Leisure Suit Larry 1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards


This walkthrough refers to the original AGI-interpreter EGA version relased in 1987. For the 1991 VGA remake, click here.

Welcome to Lost Wages

Enter your age. (Suuure, that's how old you are. *wink*) Press Ctrl-Alt-X to bypass the age test.

Walk up to the door of Lefty's Bar and open it. Sit on the empty stool. Order whiskey. Stand. Go into the back room. Walk over to the table at the left of the screen and get the rose. Give the whiskey to the man slumped against the east wall and you will get a remote control. Open the door into the next room. Use the toilet, but don't flush. (You won't get the points if you specify urinating.) Stand. Examine the sink. Get the ring. Read the wall four times, until you get the password "Ken sent me". Go back out to the bar. Knock on the red door on the east side of the screen. When the pimp asks you for the password, type ken sent me.

Use the remote control to turn on the TV. Change the channel seven times, until the pimp gets interested. Go upstairs. Ignore the hooker for now. Get the box of candy from the table near the window. Open the window. Go out the window. Look at the east window. You'll be back for those pills later. Walk to the west end of the fire escape and you will fall into the dumpster below. Search the dumpster and you will find a hammer. Take the hammer. Get out of the dumpster. Go back to the front of the bar and stand on the sidewalk, approximately centered left to right. Hail a taxi (or call a cab). Get into the cab. Ask about destinations. Say casino.

For Your Amusement:
Look at the painting behind the bar.
Examine the jukebox. Put money in it.
Examine the ceiling fan.
Examine the moose.

Talk to the guy on the stool to your left.
Talk to the woman at the end of the bar.
Order wine and beer.
Have a few drinks, then get up and walk around.
Walk into the drunk's crotch.
Smell in the bathroom.
Flush the toilet. (save first)
Look in the bathroom mirror.
Smell in the hooker's room.
Examine the radiator.
Walk to the east end of the fire escape and get the pills. (save first)
Read the neon sign.

Casino and Quiki Mart

When you arrive, pay the cabbie and get out. If you are approached by a man in a barrel outside the casino, buy an apple from him. If not, continue; you'll get another opportunity. Walk up to the casino doors, which will automatically open. Either walk up to the empty slot machine and put money in, or sit down at the blackjack table. Save the game. Play, maximizing your bet each time. Save when you win and restore when you lose. When you have won the maximum of $250, leave.

Go north. Examine the planter, then examine the ashtray. (If you don't see the ashtray, move a little to the left or right.) Get the card and examine it: a membership card for the disco. Go northeast to the cabaret. If there isn't a comedian on stage, leave and return until he's there. Sit at the table at bottom right. Stand up again and go southwest and south out of the casino. Again, if you are approached by a man in a barrel, buy an apple.

Call a cab. Get in and go to the convenience store. Pay the cabbie and get out. Go inside the store. Get a magazine from the rack at the bottom center of the screen and a box of wine from the left end of the shelves at the back. Walk up to the clerk. Talk to the clerk. (*sigh*) Look at the counter. Read the sign. Ask about condoms. Choose any options you like. Larry will automatically pay the clerk. Read the magazine. Leave the store. Stop and wait until you hear "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" and a drunk man approaches you to ask for spare change. Give him the box of wine and he will give you a knife. (Soo... how does he know the other drunk gave you a remote control...?)

Examine your wallet. Look at the business cards to find the number for Sierra (209-683-6858). Walk up to the pay phone outside the store. Dial phone. Enter 209-683-6858. When finished, look at the phone book. Dial the phone again and enter 555-6969. Answer the questions any way you like. Leave the screen to the east and return, then answer the phone.

For Your Amusement:
Lose all your money in the casino. (save first)
Examine the dancing girls in the casino cabaret.
Look at a candle on a cabaret table.
Examine the comedian's drummer.
Talk to the comedian.

Sit through the comedian's entire show. (This takes about 10 minutes of real time and he may repeat some jokes. There is an actual ending message, though, so you'll know when it's really over.)
Leave the convenience store with the magazine and/or wine without paying. (save first)
Talk to the clerk before reading the sign on the counter. (*sigh*)
Give the drunk money.


Return east to the disco. Show the card to the bouncer and go in. (...Wow. Happening joint.) Sit with the blonde woman at the right of the screen. Look at her. Look at her again. Ask her name. Ask Fawn to dance. Stand and walk over to the dance floor. You'll be treated to Larry's, uh, "dance moves", and a PC speaker version of "Stayin' Alive".

Sit down again and look at Fawn. Give her the rose, candy, and ring. Give her the money she asks for. Stand, leave the disco, and hail a taxi. Get in. Go to the wedding chapel. Pay the cabbie and get out of the cab. Walk in front of the person in the trenchcoat outside the chapel, then talk to them. Open the chapel door. Approach the altar. Marry Fawn. (Well. That was ... a thing.) Leave the chapel.

Go west, into the casino, and north to the elevator room. Walk around the back of the elevator and then down towards the bottom of the screen to enter it. Press four. Knock on the door with a heart on it at the left of the screen. Kiss Fawn. Not in the mood, hmm? Well, Fawn's clearly a classy dame who isn't going to accept box wine (horrors!); you'll have to think of something else. Walk around to the other side of the bed and turn on the radio (the grey box). Wait until you hear an "obnoxious singing commercial" and make a note of the Ajax Liquor number: 555-8039. Unfortunately, there's no phone in here; the only one that works is at the Quiki Mart. Leave the suite, go to the elevator, and press one to go back down to the ground floor.

On the way, gamble and get another $40 or so. (You don't need a lot, just enough to cover a couple of cab rides.) Leave the casino. Hail a cab, get in, and go to the convenience store. Get out of the cab. Dial the phone and call 555-8039. Answer wine and then honeymoon suite. Hail a cab again and return to the casino. Go back up to the honeymoon suite. Knock on the door. The wine is kind of invisible in a bucket behind Fawn's head (you can jusut about see the green of the bottle). Pour the wine. Have sex with Fawn. After she leaves, cut the rope with the knife. Take the rope.

For Your Amusement:
Hit the bouncer.
Look at the candles in the chapel.
Knock on one of the other doors in the casino hotel.
Drink the wine after Fawn leaves the honeymoon suite.


Go downstairs. Play in the casino to get $40 or so (again, just enough for a couple cab rides). Leave the casino. Hail a taxi and go to the bar. Go in, knock on the red door, and give the password. Go upstairs and walk around to the south side of the bed. Undress. Wear the condom. Have sex with the hooker. After it's over, remove the condom. Go out the window. Walk to the east end of the balcony. Tie the rope to me, then tie rope to rail. Try to get the bottle. Break the window with the hammer. Get the bottle and read it. Go back. Untie the rope. You can leave either by going back through the window, or taking the shortcut down into the dumpster.

Go back outside the front of the bar. Hail a cab and go back to the casino. Go north into the elevator and press eight. Examine the golden door on the right of the screen. Look at the attendant at the lower right. Ask her name. Talk to her until the game tells you "this one's gonna require outside assistance." Give the pills to Faith. After she leaves, examine the desk. Press the button. Go up the elevator to the penthouse suite.

Go west out of the elevator and north towards the top of the screen. Look out of the window if you like, then go east into the bedroom. Open the closet door on the east wall. Look. Get the doll and inflate it. Screw the doll (or use a stronger word if you like, but the game won't accept "have sex" or gentler terms here). Answer yes. Whoops! Larry will automatically follow the deflated doll to the west. Walk up to the woman in the hot tub. Get in the hot tub. Look at the woman. Turn off the bubbles. Give her the apple.

For Your Amusement:
Have sex with the hooker without putting a condom on first. (save first, but continue afterwards; the effect takes a while)
Don't remove the condom afterwards. (save first, and again, continue afterwards)
Look at the hooker after the sex.
Swallow the Spanish Fly. (save first)
On the eighth floor of the casino hotel, examine the elevator.
Look at any of the paintings in the penthouse.
Look at the bed in the penthouse.
Kiss the inflatable doll.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Pee on the dog.
Walk across the street. (save first)
Walk into an alley. (save first)
Urinate somewhere other than the bar toilet.
Wear the ring.

Eat the candy. (save first)
Get into the cab while carrying a box of wine. (save first)
Examine the cabbie twice.
Get out of the cab without paying. (save first)
Tip the cabbie after you pay him.


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Action   Points
Order whiskey   1
Give whiskey to drunk   2
Get rose   1
Urinate in toilet   1
Get ring   3
Get password   2
Turn on TV   3
Change channels seven times   8
Get candy   2
Get hammer   3
Pay cabbie (first time)   1
Get disco card   1
Sit on whoopee cushion in cabaret   1
Buy apple   3
Get magazine   1
Get box of wine   1
Buy condoms   4
Read magazine   1
Give wine to wino   5
Call Sierra   5
Call 555-6969   2
Answer return call   5
Look at phone book   1
Show disco card to bouncer   5
Sit with Fawn   1
Look at Fawn twice   1
Ask Fawn to dance   5
Sit and look at Fawn again   1
Give rose to Fawn   5
Give candy to Fawn   5
Give ring to Fawn   5
Give money to Fawn   7
Talk to person in trenchcoat   1
Get married to Fawn   12
Turn on radio in honeymoon suite   1
Call Ajax Liquor   5
Cut rope   10
Take rope   3
Wear condom   10
Have sex with hooker   11
Remove condom   1
Get Spanish Fly   8
Give Spanish Fly to Faith   5
Go up to penthouse suite   5
Open closet   5
Inflate blowup doll   5
Have sex with blowup doll   8
Give apple to Eve   40
Total   222


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