In some releases of the game, you can bypass the copy protection by typing in 0724 (Al Lowe's birthday) for any girl. However, you don't see the opening cartoon this way.

(Al Lowe has the Larry manuals up on his site external link. See also clues & cheats external link there.)

Los Angeles, Po'

Go into the garage and walk to the right until Larry is hidden. Look. Get the dollar bill. Leave the garage and go three screens north and two east tp a screen that says "LIQUOR" on the side of a building. Look. Walk up to the knothole in the fence and look through the knothole. Proceed one more screen east and into the Quikie Mart. Look at the girl behind the counter. Talk to her. Buy a lottery ticket. Select any six numbers you like. Leave the Quikie Mart.

Go three screens west to KROD TV. Go inside. Look at the receptionist. Talk to her. Show her the lottery ticket. Take careful note of the six numbers she mentions. When she asks you what numbers are on your ticket, tell her the six numbers she just said. In the green room, walk to the top of the screen and sit on the bench. In a few moments you will be fetched by a man in a green outfit. Stand up and follow him through the left door. Play "The Dating Connection". It doesn't matter what answers you give. When it's over, you'll have a cruise ticket.

Sit down on the green room bench again. In a little while, you will be fetched a second time by a woman in white. Stand and follow her through the door on the right. You don't need to do anything here; Larry will automatically spin the wheel and win a million dollars a year for life. When it's all finished, leave KROD with your shiny new million-dollar bill.

For Your Amusement:
At Eve's house, sing to the balcony.
One screen north of the house, look at the scene (which may seem familiar) and look at the bushes.
Outside KROD, wait for a man to enter the screen from the left, and look at him.
One screen east of KROD, look at the sign.
On the screen with the fence, walk up behind the dumpster, right into the spot where it meets the wall.
Look at the Quikie Mart, and look in the window. (Look at the left pane of the window with your regular eyes as well - you might see a familiar shape.)
In the KROD lobby, look at the painting.
In the green room, look at the painting.

Los Angeles, Bling

Go one screen east and one south. Enter Molto Lira. (This is the only store in town that can break your million dollar bill.) Go to the rack of swimsuits at the back and get one. Walk to the front of the counter and pay for it. Leave the store and go two screens east. Enter Swabs Drugs. Go to the left side of the left rack and get some sunscreen. Pay the clerk and leave.

Go one screen north to the Quikie Mart. Walk up to the drink dispenser and get Gulp. Pay the clerk and leave. Go one screen south and two screens west. Look. Carefully watch the center area of the screen, just behind the row of red bushes. When you see something moving there (from left to right), look at the jogger. Go one screen west and one south, back to Eve's house. Walk up to the trash cans and search the trash twice. Take the passport. Go east two screens and enter Hairy Reams. Sit in the barber's chair and you will get a haircut. (The music shop doesn't open until you've done this.)

Leave Hairy Reams and go two screens north and two west to Ye Olde Ethno-Musicology Shoppe. Enter the store. Talk to the clerk. After you get the onklunk, watch the scene. When you regain control of Larry, go one screen south and one east. Show the purser your ticket. Walk up the gangway onto the Love Tub. Bon voyage!

For Your Amusement:
Look at the suits and the statue (or painting) at Molto Lira.

Leave Molto Lira and Swabs without paying for your items.
Leave the Quikie Mart without paying for the Gulp. (save first)

Drink the Grotesque Gulp. (save first)
On the screen with the Scurvy Dog Saloon, look at the men.
One screen east of Eve's house, look, and look at the man.
Outside Ye Old Ethno-Musicology Shoppe, look at the light.
In the music shop, look, and look at one of the instruments (choose something simple, like "drums" - the game doesn't recognize many nouns).
After visiting the music shop, go one screen east from where you regain control of Larry, and wait.
(save first)
On the gangway, look in the windows of the ship.

Aboard the Love Tub

Larry is visible at the bottom right of the cutaway view. Go east into your cabin. Walk towards the back and get the fruit. Open the door on the right. When Mama Bimbo is finished talking, look at her. Return to your cabin and close the door. Stand behind the closet at the top right of your room. Wear the swimsuit and apply the sunscreen.

Leave your room. Follow the path up to the deck two decks above your cabin and go all the way east (aft) to the ship's swimming pool. Lie down on the empty lounge chair. Ignore the blonde henchette. When she is gone, stand up and walk into the pool. Swim. Move to the center of the pool and dive. Go straight down, get the bikini top, and immediately return to the surface. Swim to the edge of the pool, get out of the pool, and wear the sunscreen again. Leave the pool area to the south and return to your cabin.

Walk behind the wardrobe and wear the leisure suit. Save the game. Open the door at the right again. Wait ten or fifteen seconds, then head towards the nightstand. If Mama comes in, restore. (This may take quite a few tries.) When you've managed to get into her room undisturbed, walk over to the nightstand and open the drawer. Look in the drawer. Get the sewing kit. Close the drawer. Leave Mama's room and close the door. Leave the cabin, go up to the pool deck, and go all the way west. Sit in the barber's chair. When finished, you will be returned to the cutaway view.

Walk to the center of the deck and go up the stairs to the revolving lounge. Go to the left side of the bar. Get the spinach dip. Leave the lounge and go down the stairs. Go up the stairs that are on the west end of the deck, and into the bridge. Walk carefully to the console just behind the captain and throw the switch. Leave the bridge and go to the small deck that extends west off the stairs that go to the lounge. (You may find it easier to go past them, then turn around and try to "take the exit" going downwards.) Walk over to the opening in the rail and get in the lifeboat. You will automatically be lowered into the water.

When your boat begins drifting away, use the sunscreen again, wear the wig, and throw away the spinach dip. You will now drift at sea for ten days, and finally be washed ashore.

For Your Amusement:
Look through the window in your cabin.
Eat the fruit. (save first)
Walk close to Mama Bimbo. (save first)
In the cutaway view, look at the flag.

Sunbathe without first applying sunscreen. (save first)
Stand up and follow the blonde henchette. (save first)
Drown in the pool. (save first)
Look in Mama's closet.
Sit in the empty seat in the bar and order a drink.
(save first)

Resort Island

If you're really curious "what possessions survived your disastrous journey," check your inventory. (You might notice the fruit is gone. It's an alternate solution to having the sewing-kit-cum-fishing-rig: you'll eat the fruit if you have nothing else, for fewer points, but otherwise it quietly disappears.) Walk south. Notice the palm tree in the left-center of the screen. You need to get a pink flower that is growing near its base, but the computer controls Larry during this sequence. Larry will look around, walk off the screen to the left, and then re-enter from the right, walking left. When he walks up to bushes next to the palm tree, get the flower. Then just ride it out. (After this first time, you can speed up the maze journey by saying walk around once you enter.)

You will end up in a restaurant. Talk to the host. Sit in the chair near the dividing rope. Wait while every rich and famous jerk on the island is seated before you. When it's finally your turn, don't sit down at the table you're led to. Instead, go over to the buffet and get the cheese knife. (Make sure you do this now, because you won't be able to do it when you come back a second time.) Eat some of the cheese, if you like. Leave the restaurant.

After a second trip through the maze, you will be in a hotel room. Walk over to the nightstand, look at it, and get the matches. Go into the bathroom. Examine the sink and get the soap from the bowl. Ignore the maid and leave the room.

After a third trip through the maze, you end up in a barber shop. Sit in the chair. Why, what lovely hair you now have, my dear! Leave and go through the maze again. Back at the beach, go one screen west and get the blue bikini bottom that's sitting on the rocks just south of the nude sunbathers. (It's not there when you initially wash up on the beach, so you can't just go west right away,)

Go east, south, and through the maze again. You will wind up in the restaurant again, but there's nothing to do this time, so leave.

Back in the hotel room, go to the top right of the screen, so you're hidden behind the wall. Wear the bikini. Put the soap or the money in the bikini top. (The soap only works in some versions.) Leave. You will arrive in the barber shop again. Sit in the chair and you will get a wax job. When finished, leave and go through the maze one last time.

You end up on the beach again. In your blonde babe disguise, you can now walk east from the beach, and the KGB will let Larry pass. You can even examine the KGB men, if you like. Continue east. These cliffs look dangerous, but don't worry about falling; you can't die. Just before the last bend in the path, save the game. When you go around the bend and are told that Larry pauses ("...and your escape from that wonderful tropical resort"), wear your leisure suit. (Do this quickly - you have only a moment to start typing the command, and if you don't, you will lose the game.)

For Your Amusement:
Walk east from the landing beach at each stage in your disguise: completely normal, with only blond hair, wearing the bikini but without stuffing the top, and without having the body wax. (save first)
Look at the shark fin in the maze.
Give money to the maitre d' in the restaurant.
Sit down at your table in the restaurant and eat the food. (save first)
In the guestroom, look in the mirror.
Try something naughty with the maid. (save first)
Look at the people on the nude beach (where you pick up the bikini bottom).
Talk to the maitre d' on your second trip into the restaurant, while blonde.
Look at yourself in the mirror after changing into the bikini and stuffing your top.

On the beach screen with the KGB, look at the bushes. (I'm not sure whether this joke was intentional, or whether it was just a fortuitous aliasing of "bushes" for some other noun.)

The Airport and Airplane

Walk up to the KGBishnas at the front door, but don't get too close. Look at the "Krishnas" (the game uses the word "KGBishna" but doesn't recognize it). Give them the flower. Go into the airport. Ignore the ticket lines for now. Go one screen west and into the barber shop. Look at the barber. Sit in the chair.

When finished, go east two screens. Walk up to the man and show him your passport. Go east through the gate and through the baggage area to the snack bar. Buy insurance from the red vending machine on the left. Look at the grey sign to the left of the doorway. Walk up to the waitress and order the special. Search the food and take the bobby pin. Return west to the baggage area. Stand next to the conveyor belt and watch the X-ray screen. The tenth (camouflage) bag has a bomb which is visible in the X-ray. Take the bag.

After the smoke dissipates, you will be in the ticket lobby, which is finally empty. Go up to the clerk and buy a ticket. Return east to the customs inspector and show your passport again. Go east two screens and step onto the moving walkway. When you arrive, take a pamphlet from the left side of the counter. (This is very important!) Show your ticket to the gate agent. Walk down the jetway and through the door.

After the man in the next seat recognizes you, give him the pamphlet. Take the airsick bag. Stand up and go to the back of the plane. Walk out of the cloud of smoke, stop, and look at the doors. You will learn that there are three doors, not just the two immediately obvious from the picture. Stand just behind the wing of the plane and move all the way down, so Larry is almost concealed. Try to open the door that you can't see. Try to move the handle. Pick the padlock with the bobby pin. (If you have trouble with the syntax pick lock with pin, try just pick lock.) Move the handle. Wear the parachute. (In some versions, there is a bug that means you will not be credited 4 points for this action.) Open the door. As soon as Larry starts falling, open the parachute (or pull the cord).

For Your Amusement:
Hit one of the airport guards (men in camouflage).
Walk close to the KGBishnas. (save first)
Look at one of the paintings outside the airport barber shop.
Eat the "Blue Pate Special" both before and after finding the bobby pin. (save first)
Watch the X-ray screen carefully for a subliminal message.
Look at the painting over the X-ray machine.
Take each of the bags on the conveyor belt.
Look at the woman with children at the flight gate.
Go into the cockpit on the airplane.
(save first)

Nontoonyt Island

Cut the parachute harness with the cheese knife. (As with the door puzzle, in some versions you need to say cut harness because "cut harness with knife" is not understood.) Walk a little to the right, then take the stick. Walk down until you walk into the rocks, then walk left past the green thing sticking out. Look at the bush. Crawl under the bush.

Walk south one screen. Look carefully at the tree. Do you see the snake eyes? When you walk under the tree, that snake will attack. Quickly put the stick in its mouth. (In some versions you need to say use stick as "put stick in mouth" or similar will not work.) Continue to the east. Follow the light brown path across the swamp (using the mouse may help). Walk down to the river bank. Save the game and slow the game speed down. Swing on vine. As Larry gets moving, swing on vine again. The timing can be tricky. Repeat until you are across. Once on the other bank, get a vine. Walk north. Go get a sammich to tide you over through the long cut-scene that follows.

For Your Amusement:
Walk into the river.

Defeating Dr. Nonookee

Once the scene is finally over, hold your lounge lizards a moment; we're not going to cross the chasm just yet. Return south and east. Take some ashes from the campfire. Go south. Get some sand from the beach. Now return west, north, west, and north to the chasm. Save the game, lest you fall in. Stand under the left tip of the low branch that extends leftwards, close to the edge of the cliff. Throw the vine over the tree limb (or, again, try just throw vine without an object). The exact spot can be tricky to find; keep trying. Once on the other side, you will continue north. Go north one more screen. Walk up to the edge of the ice and throw either the ashes or the sand on the ice. In the next screen, go off to the northwest.

Save the game again. Carefully walk up to the crack in the volcano top. Position Larry just to the right of the small plume of smoke that is coming out of the volcano by the rock in the center of the screen. Put the airsick bag in the bottle of hair rejuvenator. The game is very picky about where you can stand to do this, so just keep trying. (If phrasing the command as put bag in bottle makes Larry immediately throw the unlit bottle into the chasm, type specifically: put the bag in the bottle. Some versions have a parser bug that forces you to use the definite article here.) When you've achieved your "Larrytov cocktail", light the match, which will automatically light the bag. Drop or throw the bottle in the crevice. Kaboom! Walk into the elevator--oh shiiiiii--!-- and watch the ending movie,

For Your Amusement:
Look at the plant with the purple base in the screen after the chasm.
Look at the clouds in the screen after the refrigeration coils.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Look at the mirror in any barber shop.


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