Around Tamir

You begin on a stretch of beach with a stream running into the ocean. Go one screen north and two east. Look under the bridge and get the golden ball. Go one screen north. Find the frog in the pond. You have to stand on the eastern shore of the pond, parallel with the frog. Drop the ball. The frog will retrieve it for you. Pick up the frog and kiss it. You will be left with a tiny golden crown. Go two screens east, walk up the steps, and open the mansion door. Go west one screen. Examine the bookshelves. Take the book of Shakespeare. (If you're not close enough, walk up to the right-hand bookshelf.) Return east and leave the mansion. Go three screens west to a screen with a tree stump. If there is not a minstrel playing there, leave and return until he appears. Listen to him; then give him the book of Shakespeare. You will be left with his lute. Go north one screen. If you do not see a satyr playing a flute, continue one more screen north. If he is not here either, go back and forth between these two screens until you see him. Play the lute. Give it to Pan. You now have a flute. (Play it if you like.)

Return south to the stump and go one more screen south, then two east. Cross the river and open the door in the tree. Clean the house. Afterwards, the dwarves will arrive and get soup for themselves, then invite you to eat with them. During the meal, talk to the dwarves three times. Shortly thereafter, they will leave. Get the blue pouch that remains on the table and open it. Leave the house and go one screen south. Walk up the path into the mine. Carefully follow the path down to the floor and then go one screen east. Stand in front of the dwarf at the right who has a lantern at his feet. Give him the pouch. He will refuse and give you the lantern. Leave the mine and walk down the path to the ground. Go one screen east. If you don't see a robin pulling a worm out of the ground, go one screen north. Alternate between these screens until you see it. Walk up to it and get the worm.

Getting the Magic Fruit

If you are in the screen with the stream and the mansion in the distance, go east. If you are east of the mine, go one screen north first, then go east. Stand on the riverbank near the falls and wear the crown. You will swim under the falls as a frog and end up near a cave entrance. Walk north and left a couple of steps. Get the board. Light the lantern. Save the game.

On the cave screens, each time you enter a screen, wait for a few seconds to be sure the troll is not there. If not, save the game and proceed. If so, it is possible to run away, but it is difficult and you might be less frustrated just letting him catch you and then restoring the game. (On the first screen, at least, you can tell the difference because you hear music instead of the silence that precedes the troll's growl.) From the waterfall screen, go east. If the troll is there, immediately leave and return. Once safely inside the cave without the troll, take a bone from the pile near the entrance. Go straight east across the first screen. On the next screen, walk east until you pass a Y-shaped rock formation; then turn and go south off the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, continue south until you bump up against a stalagmite, then turn east until you bump into another rock, south a bit more, and then east off the screen.

In the next screen, once you have established that the troll is not there, walk right almost to the the middle of the screen. Stop when you see some vertical lines in the lamplight; this is the edge of a chasm. When you find it (you may get a hint about its location by falling in it!), lay board across the chasm. Walk straight east across it. Once across, you will automatically pick up the board. Walk to the east edge of the screen (just to make sure you don't fall in the chasm from this side), then north towards the blue light at right center, and then east out of the cave. Save the game again.

Walk up to the edge of the shore. Type jump and repeat this until you are on the last tuft before the island with the tree and snake. Lay board. Walk almost all the way across it, but don't set foot on the island or you're bitten. Play the flute. Quickly walk up to the fruit, take it, and walk back across the board to the first tuft. Pick up the board and jump back across the swamp to the cave entrance. Reverse the way you came in to get out: south from the entrance, west across the chasm, north, west, and west out of the cave. Remember to pause for a moment to wait for the troll, and save if he is not there. When you're out of the cave, extinguish the lantern and walk out under the falls.

For Your Amusement:
Wear the crown in the swamp and jump into the swamp as a frog.
(save first)

Meeting Lolotte and Getting the Unicorn

Swim to the south shore and then walk up the mountain path. On the next screen you will be captured by some flying goons and taken to see Lolotte. Relax and watch the cut-scene. After a short while in your cell, a new cut-scene will occur. When you are dropped back at the foot of the mountain, you may wish to save the game.

Go all the way west to the beach, then south twice. Walk out to the end of the pier. If the fisherman is not there, leave and return until he is. Walk up to him and talk to him. (Not very talkative, is he?) Wait until he stands up to leave. Get out of his way (for example by walking off the north edge of the pier), then follow him back to his house. Open the door. Give the fisherman the pouch and he will give you his fishing pole. Walk back out to the end of the pier (stop before the last line). Put the worm on the hook and then fish. Repeat until you catch a fish. Once you have done so, save the game.

Walk off the end of the pier into the ocean. Swimming at the bottom of the screen, head west. If you see a shark fin or a whale, dodge off the bottom edge of the screen and immediately return. After two screens you will reach Genesta's island. Wander around the beach until you find a peacock feather, and pick it up. Return to the screen where you came ashore and begin swimming east again. This time, you want to get swallowed by the whale, so when you see it, stop and swim in place (don't change screens). If you make it back to land without being caught, just try again by swimming west from the pier or the screens north or south of it.

In the whale now? Ok. Don't take too long in here, or Rosella will get digested. Get the bottle that's floating around, open it, and read the note. To climb the tongue, slow the game down. Choose either the left or right side of the tongue. Start at the bottom outside of the curve. Climb carefully up and over, up and over, saving every few steps, following the curve as best you can. If using the mouse, remember that you should click where you want Rosella's feet to go, not her hands.

When you stand up on the middle of the tongue, save. Walk up a little and over to the very top center, under the uvula, and tickle the whale with the feather. (If you're told "not here!", walk more towards the center and/or more "north" towards the top of the screen.) Swim north to the island you can see in the distance. Walk inside the bow of the wrecked boat. Look at the ground and you will get a bridle. Move to stand in front of the pair of palm trees and throw the fish to the pelican. Walk to the sparkly spot on the ground. Look at the ground. Get the whistle. Blow the whistle and ride the dolphin it summons.

From where you come ashore, go two screens east to a Roman pool. Stay hidden behind the trees and wait to see if Cupid flies down to bathe. If he doesn't, leave the screen and return until he does. While Cupid is splashing about, walk into the pool. He will fly away, startled, and forget his bow and arrows. Walk out of the pool and get the bow. (Although the arrows are not described as a separate item, you only have three and you need two, so don't screw around with them!) Go north one screen. If you see the unicorn, shoot it. (If not, alternate between this screen and the one to the west, with the river, or the ones to the north or south of that.) Walk up to its head and put the bridle on it. Walk to the south side of the unicorn. Ride the unicorn and it will take you to Lolotte's. Relax and watch the scene.

For Your Amusement:
In the fisherman's hut, drink coffee.
Repeatedly read the note in the bottle.

Getting the Hen

Once at the foot of the mountain again, save the game. Go two screens west and one south. If the ogre or his wife appear (you will hear music), immediately leave the screen to the north. When you are sure no one is there, walk up to the door of the house and open it. Throw the bone to the dog. Go up the stairs and get the axe that is leaning against the eastern wall of the bedroom. Return down the stairs and go to the cupboard door under the stairs. Open the door and go inside. Wait (do nothing, without an input box up on the screen) until you hear the ogre come home. (This will take a couple minutes of real time.) Look through the keyhole. When you see that the ogre is asleep, open the closet door. Walk up to the table. Wait for the hen to cross directly in front of you and get the hen. Walk across the rug (to muffle your footsteps) to the front door and open it. As soon as you do, the hen will squawk and wake up the ogre. Keep moving! As soon as you are outside, turn to the north and continue off the screen to the dwarves' mine. Go east two screens to the mountain path and go up.

Getting Pandora's Box

Once more at the foot of the mountain, go three screens north. Swing the axe to frighten the trees. Continue one more screen north (go to the top left, and around a tree) to a cave shaped like a skull. Save the game, slow it down a bit and go inside. Watch the witch as she comes towards you. Wait a bit before heading to the right, so that you lead her around the cauldron as you slip in between the other two witches (be careful not to touch them!). Get the eye. Leave the cave, then immediately return. One of the witches will throw a scarab at you. Pick it up, then stand at the bottom of the screen and throw them the eye. Leave the cave.

Go south. Now that you have the scarab, night will fall. Go south again, west, and open the mansion door. (Don't worry about the zombies in the graveyard; they flee from the scarab you're carrying.) Go west. Examine the portrait, then examine the wall where its gaze is directed. Flip the latch and go one screen west. Get the shovel that is leaning against the wall. By now you should be hearing a baby crying. (You have to hear each ghost before you can find their "treasure" in their grave; you can't dig up the graves ahead of time. Be sure to read each stone to make sure you have the right one, because you can only dig 5 times.)

Leave the mansion and go to the western graveyard. Go to the tiny tombstone at the far back left of the graveyard. Read the stone (Hiram Bennet) and dig. You will get a rattle. Return to the mansion. Go upstairs, through the left door, and west into the nursery. Put the rattle in the cradle.

Shortly, you will hear a second ghost. As you leave the bedroom you will see him on the ground floor. Go to the western graveyard and dig at the tombstone at the very bottom left (Newberry Will). Take the bag of coins into the mansion. Leave the screen to the east or west and return to make the ghost appear. Give the coins to the ghost.

Next you will hear "sorrowful weeping". Go to the eastern graveyard and dig at the grave at bottom left/center (Betty Cowden). Take the locket upstairs and through the right door. Wait a moment and the ghost will appear. Give her the locket.

Next, you will hear "loud wailing". Go to the western graveyard and dig at the left-hand of the two graves at bottom right (Lord Coningsby). Return to the mansion and give the medal to the ghost. (Again, leaving the room to the east or west and returning makes him appear.)

Lastly you will see a small boy ghost. Go to the eastern graveyard and dig at the grave at top left (Willy). Return to the mansion, go upstairs, and through the right door. Climb the ladder. Give the toy horse to the ghost. Open the trunk and look inside. You will get some sheet music. Climb the ladder back down, go south, downstairs, and west twice to the secret tower. Climb the stairs, sit down at the organ, and play sheet music. Look in the drawer and get the key.

Return downstairs, leave the mansion, and go into the eastern graveyard. Use the key to unlock the crypt door set into the mountainside at the right of the screen. Open the door. Carefully walk onto the platform. Lower the ladder and climb down it. Pick up Pandora's Box from the corner. Climb the ladder and leave the crypt. Go south two screens and up the mountain path. Relax and watch the scene.

For Your Amusement:
Read all the other gravestones.
Kiss a zombie.
Shake the rattle.
Play the organ (rather than playing the sheet music specifically).
Open Pandora's Box.
(save first)

Getting the Talisman and Saving Genesta

Once in Edgar's room, wait until he slips a rose under the door. Walk to the door and Rosella will pick up the rose. Get the key. Unlock the door. Save the game. Open the door and carefully go down the stairs. These have blind corners, so you may wish to alternate between a couple of saved games. At the bottom of the tower, hug the lower curve of the wall so as not to wake up the guard.

In the next room, stay close to the bottom of the screen, then keep as close to the right wall as you can and go in the top door. Open the right-hand cabinet and get all your possessions ("get all" will work). Leave the room, hug the wall, and go east through the bottom doorway. Again, stay close to the bottom of the screen to bypass the guard, and then hug the curve of the wall to start up the stairs of the other tower. Continue past the doorway in the middle of the tower and go all the way up. Unlock Lolotte's door with the gold key. Open the door and walk inside. Shoot Lolotte. Go up to her and take the Talisman. Save the game.

Leave Lolotte's room and go halfway down the stairs. Go through the doorway off the landing. Open the wooden door. Get the hen (this may take a few tries) and Pandora's Box (you need to specify "Pandora's"; "get box" will not succeed). Leave the room and continue down the stairs, west one screen, and south out of the castle. Enter the stable, walk up to the center pole, and open the gate to let the unicorn go free.

Walk carefully down the mountain path. When you get to the bottom, go two screens north. Enter the crypt, climb down the ladder, and drop Pandora's Box. Leave the crypt, close the door, and lock it with the skeleton key.

Go west all the way to the beach, north one screen, and swim west to Genesta's island. Go south and west. Open the door, enter the palace, and go up the stairs on the left. Give the Talisman to Genesta, and watch the ending movie.

For Your Amusement:
Get caught sneaking around Lolotte's castle and watch the wedding between Rosella and Edgar.
(save first)

For Your Amusement at various times:
Try swear words.
Remove your dress.


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