If you're not using the GOG version of this game, there may be some timer issues in a few scenes due to the higher clock speed of today's computers. See Sierra Help external link for patches and other suggestions to fix these problems.

Press Ctrl-Alt-X to bypass the age test.

The island jungle screens each have a top and a bottom exit on the east and west edges of the screen. They can be a bit tricky to find at first; look closely to see where the paths go. These directions will be referred to as "top" or "bottom" east and west.

Still Nontoonyt

Read the plaque in the center of the screen. Type exit to leave this view. Look through the left pair of binoculars. When done, leave the screen to the bottom right. Follow the pointing hand to your house (this is "top-west" ; the pathway is just behind the large-leafed plant). After Kalalau dumps you, go east and bottom-east. The Lounge Lizard king is back! Continue one more screen bottom-east, then go west in the direction the hand points, and west once more. When you're done being fired (this just isn't your day, is it?), go east and then top-west twice. Get the piece of wood that's under the small tree at the right center. Continue top-west back to your house. Open the mailbox and get the envelope. You will find a credit card.


Return bottom-east twice and go south past the fountain. Wait and watch the three different souvenir sellers peddle to the sunbathing woman. Walk up to Tawni and look at her. Talk to her to see her closeup, then talk to her again. Give her your credit card. While you are gettin' it on, you will be interrupted. Tawni really is a sucker for souvenirs, isn't she? When the sequence is over, go west. Sharpen the knife on the steps. Go top-west and top-east. Walk into the patch of grass and cut some with the knife. Weave a skirt. Carve the granadilla wood. Go south, bottom-east, and east behind the steps. Get a drink from the fountain and get the soap on a rope that is hanging over it. Walk into the first stall and wear the skirt. Leave the stall and go west and south to the beach. The game will take over for a bit as you sell Tawni your "souvenir" and make a little cash. When it's over, go east, enter the stall again, and wear your leisure suit. Return to the beach and get the towel. Sunbathe. Stand up when "your tan looks MAHvelous". Go west, then east into the resort casino.

For Your Amusement:
On the screen with your house, look at the wall.
Look at the beach.

Walk into the ocean. (save first)
Enter and exit the cabana screen (where you change clothes) until you see a pair of men. Look at them. Talk to each of them.
Search the trash (oil barrel) in the cabana screen.
Continue to sunbathe after you get a tan. (save first)

Cherri and Suzi

Go north twice and then west. Look into the mirror. Continue west one more screen. Look at the posters. Talk to the maitre d'. Give him your free pass. (You don't have an in-game item; the magazine is included in the game package. You can see the game manual on Al Lowe's site external link.)

Page Ticket Page Ticket Page Ticket
2 00741 10 25695 18 49114
5 55811 11 32841 19 33794
6 30004 12 00993 22 54482
9 18608 15 09170 23 62503

Give money to the maitre d'. Relax and watch the show. After it's over, start walking out of the room. Cherri will come out and start using the phone. Look at Cherri. Talk to Cherri twice. Offer her your land. She'd do anything, hm? We'll just keep that in mind! Leave the casino. Go top west and then top-top-east. Tthe path you're looking for is way up in the top right-hand corner of the screen, in the grey area. Enter the building. Walk up to the desk and ask about your deed. (This may take a couple of tries.) Sit on the couch. Look at Suzi. Talk to her. Ask Suzi about your land. When she's finished, stand up and leave the building. Return immediately and ask Roger about the deed. Leave. Return to the showroom lobby in the casino. Knock on the door. You'll give the deed to Cherri and she'll start to reward you. When the game returns control to you and asks what you're going to do, say dance. After your dance is over, leave the casino (yes, dressed just as you are) and return west and top-top-east to Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. Ask Roger about your divorce from Kalalau. Pay him. You'll be in for another treat when you go into Suzi's office. When the experience is over, once again leave the building and return. Ask Roger about your divorce papers. Leave the building. Return to the backstage area. The dark lump on the floor is your leisure suit; wear it. Leave the casino.

For Your Amusement:
On the screen with the mirror, look at yourself and the casino.
Wait and do nothing while in Cherri's getup on the casino dance stage. (save first)

Look at the trees in the DCH lobby.
Look at Roger's computer.
Look at Suzi's desk.
Look at the fax machine in Suzi's office.


Go top-west and then bottom-west. Enter Fat City. Read the divorce. Look at the Fat City card. Turn it over. Notice the names of the three businesses and look up their corresponding page numbers in the magazine. This is the combination to Suzi's locker (#69). Write it down.

Bippi's Island Liquors 10   Island Office and Voodoo Supply 13
Chip 'n' Dale's 12   Nontoonyt Community Center 9
Comedy Hut 8   Nontoonyt Nectarine Advisory 19
Dewey, Cheatem and Howe 16   Panti-of-the-Month Club 13
Fat City 23   Piggi's Coffee Shop 18
Freddi's Feral Bar-B-Q 12   Pink Flamingo 2
Hurtz Rent-A-Bike 24   Witch Doctor Appearance Center 17
Island Computer Center 10      

Insert the card into the slot by the door on the left. Follow the maze to its endpoint near the left center of the screen. Stand facing north, with the line that marks the corner fully visible to the left of Larry. Open locker and enter the combination. If it doesn't open, you may not be standing on quite the right spot; move a little and try again. When you have the locker open, look inside it. Wear the sweats. Close the locker. Go out through the right-hand doorway at the top right of the screen. In the exercise room, walk up to one of the machines. Exercise. Move the cursor keys up and down, making sure the counter in the center of the screen is increasing. The game will let you know when you've done enough reps. Stand up and move to the next machine. The rightmost can be used from both the top side and the bottom side. When you have used all four, witness your transformation into He of the Pulsating Pectorals!!

Leave the exercise room and return to the locker. Open it and undress. Wear the towel (or don't, if you want to see full frontal Larry). Close the locker. Go into the left-hand door. Walk to the top center of the screen and turn on the water. Walk under the spray and use the soap. When it's all gone, turn off the water and leave the shower. Go back to the locker and open it. Dry off and use the deodorant. Wear your leisure suit and close the locker. Go back through the maze and leave the locker room to the east. Put the card in the slot by the door at the top of the screen. Look at Bambi. Talk to her three times. Help Bambi with video. After it's over, leave Fat City.

For Your Amusement:
Masturbate in the shower.


Go east, top-east, and west into the cave opening. Carefully walk up to the flowers growing at right (don't fall!) and pick some. Make a lei. Return west out of the cave, south, bottom-east and east to the casino. Go up the ramp and head right at the top, into the piano bar. Sit in the seat closest to the pianist and look at Patti. Talk to Patti a few times. Show her your divorce and give her the lei. Ask Patti for a date. She will give you the key to her penthouse apartment. Stand and leave the casino. Go west, top-east and east. Enter the Comedy Hut through the red doors. Approach the men at the lower left table and talk to them. Enter anything you like. When they're gone, sit down at the center table and take the bottle. Sit through Paul Paul's comedy routine. (It's clichéd, boring, and offensive, but it scores 100 points to see the duck impersonation at the end of it. My suggestion is to supply silly non-ethnicities or adjectives when you're prompted to name three ethnic groups.) When it's over, stand, leave and return to the casino. Go immediately to the right, rather than going up the ramp. Press the call button for the elevator. Once inside, press 9. Walk up to the tray with glasses and pour the wine. Watch the scene.

For Your Amusement:
Walk off the edge of the cave cliff where you pick the orchids.
(save first)
Exit and re-enter the piano bar until you catch both Elvis and Roger Wilco.
In the Comedy Hut, get on stage.

As Patti: Welcome to the Jungle

Walk behind the dressing screen at the lower left. Wear your bra, panties, hose, and dress. Take the empty wine bottle. Leave the penthouse and go down the elevator. Go west, north, north, and east to the piano bar. Take your tips from the tip jar on the piano and take the "magic" marker from the black sign at bottom left. Leave the casino and go behind it to the cabana. Drink and fill the bottle from the drinking fountain. Go west, top-west and top-east. Talk to the man standing outside Chip 'n' Dale's. Count your tips. Handy, that! Pay the doorman. Walk up to the center chair at the table in front of you and sit. Watch the show. When Dale's shirt lands on the table, throw your panties at him. Afterwards, Dale will come talk to you. Look at him. Ask him about Larry. Talk to him. Exit the close-up, stand up, and leave the strip club. Go east and northeast. Walk up to the wall of bamboo, then walk west to enter the maze.

For Your Amusement:
Play the piano in Patti's penthouse.
Rather than paying the doorman at Chip 'n' Dale's, type suck cock (or other words to that effect).

In the maze, drink the water when you get a message saying Patti's "delirious". Go N N E E N W N E N N N W W S W W (drink water) N N W N. (Never never ever eat nectarines washed; no, eat Nontoonyt nectarines naturally! When we're slurping wholesomely, we nibble nutritiously with nectarines!) Carefully walk up to the edge of the stream (don't fall in!) and drink. Continue north. Walk up next to the rock at the edge of the cliff. Remove your hose and tie them to the rock. Patti will automatically descend the cliff. On the ledge, pick some of the hemp plants and make a rope. Walk up next to the right palm tree. Climb the tree, get some coconuts, and climb down. Throw the rope across the chasm. It will take a few tries to snag the rock on the other side. Tie the rope to the tree. Rip your dress to make a harness. Cross chasm. Once across, walk carefully west along the edge of the chasm and then exit to the northwest. Remove your bra and put the coconuts in it. Slowly approach the river, staying to the left as much as you can. When the pig jumps out, throw your bra at it. Continue north. Walk into the river and swim up to the log. Move the log (it's stuck in some mud), then ride it. Slow the game down and save before you change screens.

You now begin an arcade sequence where you must dodge obstacles. (You can also press F8 to skip the sequence, although you forfeit 50 points.) It's quite long. A good technique is to stay close to the bottom of the screen and save the game every few you pass, cycling between two or three saved games (since it's possible to save at a point where you cannot avoid the next obstacle). Don't hold the arrow keys down; just press them once to lean to the left or right. You can also press control-pad 5 to stay put. This sequence is especially difficult because the upcoming obstacle is always randomized, even if one was visible on the screen next to you when you save. When you finally get to the end, you'll be captured by Amazons.

For Your Amusement:
After picking the hemp, smoke pot.
(save first)

The Wacky, Illogical Ending

In the cage with Larry, use magic marker (or draw door) to draw yourself an escape route. After you fall into the Police Quest set, exit at the top right towards Studio C. Continue east onto the Space Quest set. Float over to the anti-gravity machine and stop. Wait until you are upside-down and then pull the plug. Go east one last time onto the King's Quest 4 set and watch the ending movie. (By the way, the game ends this way because Al Lowe thought at the time that there would be no more Leisure Suit Larry games, and therefore wanted to write a nice, neat end to the "trilogy".)

For Your Amusement:
Look at all the stuff in the Sierra prop room: the flats, the taxi, the gravestone, the cauldron, the clothes, the sign (the "M"), the men (salesmen clones), and the numerals.


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