Around Serenia

Walk south two screens from Crispin's house and go into town. Enter the tailor's shop (the one directly in front of you) and talk to the man. Try on the cloak, but you can't purchase anything now. Exit the tailor's. The wagon-fixer will be gone. Pick up the silver coin he left behind. Look in the barrel next to where the wagon was, and get the fish. Go to the toy shop (the second, arched, doorway). Talk to the owner and examine the sled you see there. Exit this shop and go to the shoemaker's (the green door around the corner). Talk to the wife to find out about their predicament. Leave the store and leave town. Go west three screens and use the fish on the bear. Click the hand on the tree to get the honeycomb. Get the stick that's lying on the ground. Go north one screen and use the stick on the dog. Go east one screen and talk to the elderly gnome. Go north one screen and talk to the tree. Return south and west to the anthill.

For Your Amusement:
Walk near the anthill.

The Desert

Enter the desert by going west one screen. Go south one screen, then west until you come to an oasis. Drink. Go west two screens, then south one screen. Get the shoe that's next to the skeleton. Go west three screens to another oasis and drink. Go north three screens, then east two screens. Drink from the puddle between the rocks, then move behind one of them to hide. Watch the bandits ride up and open the temple. After they leave, go south, west two screens, then south two screens. Drink at the oasis. Go south three screens, then west one screen to the bandit camp. Drink from the clay jar next to the fire at the bottom left of the screen. Enter the smaller tent. Carefully walk around the rug, get the staff, and walk back around the rug to exit. Drink from the jar again.

Go east, then north three screens. Drink from the oasis. Go north three screens, then east twice. Drink again from the puddle between the rocks. Save the game. Go up to the temple and use the staff on the door. Get the coin and brass bottle that are near the door and get out. (Don't pause to admire the scenery or you'll be trapped inside - you have only 10-12 seconds). Go south. Drink again. Go east three screens, then south two screens. Drink at the oasis. Go straight east five screens to the bee tree.

For Your Amusement:
Get trapped inside the temple.
Open the brass bottle.

The Dark Forest

Go north two screens to the traveller camp. Give the man the gold coin. Relax and watch the cut-scene. When it's over, wear the amulet Mushka gives you. Go east two screens, then north into the Dark Forest. (The witch will probably appear on one of the next two screens, but if not, she definitely will on the third. When she does, use the brass bottle on her.) Take the left fork in the path. Go north and then east. Cross the bridge and enter the house. Open the chest and take the spinning wheel. Click the hand on the lamp hanging from the ceiling to get a small key. Open the drawer in the table to the left and get a pouch. In your inventory, click the hand on the pouch to find three emeralds inside it. Leave the house and go east. Climb up the ramp, unlock the door in the tree with the little gold key, and get the Willow's heart. Go back down the ramp, around the back to the place where you came in, and west two screens to a screen where you can see eyes blinking in the bushes. Use the honeycomb on the ground to squeeze out a puddle of honey. Use the emeralds on the honey three times to catch an elf. Follow him west twice to the elf land. You will receive a fine pair of boots and be shown the way out of the forest.

Around Serenia Again

Save the game. Go west and give the heart to the Willow. Take her harp after she and her prince leave. Go west and get the tambourine the Gypsies left behind. Go south, then east. Give the spinning wheel to the gnome. He will give you the marionette his grandson has. Go south. Search the haystack and a contingent of King Antony's ants will come up with a golden needle for you. Go east. Slow the game down some and save the game. Click the walk icon on the eastern edge of the screen, then ready the old shoe as your inventory item. Just before you reach the edge of the screen, a rat being chased by a cat will appear on the western edge. Quickly throw the shoe at the cat. (If you miss, it will catch the rat and you will not be able to finish the game.) Enter the building, which is the bakery, and buy a custard pie with your silver coin.

Leave and go east twice into town. Go to the tailor's (first door) and give him the golden needle to receive the cloak. Go to the toy shop (second door) and give him the marionette to receive the sled. Go to the shoemaker's (third door) and give him the elven shoes to receive his cobbler's hammer. Leave town and go west two screens to the inn. Enter the inn and talk to the men. You will be captured and tied up in the basement, but the rat you saved will return the favor. Take the rope. Use the hammer on the door lock. Leave the cellar. Open the cabinet in the kitchen and take the leg of lamb. Leave the kitchen by the western door. Go east twice back to the screen with town and then go north. Use the tambourine on the snake and exit eastward into snow country.

Snow Country

Put the cloak on. Carefully follow the path around and exit to the northeast. When Graham gets hungry, eat the lamb (just once, don't eat all of it). Throw the rope on the rock you see jutting out next to the tree branch. Climb the rope. Cross the chasm by jumping across the back row of stones (use the hand icon). Cross over the log and exit to the east. Wolves will kidnap Cedric. Use the sled on yourself to toboggan down the mountainside. Go east. Give the remaining lamb to the eagle you see. Go north to enter Queen Icebella's castle. After she pronounces her sentence upon you, quickly start playing the harp (before her wolves get you). From the screen where the wolf leads you, walk north towards the cave you see. Throw the pie at the yeti. He will fall over the edge. Enter the crystal cave and use the cobbler's hammer on the crystal you see at center back. Return to Sir Greywolf and be led back to the castle, then back out. Go south. Walk towards the tunnel you can see at the bottom of the screen. You will be captured by a roc when you emerge from its top and taken to a bird's nest. Quickly grab the locket before you are rescued by the eagle.

For Your Amusement:
On the screen where the wolves kidnap Cedric, look at the middle mountain you see in the distance.
Click your cloak on the broken sled. (save first)
Don't feed the eagle. (save first)

The Shoreline and Harpy Island

Get the crowbar. Go north one screen. Use the beeswax on the boat, then get in it. Go east three screens, and then south one. You and Cedric will be captured by Harpies. As the Harpies start debating what to do with you, play the harp. After they leave, pick up the fishhook which is by the rock at bottom left. Go west. Pick up Cedric and go west again. Get the shell and get back in the boat. Go west three screens. Ring the bell outside the shipwreck shack. Give the shell to the man. Watch the cut scene. You will get Cedric fixed up and be led to Mordack's island.

Mordack's Castle

Take the fish on the beach. Go north. Use the crystal on one of the serpents. Go north to approach the castle, then walk west around the side. Use the crowbar on the grate and click the hand on the hole to drop into the labyrinth. Find Dink in the maze. (See this map offsite link. The viewpoint rotates with you, so rotate the map accordingly as you move. Dink can be found in any of the four corner spaces so labeled.) Use the tambourine on him and get the hairpin he drops. Find the door in the maze and use the hairpin on it. Go through the door to the larder. Open the cabinet on the left and get the bag of peas. Go north to the kitchen. Give the girl the locket - it's Princess Cassima. Save the game.

Go east one screen to the hallway. Linger, looking at things. You're waiting for a blue beast to show up so you can get caught by it. If it doesn't come, wander back and forth between this screen, the dining room (the next screen to the east) and the kitchen until you see it. Don't go south from the dining room because you may run into Mordack's cat Manannan (remember him from KQ3?), and you're done for if you do. Restore the game if necessary. When you get caught, use the fishhook on the mouse hole you can see at the back to get a piece of cheese. Wait for Cassima to show up and rescue you. Follow her back to the door into the larder. Go into the kitchen, make the bag of peas your active inventory item, and save the game again.

Go east into the hallway. This time, when the beast shows up, quickly click the peas on him to empty the sack. Don't get caught. When you have an empty pea sack, go south from the dining room. Now you're looking for the cat. Go back and forth between this screen and the one with the stairway until you see him. (If you get caught by the blue beast - despite appearances, he was only unconscious - restore the game.) When you find the cat, use the fish on him. While Manannan's busy with the fish, use the sack on him to put the cat in the bag. Now you don't have to worry about him any more. Go up the stairs.

Go west into Mordack's bedroom and south into his library. Read the book at the bottom left of the screen. Stand to the left of the doorway and wait until you see Mordack come into his bedroom and go to sleep. Enter his bedroom, go up to the night table, and take his wand. Go east into the laboratory. Go up the stairs. Put Crispin and Mordack's wands on the machine, then put the cheese in the machine. Quickly take Crispin's wand. You will be discovered by Mordack. When he transforms into a "sting", click the wand on yourself or on him and pick the tiger spell. When he changes into a dragon, pick the rabbit spell. For the cobra, choose the mongoose, and for the fire, the raincloud. Mordack will be rained out. Enjoy the ending movie.

For Your Amusement:
Play the organ. (save first)


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