Leisure Suit Larry 1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

This walkthrough refers to the VGA version released by Sierra in 1991. It's mostly identical in plot and puzzles to the EGA AGI-interpreter original, but there are some differences about the limits in the casino and the prices of items and such. In short, it should be usable, but it's not gospel (especially when it comes to "For Your Amusement"s).

Press Ctrl-Alt-X to bypass the age test.

Click here to jump down to answers to the copy protection questions in the VGA version, if you find it really annoying to have to go look them up in all the game box "extras". (You do have them, don't you? 'Course you do. If not, Al Lowe has them up on his site here external link.)

Welcome to Lost Wages

Go inside Lefty's. Sit on the empty stool and order whiskey. Go into the back room. Give the whiskey to the drunk and you will get a remote control. Get the rose from the table. Go into the bathroom. Urinate in the toilet, but don't flush. Examine the sink. Get the ring Read the wall until you get the password ("Ken sent me"). Go back out to the bar and knock on the red Naugahyde door. Give the pimp the password. Use the remote control to turn on the TV and then change channels seven times, until the pimp gets interested. Go upstairs. Get the box of candy from the table. Go out the window. Look at the dark window to the right. Walk to the west end of the fire escape and you will fall into the dumpster below. Search the dumpster twice and you will find a hammer. Go back to the front of the bar and hail a taxi. Go to the casino. Pay the cabbie and exit the cab.

For Your Amusement:
Hang around in front of Lefty's for a little while (about 60 seconds or less real time).
Use the zipper on the dog that pees on you outside of Lefty's.
Try all the action icons on the jukebox.
Use your wallet on the jukebox.
Examine the ceiling fan. Click the hand on it.
Order wine at the bar.
Talk to the guy on the stool to your left. (Hmm... looks familiar... wonder who that could be?)
Have a few drinks, then get up and walk around.
Walk into the drunk's crotch.
Click your watch on the drunk.
Smell in the bathroom.
Flush the toilet. (save first)
Use the ring on yourself.
In the pimp's room, look at the staircase.
In the pimp's room, look at the moose, and click the hand and zipper on the back of the moose.
In the hooker's room, smell.
On the balcony, click the hand on the dark window. (save first)


Save the game. Play either slots or blackjack, as you prefer, until you have at least $400 ($250 is the max in the EGA game). (I suggest maximizing your bet each time, saving when you win, and restoring when you lose.) When finished, head north. Examine the ashtray among the plants at the base of the elevator shaft and you will find a disco membership card. Go east to the cabaret. If a comedian is not on stage, leave and return until he is. Sit at the table at bottom right. Leave the casino. Buy an apple from the man in the barrel who approaches you. Hail a taxi and go to the convenience store. Pay the cabbie and exit the cab.

Go inside the store. Get a magazine from the rack at the bottom of the screen and a box of wine from the shelves at the back near the checkout counter. Look at the small green sign on the counter. Talk to the clerk. Pick any options you like for the condoms. Pay the clerk. Read the magazine. Leave the store. Give the box of wine to the wino and he will give you a knife. Look at the business cards in your wallet to find the number for Sierra (209-683-6858 or 209-683-8989). Dial this number on the pay phone outside the convenience store. Dial 555-6969 on the phone and answer the questions. Leave the screen and return, then answer the phone. Look at the phone book.

Go east to the disco. Show the card to the bouncer and go in. Sit with the blonde woman. Look at her twice. Click the hand on her to ask her to dance. Sit down again and look at Fawn. Give her the rose, candy, and ring. Give her the money she asks for. Leave the disco and hail a taxi. Go to the wedding chapel. Pay the cabbie and exit the cab. Walk in front of the person in the trenchcoat outside the chapel, then talk to them. Go into the chapel and you will automatically get married to Fawn. Leave the chapel.

Go west to the casino, north, and up the elevator to the 4th floor. Enter the honeymoon suite. Turn on the radio. Try to make your moves on Fawn, but it seems she's just not in the mood. Note the Ajax Liquor number you hear in the radio commercial: 555-8039. Go to the convenience store and use the phone to call Ajax Liquor. Return to the honeymoon suite. Pour the wine for Fawn, then have a little fun (and I do mean "a little"). After Fawn leaves, use the knife to cut the ribbon. After Larry gets dressed, take the ribbon.

For Your Amusement:
Examine the dancing girls in the casino cabaret.
Look at a candle on a cabaret table.
Sit through the comedian's entire routine. (Be warned: it's something like 15 minutes of real time.)
Heckle the comedian by clicking the hand and speech icons on him.
Examine the comedian's drummer, Paul.
Sit through the comedian's act long enough to get to the "telepathy" bit.
Talk to the man in the barrel. (This refers to the Apple Bandai Pippin.)
Smell/taste the breath-spray display in the convenience store (the rounded end of the left of the two orange shelf sections in the middle of the store).
Use up the breath spray (it has 10 sprays) and buy more.
Talk to the clerk before reading the sign on the counter.
Leave the convenience store without paying. (save first)
Give the wino money.
Use the condom, magazine, watch, apple, rose, chocolates, knife, and wallet on the bouncer. Also try the ring. (save first - you need the ring)
Look at everyone in the disco.
Look at the various fish in the disco aquarium.
Give the magazine to Fawn.
Look at the candelabra in the chapel.
Click the zipper on yourself in the honeymoon suite.
Drink the wine after Fawn leaves the honeymoon suite.


Go downstairs and play in the casino again to get $100 or so. Leave the casino. Hail a taxi and go to Lefty's. Go upstairs to the hooker. Undress by clicking the hand on yourself. Wear the condom and have sex with the hooker. After you get dressed, click the hand on yourself again to remove the condom. Go out the window. Tie the ribbon to yourself, then to the railing. (Finding the right spot so that you don't just untie the ribbon again can be tricky. Try the bottom right corner of the railing.) Click the hand on the bottle of pills in the other window. Break the window with the hammer and get the bottle. Gee, Spanish Fly! Go back to the railing, untie yourself, then go down and out (either through the window, or the shortcut down into the dumpster).

Hail a cab and go back to the casino. Go up to the top floor. Talk to Faith. Give her the Spanish Fly. Click the hand on Faith's podium and go up the elevator to the penthouse suite. Go east into the bedroom and open the closet. Click the mouth on the blowup doll. Click the zipper on it twice. Follow it out to the deck. Look at Eve. Talk to her twice. Take off your clothes and get in the hot tub. Turn off the bubbles. Give her the apple.

For Your Amusement:
Have sex with the hooker without putting a condom on first. (save first)
Don't remove the condom after having sex with the hooker. (save first)
Swallow the Spanish Fly. (save first)
Look at the diamond-shaped picture over the bed in the penthouse.
Stick around to watch the very end of the credits.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Walk across the street. (save first)
Walk into an alley. (save first)
In the cab, click the hand on yourself and talk to yourself.
Examine the cabbie twice.
Give the cabbie the remote control.
Get out of the cab without paying. (save first)
Tip the cabbie after you pay him.
Try all the icons on yourself.
Use random inventory items on each other.


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Order whiskey   1
Give whiskey to drunk   2
Get rose   1
Urinate in toilet   1
Get ring   3
Get password   2
Turn on TV   3
Change channels seven times   8
Get candy   2
Get hammer   3
Pay cabbie (first time)   1
Get disco card   1
Sit on whoopee cushion in cabaret   1
Buy apple   3
Get magazine   1
Get box of wine   1
Buy condoms   4
Read magazine   1
Give wine to wino   5
Call Sierra   5
Call 555-6969   2
Answer return call   5
Look at phone book   1
Show disco card to bouncer   5
Sit with Fawn   1
Look at Fawn twice   1
Ask Fawn to dance   5
Sit and look at Fawn again   1
Give rose to Fawn   5
Give candy to Fawn   5
Give ring to Fawn   5
Give money to Fawn   7
Talk to person in trenchcoat   1
Get married to Fawn   12
Turn on radio in honeymoon suite   1
Call Ajax Liquor   5
Cut ribbon   10
Take ribbon   3
Wear condom   10
Have sex with hooker   11
Remove condom   1
Get Spanish Fly   8
Give Spanish Fly to Faith   5
Go up to penthouse suite   5
Open closet   5
Inflate blowup doll   5
Have sex with blowup doll   8
Give apple to Eve   40
Total   222


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What taste treat is pictured to the left of the frankfurters? b. Tacos
What do the cowgirls have? c. Jugs o' moonshine
Where can you see oozing paint pots year 'round? b. Carla's Bad Caverns
Which of his cards does "Whose Whom" want Larry to use? a. None
Which color is the line under the letterhead of the "Whose Whom" letter? a. Red
The map directing you to the Palamino Ranch looks like d. a closeup of Baked Beans
What is the color of the sunset? d. Salmon
Larry prefers his ladies' derrieres d. yes
The man on the cover of the Palamino Ranch brochure is about to b. draw
What does Larry Laffer do for a living? a. Traveling software salesman
What length legs does Larry prefer his women to have? b. Any length
The man in the little picture is saddling up a c. fence
What kind of hair does Larry prefer his women to have? a. Clean
How far is the Palamino Ranch from the Humongous Tetons? d. 5 miles
How does the Vice President sign his name? b. Enthusiastically
A cowboy seems to be hugging d. a cow
Whose address appears at the bottom? a. Sierra On-Line's
How well-endowed does Larry prefer his women? d. Medium handfuls
What will the folks show the "wimmenfolk" how to do? a. Pull taffy under the stars
Who is the Vice President? b. Adolph Muhweeny
"Whose Whom" thinks Larry and men like him are b. fabulouso, studly, sensitive
The map that shows you how to get to the Palamino Ranch is c. a pile of beans
Getting to the Palamino Ranch is easier than c. pickin' off a saddlesore
How old is Larry Laffer? b. 40
The phone number is a. 1-800-ZIP-DOWN
What's not allowed? b. Spurs
What kind of contest is held on Tuesdays? c. Canyon Yodelin'
The gal sittin' 'round the campfire is playing a b. guitar
What color is the dotted line? a. Navy blue
The address on the back of the letter is b. invisible
Which one of the following is NOT one of the activities? d. Cattle rustlin'
What's for lunch? c. Cornbread and chili
The Palamino Ranch is available for a. bar-mitzvahs
What color is the border on top of the brochure? a. Blue-gray
The offices of "Whose Whom" are located in b. Salt Lick City
The Vice President signs his name with a d. red fine-tip pen
What kind of credit risk is Larry? a. Adequate
How tall is Larry Laffer? c. Five feet, five inches
Old Faceful erupts every a. 35 minutes

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