Grab the coffee pot and Larry will automatically walk into the boardroom. When the scene is over, use the water cooler. Look at the award plaque shaped like a pair of breasts. Go into the room at the right top of the screen. Take the credit card from the imprinter at the bottom centre of the screen. Open the top drawer of the brown filing cabinet at the right of the screen. Take the file folders. Click the hand on each one in inventory to extract their contents. Read the business card. Leave the room and go down the hallway at top left. Use the disinfectant. Open the leftmost drawer (under the television). Get the battery charger. Take the tapes sitting next to the TV at the bottom right of the screen. Use each one on the degausser, which is on the right-hand end of the table. Insert one of the tapes into the camcorder. Play the 8-track (looks like a radio). Leave the room.

Plug the battery charger into the electrical socket near the floor next to the coffee maker. Plug the camcorder into the charger. Look at the camcorder until the battery charge reads 100%. Take the camcorder and charger. Leave the PPC building. Look at the statue in the fountain. Get in the limo. You will automatically be taken to the airport and get out of the limo. Use the computer terminal. Insert "your" AeroDork card. Select New York. Enter the code. Take the boarding pass and card. Enter the airport. Show the AeroDork card to the security camera. Put the boarding pass in the slot to the right of the door. You're off! Get the magazine from the seat pocket in front of you. Read the magazine. Soon, Larry will be in dreamland…

For Your Amusement:
Click the hand on the electrical socket.
Click the zipper on the fountain outside of PPC.
Read all the signs in the airport.
Sit on the chair in the lounge.

Workin' for the FBI

When you gain control of Patti in the FBI lab, look at each of the scientists. Go east. Commander Twit will rattle off a bunch of information, but you don't need to pay attention to any of it. Look at the scientist here. Go through the door at the far right. After the scene is over, take the Dataman (yellow) and DataPaks (blue and purple) from the table near the computer. Put the Reverse Biaz pak in the Dataman and look at it. Go west. Take the Hooter Shooter. Look at it and wear it. Exit through the door on the top of the screen and get into the limo. Get the bottle of champagne (the light-coloured bottle on the left). Show the Dataman to the driver and you will be taken to the Shill Building. Soon, Patti will be snoozing and dreaming of the Donald… (ew!)

The Hard Disk Café

Leave the lounge. Take a quarter from the "GIVE" charity container next to the door. Go west one screen. Read the centre blue sign at the top of the screen (looks like it would say "FRESNO") to get the number for Checker Limo (552-4668 - it doesn't change from game to game, but reading the sign gets you a point). Go two screens east. Use the leftmost telephone. Dial the limo number. Larry will do all the talking for you. Leave the airport and get into the limo. Take the day planner from the limo seat. Show the café napkin to the driver. Open the day planner; you will find some money and credit cards. Wait until you arrive at the café. Walk Larry behind the plant to the left of the door. (Keep trying if you don't hear the "ding" of a point as Larry relieves himself.)

Enter the Hard Disk Café. Talk to the maitre d'. Keep talking until you wheedle an entry tape out of him. Take the tape from the reader. Use it on the music box in the lower left of the screen. Insert the tape into the reader. Sit down at the empty table and watch Michelle Milken enter the "Herman Hollerith" room. Stand up and insert your tape into the reader. Talk to Michelle until she invites you to sit down with her. When you see the closeup, click the hand on the camcorder to turn it on. Talk to Michelle twice. Are you sensing a theme? Give her the money, credit cards, and day planner. Sit back and enjoy the fun. When it's over, use the phone in the lobby to dial Checker Limo. Go outside, get in the limo, and you will be automatically taken back to LaGuardia. Follow the same routine to get on the plane as you did at LAX, only this time, select Atlantic City as your destination. Soon, Larry will once again be dreaming.

For Your Amusement:
Look at the lady at the table next to you in the first dining room.

des Rever Records

Enter the Shill Building. Read the sign at the left of the screen. Click the eye on the entry for des Rever Records. Talk to the guard twice. He will summon the elevator for you. At the top, walk to a spot in front of the record player and gold record. Take the gold record and put it on the record player. Press play and put the tone arm on the record. Listen to the music until you get a text message on screen. Press reverse. Again listen. Press 78 rpm (the rightmost button). Listen. Press forward. Listen. Press stop and exit the closeup view. Look at Reverse and he will notice you and invite you into the studio. Click the hand on the keyboard. You have to at least try to play (doing nothing won't cut it), but don't worry about how well you do; on the third round the game will take over. When you're in the control booth listening to the cut, give the champagne to Reverse. He'll get blotto and spill the beans about his nefarious doings, giving you a tape full of evidence. Once you're back in the limo, take his pak out of the Dataman and put in P.C. Hammer's. Look at it. Note the access code (45954). Show the Dataman to the driver and you will be taken to K-RAP radio. And once again, Patti will drift off…

For Your Amusement:
Read all the other entries on the Shill Building sign.
Have sex with Reverse instead of drinking the champagne.

Tramp Casino and Boardwalk

Read the sign with the picture of the limo to get the number for Tramp Limo (553-4468). Go west one screen. Put one of the two blank tapes in the camcorder and then charge it using the outlet on the west wall. When finished, pull the handle on the second slot machine. Go two screens east and use the second telephone to dial Tramp Limo. As in New York, leave the airport and get into the limo. Show the matchbook to the driver. You will arrive at Tramp Casino. Talk twice to the blonde girl who is standing to the left of the door. Guess any number you like; as long as you're broke you will always be correct (and if you have any money, you will always be wrong). You will receive $10 in "silver dollars". Go inside the casino and play video poker. A pair of jacks is the minimum to win (you win back your bet on a pair). As in LSL1, I find it useful to bet as much as possible every time, saving after every win and restoring after every loss. However, if you lose all your money you can always go back out and get more "dollars" from the door-girl. Play until you have at least $550.

Cash out and go through the doorway at the back of the room. Talk to the bouncer and pay him $25. Walk towards the front row and Larry will sit down. Look at Jennifer Jiggle. Leave the casino and go four screens east down the boardwalk. Enter Ivana Skates. Approach the counter. Talk to Ivana. Offer your camcorder as a deposit. Leave the shop. Wear the skates. Stand up. Skate up and down the boardwalk until you see Lana Luscious. (Go west first - the boardwalk is endless to the east and you could have a long trip back!) Talk to Lana, or skate close to her. She will invite you to sit down. Talk to her in closeup until she leaves. Return to the screen with the skate shop, sit down on the bench, and remove the skates by clicking them on yourself. Go into Ivana Skates and return the skates to Ivana. Go back to the casino and go into the show room. Pay the bouncer to watch the show. Sit down as before. As soon as Lana walks onstage, turn on the camcorder. Lana will challenge you to wrestle her; pay the bouncer again to join in the fun. Click on the flashing body parts. You have to get eleven "hits" for the scene to occur. When you get outside, talk to the door-man to have him summon a limo. You will automatically be taken to the airport. Go through the drill of boarding the airplane again, and yet again, Larry will doze off…

For Your Amusement:
Look at the casino doors and each of the "girls" on the front of the casino.
Look at each of the other skaters on the boardwalk.
Look at each of the posters at Ivana Skates.

K-RAP Radio

Enter the K-RAP building. Look at the control panel next to the door and enter the access code from the Dataman (45954). Search the potted plant twice and you will get a desk key. Take the letter opener from the desk. Use the key on the desk. Click the hand on it twice to get an access code (which changes every game) and a file folder. Look at it in inventory. Use the file folder on the copy machine (next to the other door). Put the folder back in the desk. Put the key back in the potted plant. Click the letter opener on the right-hand part of the desk to put it back in its place. Exit through the door on the left. Click the hand on the "shower". When you're at the bottom, put on the clothes that are conveniently hanging on the rack. Look at the music group you can see through the booth window.

Go one screen east. Click the hand on the keypad for control room B (the top one of the two on the right). Enter the code you found on the sticker. Open the door. Click the hand on the right-ish part of the control console seven times, until you bring up volume on Studio A and hear 2 Live 2 Screw. Click the hand on the cabinet at the back of the room to take a blank reel of tape. Use it on the reel-to-reel recorder at bottom left. Click the hand on the control panel just above it. P.C., not amused, will block your escape with a microphone stand. Click the hand on the control panel again to stop tape. Click the hand on the tape twice to rewind and take the tape. Click the hand on the first part of the control console and then click the talk icon on the microphone. Patti's high C will shatter the glass, allowing you to escape. You will automatically be taken "home" (so… how did Patti remove all the toner?) and slip into sleep again on the way.

For Your Amusement:
Look at the statues of the man and woman in the basement.
Examine the toilet at the bottom of the bathroom screen.

Doc Pulliam's

Leave the lounge. Go one screen west and charge up your camcorder. Switch in the last blank tape. Click the hand on the cigarette machine to get two quarters. Go two screens east. Read the left-hand and centre signs (Just Green Cards, 554-1272, and North Beach Limo, 554-8544). Use the third telephone to dial first Just Green Cards and then the limo. Leave the airport. Get the green card from the trash can. Enter the limo and show the matchbook to the driver. When you get out, go upstairs to the dentist's office. Knock on the window twice. Answer all the questions (Y Y N N Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N). Get the doily from the table at the bottom right. Click it on yourself to fake a toothache. Knock on the window. Look at Chi Chi. Click the hand on the button of her blouse six times in a row. Turn on the camcorder. Give Chi Chi the green card. When finished, turn off the camcorder. Return to the dentist's office and call North Beach. Go outside and get into the limo. You will automatically be taken to the airport again. Follow the drill to get on the airplane back to Los Angeles. During this flight, you will suddenly find yourself faced with Certain Death™ ! Click the hand on the cockpit five times and you will Save the Day™.

The State Dinner

The game will take over for a while. When you regain control of Patti after Larry smooshes the Vice President into a pie, quickly click the bra on Julius. Now you too have Saved the Day™! And remember… Better babes through technology!

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