your room. Take some soap from the cart again. You may wish to save a game; it's time to get us some girls!

For Your Amusement:
Click the zipper on Gammie.
Click the zipper on the key box.
Call the other numbers on the cards in your room (72, 73...).
Dial 976-xxxx (any four numbers) and 911 on the telephone.
Walk behind the plants in Larry's room and talk to the lower part of the plants.
When sitting on the toilet, use the spa brochure and then the hand lotion on yourself.
Sit on the toilet without having toilet paper in your inventory. (To get rid of toilet paper once you have it, stuff it down the toilet, then call Building Maintenance.)
Click the zipper on the taco truck in the kitchen.
Suck air from the front tire of the taco truck.
Click the zipper on the bottles in the bar.
Open the door at the back of the bar.
Watch the pool window in the bar.
Click the zipper on Gary.
Click the zipper on the fountain.
Enter the mud bath without first getting undressed.
Get hit by the Prancing Fluids in the shower, both dressed and undressed.

Try all the icons on the men in the shower.


(yaaaay, ethnic stereotypes.) Go west two screens, north into the Health Spa, and through the far left door. Talk to her until she repeats herself ("Tell my likes, joo know joo can.") She wants flowers. Give her the flower from your room. After the experience, she will give you an orchid.


(yaaaay, lesbian stereostypes.) Go through the locker room and showers to the mud baths. Go off the east side of the screen and continue east through the weights room to the aerobics studio. Click the hand on the empty platform to work out with the women. Afterwards, you'll be able to talk to Cav. After she talks about watching young women sweat, while still in her closeup, click "pick up" on her employee badge three times. She wants "your best girl". The woman you will bring with you will be Burgundy.

For Your Amusement:
After taking Cav's badge, click the hand on her shirt a few times.
Click the hand on the record player to play the game's various songs (you will need to leave and return so Cav is not there).


(yaaaay, BDSM stereotypes.) Return south through the blue door to the the weights room. Talk to the woman on the machine next to the door, working out her thighs. She wants some handcuffs. Exit Thunderbird's closeup. Return west.

In the mud baths room, click the hand on the plants under the camera on the left side of the screen. Click the wrench on the camera to turn it towards the women's shower room. Go through the showers and locker room, south out of the Spa, east, and south to the front of La Costa Lotta. Look at the guard booth. While he's distracted, steal his handcuffs. Exit the closeup, return to the weights room, and give them to Thunderbird. She'll invite you back to her room.

Go west back through the mud baths, showers, and spa to the hallway. Go two screens west. Thunderbird's room is the middle door of the three. After the experience, click the hand on dog collar to take the diamond from it.

For Your Amusement:
Touch Darryl with the hand icon instead of the pick up icon.
Take the handcuffs without first turning the video camera.


Leave your room, go down to the lobby, west, and north through the spa and showers to the mud baths. Talk to Char until she repeats herself. First, she wants 6 D-cell batteries for her, er, battery-powered David Letterman.

You can get the batteries from Art the tram driver's Mag-Lite. Return through the showers and spa to the main hallway and wait for the tram passing eastward. Ride the tram to the eastern end of the line. When you get off, carefully step out of the way onto the staircase that heads north. Art will turn the tram and then pat himself, looking for a match. (If he doesn't do this, first make sure you've talked to Char enough times to hear that she wants the batteries. If that still doesn't work, see here.) Talk to him, then give him the match from the bar. He'll go into the employee area for a smoke.

While he's away, open the toilet tank, er, I mean, tram engine, and use the wrench to disconnect one of the battery/motor wires. Exit the closeup. When Art comes back and starts fixing the tram, talk to him to offer to help. After he forces the wire back on, you'll have a couple of seconds to click the hand on the flashlight in inventory and take the batteries out of it. Give the flashlight back to Art, or he'll just ask for it back when he leaves.

Go south, into the building, west, and through the spa to the mud baths. Give the batteries to Char. Now she wants you to open the electroshock room door. Click the hand on the electrical cord in inventory to strip the wires. Plug it into the socket next to the door nearest Char, then use the cord on the door. After the experience, leave your room, go back to the electroshock room, and get the pearl that's next to the tanning machine. (Also notice that your gold medallion has been transformed into a figurine.)

For Your Amusement:
Use the hand on the cord (in inventory) when it is plugged into the wall.


Burgundy performs in the Blues Bar. Go north out of the electroshock room, through the showers and spa into the hallway, east past the lobby, and down the ramp on the east side. Unplug the microphone cord each time you're in the bar so you can talk to her. (If you listen, though, you may catch "Cell Block Love".)

Burgundy wants beer ("Sheeeit, yes, you shore could!"). Exit her closeup. Leave the bar, go out to the pool, then west. Use Cav's employee card to enter the employee camp. Take a six-pack from the tub where you can see silhouettes of people chugging. Leave west, go up the north steps, through the north doorway by the lifeguard's chair, and down into the bar. Unplug the mic cord and give Burgundy the beer. Repeat the whole sequence, since Burgundy wants twelve beers and you can only carry six at a time.

After this, she'll suggest going to the sauna with you. Go south into the hallway, west past the lobby, and north into the locker room. Click the hand on the bottom right locker and then click the towel on Larry to undress. Go two screens north, then into the door between the "champagne" spas into the sauna. Talk to the girls repeatedly to screw up in true Laffer fashion. After the steam clears, take the bracelet that's left behind. Leave the sauna, go west, and take a shower. Continue south to the locker room and change back into your leisure suit.

For Your Amusement:
Climb over the fence to the employees' camp.
Enter the sauna with your leisure suit on.


(yaaaay, trans stereotypes.) Go south twice back into the hallway, west, and down the ramp into the beauty salon. Shablee is the woman in green at the bottom right station. Talk to her. She wants a dress to wear to the dance.

Go out to the hallway, east past the lobby, and down the ramp to the Blues Bar. Go backstage and take Burgundy's dress. Exit the closeup. Take another match from the bar before you leave. Exit. Leave the bar, return west to the beauty salon, and give the dress to Shablee.

On the beach, alternately talk to her and touch her until she's ready (she will describe her kissing acumen as "…knows what a man wants"), then click the condom on her.

After the experience, leave your room, go through the lobby into the east hallway, and east past the pool to the beach. Take the champagne. Click the hand on the sand to find a lamp buried there.

For Your Amusement:
Walk out into the ocean.


Go east to the pool area. Click the dental floss on the polishing cloth to make a fetching little swimsuit. Click it on Larry to go behind the bushes and change. Click the inflated beaver float on the pool to go float.

Look at the floating bar and Larry will swim up to it. Click the hand on the beaver's tail to summon a waitress and order drinks. Show the "extra" room key as ID. After the waitress comes back, talk to Merrily.

When finished, exit, get out of the pool and talk to the lifeguard. Go up the diving tower. Press the tower key into the soap. Click the file on the extra room key to make a copy of the tower key. Jump off the tower by clicking the hand on the pool below. Get out of the pool and return the original key to the lifeguard. Get back in the pool and give the key copy to Merrily. At the top of the tower, touch her three times. She will tell you to get undressed. Click the hand on yourself to do so. Click the zipper on her to get her "words of wisdom" and you'll fall off the tower.

For Your Amusement:
Get into the pool without first changing into your "swimsuit".
Click the zipper on the pool both before and after getting into it.


Gammie is (of course) in the lobby. She wants to have a liposuction treatment, so you need to fix the cellulite machine. It has three things wrong with it: the piston is not lubricated, the filter is dirty, and the hose is ruptured. To fix the piston, rub it with the lard from the kitchen trash. To clean the filter, undo the bolt with the wrench, open the filter can, wash the filter in the kitchen, then put it back, close the lid, and tighten the bolt. To fix the hose, you need the rubber band from the Bunshaker machine in the weight room. Test the liposuction machine (wait until you score the points for watching it), and then go tell Gammie it's ready. Follow her to the liposuction room and hook her up to the machine. While Gammie is lying on the cellulite machine, she'll want an orange, a cool cloth for her head, and some mineral water. The orange is the one you found in the dining room. To get a cool cloth, wet the washcloth in the kitchen sink, then put it in the refrigerator. Leave the screen and return. Get the washcloth and give it to Gammie. To get mineral water, go down the eastern hallway to the screen with three doors. Take the water from the room service tray. Knock on one of the doors while you are here.

For Your Amusement:
Run the machine before lubricating the piston.


Shamara is in the penthouse suite you can reach by going up the dumbwaiter at the back of the kitchen. She wants the fruits (or is it residue?) of your experiences with the other girls: orchid, silver bracelet, diamond, "lamp of knowledge", golden sculpture, pearl, words of wisdom, and champagne. Before you go, fill the lamp with fat from the tap at the foot of the table in the liposuction room (....ew), and put ice in the champagne bucket by clicking it on the ice machine outside your room. When you get to the penthouse, go one screen west and light the match from the fireplace. Use the match to light the lamp. Go out onto the patio and talk to Shamara. After she's told you about her "quest", you can start giving her the gifts. The order doesn't matter, but she won't accept the champagne until you've given her everything else. Congratulations - you have scored while scoring maximum points!

For Your Amusement at various times:
Click the hand on yourself several times.


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