Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow


If you turn the Arcade setting all the way down, you will not have to engage in any of the arcade sequences (a quarterstaff fight, an archery tournament, following will o wisps?, and climbing down a tower wall) except for playing Nine Men's Morris, but if you do so you cannot practice archery and you will not get full points.

"go to overlook", "widow's cottage" etc. can be done via map in the icon bar

Day 1

Take your horn from the wall. Open the small chest on the shelf at the left of the screen and Robin will automatically take the money. Exit the cave. After Will and Little John leave, go two screens north to the shooting glade. Talk to Simon. Click the bow on the garland on the tree to practice your archery. Click the bow icon on your hand to nock another arrow; click the walk icon on the scene to leave the shooting view.

When finished, return south two screen to camp and go four screens west to the Watling Street overlook. After John speaks to you, wait until you see a man chasing a woman. Walk down onto the road. Talk to them. Shoot the man to save the peasant woman. Go east back to the outlook, then south three screens and east twice to the Widow's cottage. Talk to each of the sons and the widow. Leave the screen. You will be fast-forwarded to that night in your camp. You will have a special dream, and wake up holding half a heart carved of emerald.

For Your Amusement:
Talk to the sheep at the Widow's house.

Day 2

After you awake, leave the cave. After the scene is over, go one screen west and two south (or vice versa) to the Widow's cottage. Talk to her. (why? is this just a landmark?) From here, go two screens south and one west. (You are now one screen north of the willow grove in the dream.) If you do not see Marian being attacked, exit the screen and re-enter. Shoot the monk to save Marian. She will throw you a slipper; pick it up. Leave the screen and the day will end.

Day 3

Exit the cave and go four screens west to the overlook. Wait until a beggar appears, and walk down onto the road. Give him a ha'penny and you will switch clothes with him. Wearing this disguise, go south six screens down the road to Nottinghamshire. Click the walk icon on the walled city and go to the Cobbler location. Enter to building on the right of the screen. Give Lobb the slipper. After talking to him, you will have a silver comb. Leave the cobbler's, leave the screen, and click the walk icon south of the river to leave Nottingham. The day will end.

Day 4

Leave the cave. After Will speaks to you, go five screens south and two west to the willow grove. Talk to Marian and give her the silver comb. Show her the emerald. After Marian leaves, pick up your bow and arrows. Go south, west, north six screens and west one to the overlook. When a guard and a man come by, walk down onto the road to stop them. Shoot the guard to save the man. After the poacher leaves the screen, the day will end.

Day 5

Leave the cave. After Alan is done talking, go one screen west and two south to visit the Widow and hear what has happened to her sons. Go north two screens and three west to the overlook. You will see two monks. Walk down onto the road and you will talk to the Fens monk (black robes). Save the game. Click the bow on him to threaten him. Accept his challenge to a quarterstaff fight. After you have defeated him and are dressed in his robe, go north four screens to the Nottinghamshire map. Go to the Fens Monastery at the bottom left. Walk down the path. Click the whistle you took from the monk on yourself to summon a boat. Get into the boat by clicking the hand on it. When you arrive at the entrance, talk to the doorkeeper. Save the game. Give him the whistle, then the pouch. Answer his three gemstone riddles, each of which requires pointing to three stones. The powers of the stones are listed in the game manual.

A brown leather pouch, opened to show nine gemstones of different colors

A piece of sky fell to my feet and I picked it up.
Where it touched me, it raised boils.
I fear it poisons me.
lapis (it is a fallen piece of the heavens)
sapphire (it cures boils)
amber (it counteracts poison) or jet (it prevents poisoning)
Alas, sadness clothes me like a leaden cloak.
A wicked woman lies to me,
but I fear danger will come upon me by surprise.
agate (it cures melancholia)
amber (it can make a woman confess her sins)
turquoise (it warns of danger by changing color)
Demons dance to my call.
I am a thief none can catch.
No sharp blade worries me.
jet (it controls demons)
opal (it makes the wearer invisible)
carnelian (it suppresses blood flowing from wounds)
I am old and my hearing fails me,
I am ill and wonder when death will come for me,
my mouth is dry.
amber (it cures blindness and deafness)
opal (it forecasts death in one who is ill)
quartz (it quenches thirst when held in the mouth)
I have a fever
which has driven me to madness.
My teeth loosen and I taste blood in my mouth.
amber (it cures fever)
agate (it cures lunacy)
carnelian (it cures bleeding gums)
I have three fears: I fear traveling by ship
I fear my wife will be unfaithful
I fear the lies of men.
agate (it protects sailors at sea)
sapphire (it preserves chastity)
lapis (it is the stone of truth)
I lie dying, cut deeply by the sword,
my flesh burns,
spirits of Hades hover to take my soul.
carnelian (it guides the dead to rebirth)
amber (it cures fever)
jet (has power in the underworld where the dead walk)
I must go into battle where I may well be wounded.
Then I will know great thirst
and my eyes will burn.
carnelian (it suppresses blood flowing from wounds)
quartz (it quenches thirst when held in the mouth)
sapphire (it cures diseases of the eye) or lapis (it cures diseases of the eye)
I must ride upon a fiery horse,
through valleys filled with adders
and seek the fate that awaits me.
turquoise (it keeps horses from becoming lame)
jet (it cures snakebite)
sapphire (it is the stone of destiny)
I will seek out the devil where he lies
and I will cross many seas to do so.
Then I shall blast him with fire from heaven.
jet (it controls demons)
lapis (it symbolizes the power of water) or agate (it protects sailors at sea)
quartz (it draws down fire from the heavens)
I would comfort a friend who fears that death will come upon him without warning.
But if death should come,
let my gifts guide him beyond demon's reach and to new life.
opal (it forecasts death in one who is ill)
jet (it has power in the underworld where the dead walk)
carnelian (it guides the dead to rebirth)
I'll build a ship to carry me skyward.
If it falls, I'll not be harmed.
But I will never tell how it is done.
agate (it will pull objects toward the sky)
turquoise (it protects from injuries by falling)
sapphire (it preserves secrets)
In summer, my ice does not melt.
The red eye becomes clear.
Demon runs when I raise my hand.
quartz (it is petrified ice)
sapphire (it cures diseases of the eye) or lapis (it cures diseases of the eye)
jet (it controls demons)
My trees are heavy with fruit,
my heart is full of desires,
and my wife gives birth to a holy child.
agate (it brings good crops)
carnelian (it grants a heart's desires)
quartz (it represents the Immaculate Conception).
Sadness weighs upon my soul.
My heart aches to be filled.
Would that I could steal into my love's chamber unseen.
agate (it cures melancholia)
carnelian (it grants a heart's desires)
opal (it makes the wearer invisible)
The drought lengthens,
the corn withers in my field,
and a witch curses me with a glance.
lapis (it symbolizes the power of water)
agate (it brings good crops)
jet (it averts the Evil Eye)

Once inside, go to the Refectory (the four tables in the center) and you will talk to the Prior. Go to the northwest tower. After the Prior leaves, lower the rope to release Fulk, the jester.

Go to the southeast tower. Examine the rack of scrolls at the back. Read the rightmost scroll in the middle row, that is, the one on the bottom right in the compartment with two scrolls ("the history of this very fort..."). On the page of text after the one that names the "Guardians of the Gate", make note of which faces need to be touched: wisdom, hunger, and the fool. Take the bottom center scroll, the "hand" scroll Marian spoke of. Click the walk icon in the black area to exit.

Take the Prior's goblet to spill it and drive off the Prior. Take the verse scroll he was studying. Open it and read it. Return to the northwest tower. Give the verse scroll to Fulk. Get into the boat he leads you to. Look at each of the gargoyle faces in the arch. Press the bottom left (thoughtful, that is, wisdom), top right (lean and hungry), and top left (foolish) gargoyle faces to open the gate. After Robin and Fulk reach shore, he will give you a ring, and the day will end.

For Your Amusement
In the northwest tower, take a rat.
Read all the other scrolls.

Day 6

Leave the cave. After Much is done talking, go west and south two screens to visit the Widow ???. Go west four screens to the overlook. When an Abbey monk comes by (brown robes), walk down and talk to him. Click the hand cursor on him - he is very afraid of you and will give up his clothes. Go north along the street to the Nottinghamshire map and go to Nottingham town.

Go to St. Mary's. Enter the abbey. Go through to the left door at the rear of the chapel, into the maze. Walk through the maze until you find the exit on the north wall: up; zig to the right, around the top corner of the hedge bit that stops near the top of the screen and exit in the southeast corner of the screen; then turn back north (this bit is tricky, as you're in a tight corner where it's hard to see Robin), go through the gap in the right-hand wall, exit to the north; left through a gap; and then north again towards the back wall. Go west until you see the exit, and look at it. (You need to find the exit now so you know where it is later when you really need it.)

Return through the maze to the abbey. Leave the chapel to the south and go to the laundry, the northwest corner off the entry court. Get the three hanging sets of robes. Go to the refectory tables in the southwest corner and talk to the Abbot. Take the ale cask.

Leave the refectory to the east, leave the abbey, and go to the castle. Talk to the guard. Bribe him with four farthings. After the scene, go to the pub. When you see a bucket lower behind the barnan, look at it. Talk to the barman. Give the cask to the barman and you will have a new one in exchange. Twice talk to the man sitting at the game board at lower right. Bet him a farthing. Save the game and play Nine Man's Morris. You must beat him to win the amethyst. (This may take many tries, even on a low arcade setting. If you can manage to make a mill while you are still initially placing your pieces, that will strengthen your position.)

Once you have won, click the hand on the bars of the cellar door at the back of the room. Click the hand on the tap of the cask that is second from the top to open it. Take the right fork to return to St. Mary's. Agree to drink with the Abbot. Use the amethyst on your mug of ale. Talk to him while you drink until he talks about the treasure train and you gain points. After the Abbot falls asleep, search him and take his money. Take the empty cask as well. Go to the Abbot's room (off to the right of the entrance hall). Look under the rightmost pillow on his bed and take the puzzle box. Put the pillow back in place.

Return to the pub, give the barman the second empty cask, and pay the Abbot's bill (12 pennies). He will let you back into the secret tunnels. Take the left fork. Look through the hole in the door. Wait for the guards to leave. Enter the room, quickly place 4 pennies on the table, and leave. When the guards go off to buy their ale, go back in and open the trapdoor. Click the robes on the pit to use the silk sashes as a rope to rescue the widow's sons. Return to the secret tunnel and exit on the left of the screen to return to the pub. Agree to try to pass the Sheriff as monks. When asked to, talk to the Sheriff to bless him, and you will leave the pub. The widow will reward you with a golden net, and the day will end.

Day 7

Drawing of the palm of a hand with letters of the alphabet overlaid in specific positions

Read Fulk's verse scroll that you took from the Prior, and note the first letter of each of the names of the trees that spoke. (This changes every game.) Click the inventory hand on the puzzle box and enter those letters to open it. Go to the willow grove. Give Marian the hand scroll.

Go to any forest screen and wait for a small pixie to run across the screen. Catch him with the net by clicking it slightly ahead of where he is. It may take a few tries to catch him. Watch the scene. After talking to the Green Man, save the game. Talk to him again to begin the riddle test.

You must spell out the answers to the riddles using the Druid hand code that was on the scroll (see image to the left). Click the blank center of the palm to enter your answer. You must answer three riddles correctly, and are also allowed two incorrect answers (the third will result in your remaining a tree forever). These are the answers:

Metal or bone I may be... comb
I am the heart... wood
Golden treasure I contain... beehive
Not born, but from a mother's body... cheese
Many teeth I have... comb
I am two-faced... coin
I am a window, I am a lamp... eye
My first master has four legs... fur
High-born, my touch is gentle... snow
I am the outstretched fingers... feather

Day 8

12 shields showing a variety of heraldic devices

Go to the overlook. Stop the yeoman. Give him some money and switch clothes with him. Go to Nottingham to the Fair. Catch up to and talk to the lady in blue - she is Lady Marian.

There are three different scholars wandering around the fair. You are looking for the one in grey, with a brown fur capelet and a grey hat. When you find him, talk to him, and choose the correct coat of arms from his book by answering Yea or Nay as appropriate (see image to the right) If he cannot show you the right one, seek another scholar. When you have identified the scholar, give him the hand scroll. You can take or refuse his money, as you please.

There are many other things to do at the fair:

When you are finished, go all the way west to the archery tournament. Give the guard a penny and stand in the center lane. Click the bow on the target. To win you need to split the other man's arrow. You will win the golden arrow.

Day 9

Save the game. Visit the Widow. If you need to, do so by going two screens south and one west rather than using the map shortcut. Talk to the widow. Go one screen east and one south. You are standing in the middle of a grove of elder trees, and will hear the Sheriff's men. Click the hand on yourself and spell RUIS. You will be transformed into an elder tree and thus escape the soldiers. (I picked the elder grove because it was nearby, but any of the trees can protect you in this fashion. On any screen where there are blackberries that would ordinarily block your path, forming the border of the game area, MUIN will make them move aside so you can pass and escape the Sheriff's men.)

Afterwards, go to the overlook. Stop the merchant. Search him by clicking the hand on him until you find his jewels. After you have switched clothes, use the rouge on yourself to change the colour of your facial hair. Go to the castle in Nottingham and talk to the guard. Show the sample jewels to the sheriff. After he asks you for more evidence of this cave, just leave the room. His wife will cajole him into following you and you will have some fun revenge on the Sheriff.

Day 10

Blow your horn. Select Little John's plan for rescuing Marian. Go to Nottingham and go to the Pub. Wear the fire ring before entering (it's just safer to do it now). Talk to the barman repeatedly until he lets you into the cellar. Open the second cask and go to St. Mary's. Leave the Refectory and go into the maze. Quickly go to the exit. As you reach the door, you will hear the horn blow. Open the door and you will save Marian. In the willow grove, use the emerald on her to heal her. Take note of the password (changes every game).

Day 11

Blow your horn again. Select Tuck's plan to ambush the treasure train.

Day 12

Head south three screens to the elder grove. There you will have to transform into a tree again to avoid the Sheriff's men. Go to the overlook and talk to the knight. Show him the password. Talk to him again. Show him the password again. When he draws his sword, shoot him. Search his body and you will find a letter proving his treachery. Blow your horn to call Little John.

Day 13

Go to the Fens Monastery and go down the path to the swamp. Wear the water ring. Talk to the water spirits. Use the boat they bring you and follow them through the fens. Click the hand on the ivy climbing up the tower to exit the boat. Use the hand language to spell GORT and the ivy will grow for you. Climb the wall. Enter the window and talk to the knight. Spell the password for him. Climb down carefully, watching for falling stones. Once you reach the boat, just sit back and watch the ending movie.


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