This walkthrough refers to the Infamous Adventures remake of the game. In terms of puzzles it should be serviceable for playing the original game, although you will have to work out the exact commands on your own (let's play "what were the game designers thinking" along with a few rousing rounds of "repeat phrases verbatim from the game docs as copy protection, or else doom befalls you"!).

General Information

Manannan will kill you for lots of various possible transgressions in this game: carrying certain prohibited items (those marked with a red dot in your inventory), leaving the laboratory trapdoor open, failing to return his magic wand to its cabinet, being down the mountain when he returns from a journey or wakes from a nap, failing to perform your chores more than five times, and possibly entering his bedroom while he is present (I haven't checked this in the remake).

The bulk of this game is racing against the clock, though I say "racing" somewhat loosely because it's fairly easy to accomplish everything in just a single trip down the mountain (and, mercifully, Infamous Adventures decided to make the magic map deposit you at the top of the mountain instead of the bottom when you use it to return to the house, which saves a few minutes of game-clock time). Manannan leaves to sleep or go on journeys for 25 minutes at a time, and you must be back at the top of the mountain with everything in place in the house as you left it (at least, as far as Manannan can see) when he returns, or he will kill you. The game clock is in the game controls In the menu bar; keep an eye on it while you are down the mountain.

Manannan's House

Go west and enter the house. Manannan will appear on the stairs and assign you a chore. Perform it at once.

1. Feed the chickens. The chicken feed is in a pile next to the coop, outside the house.
2. Dust his study. The study is straight back (north) from the front door of the house, and the feather duster is on top of the oak cabinet in the lower left corner of the screen.
3. Empty his chamber pot. Manannan's bedroom is on the second floor, north off the first screen.
4. Clean the kitchen. From the inside the front door of the house, go east and north into the kitchen. Take the broom leaning against the back wall.

When you're finished, go to the dining room. Get the tin cup (furthest left on the shelf under the moose head). Go into the kitchen. Get the blue bowl from the shelves on the left and the spoon and knife from next to the fireplace. Take the mutton chop, fruit, and bread from the table. (You can eat them yourself if you like, as you won't be needing them in this walkthrough, but taking them in the first place scores points.) Before doing anything else, you need to wait for Manannan to leave, so twiddle your thumbs for a while. At 5:00 game time, Manannan will appear to say he has decided to take a journey. He'll return at 30:00, so remember to keep an eye on the clock.

OK, let's get cracking! Whenever you see the black cat wandering around, click the hand on it and you will get a tuft of cat fur.

Go to Manannan's bedroom on the second floor. Open the drawer under the vanity mirror and you will get a hand mirror. Click the hand on the top of the wardrobe to get a small brass key (it may take a few tries to find the right spot). Open the wardrobe to get a scroll of parchment (a magic map). Open the drawer in the table on the right of the screen to get Rose Petal Essence. Go up to the observatory on the third floor and get the fly lying on the floor at the top right.

Return to the first floor and go into the study. Use the key on the cabinet at the bottom left. Take the wand and click the hand on the cabinet door to close it and exit. Look at the bottom right corner of the bookshelves at the back of the room (not on the right). Click the hand in that spot to open the trapdoor. Go down the stairs by clicking the hand on the opening. If you see the cat on the stairs, save the game. If you get too close to it, it will trip you and you will fall to your death. You can pass by it if you stay as far away from it as possible, but it can be a bit tricky.

Proceed downstairs to the lab. Examine each of the shelves at the back of the room. Look at the book lying open on the table, and click the hand it to read it. Click the eye on each of the symbols to read the directions for the spells. Cycle through the icons and click the blue arrow to exit this screen. Get the saffron from the right-hand side of the middle shelf. Return to the book and cast the "Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly" spell (the one that looks like an owl with wings raised). you don't have the ingredients for any other spells right now, so go back upstairs.

For Your Amusement
Talk to the portrait of Mordack that is hanging near the stairs on the first floor.
Look at the "wood" border around the screen on the second floor near Manannan's room.
When Manannan is home, repeatedly go down the mountain path as far as you can, or don't do your chores. (The sixth punishment will be death.)
Repeatedly look behind the tapestry outside Gwydion's bedroom. (save first)
Click the knife on the cat.
Click the hand on the cat a second time, after getting the tuft of fur.
Try casting all the spells now, without having any of the proper ingredients. (Save first. If you want to try Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly, do it before picking up the saffron.)

The Town and Desert

Regarding bandits: in some of the screens near the mountain path and in the west of Llewdor near the desert, you may be mugged by bandits. If this happens, don't worry; you can get your stuff back. Skip ahead to "The Bandits' Hideout" to find out how.

Leave the house and go east to the chicken coop. Open the gate (can be a little tricky - see the picture at right; try to click on the area outlined in red), walk up to a chicken, and click the hand on it. This may take a lot of tries, so keep at it.

When you've got a chicken feather, return west. Pause a moment and click the map on yourself. See how most of it is not in color? You can only use the map to travel to places you have already been: that changes spots on the map to full-color images. The first time, however, you have to walk down the mountain "manually".

Go south one screen to the mountain path and save the game. This isn't quite as tough as it was in the original game, but it's still a bit tricky. Keep your eye on where the green "hot spot" is on the walk icon, and click it just a few paces in front of wherever Gwydion is currently standing. Save every few clicks. When you approach the rock in the center of the screen, click the icon approximately at its visual center (Gwydion should be hidden behind it), then on the path at the bottom right where it emerges from behind the rock. Continue down to the bottom. (Be careful; you can still die from falling ridiculously small distances near the foot of the hill, just for that authentic Sierra touch.)

Hang around a few moments and see if an eagle passes overhead, dropping a feather. If not, go east one screen. If you still don't see it, don't worry; you can get the feather another time. Go south from the screen with the cave and stream. Dip the fly wings into the magic rose essence and you will transform into a fly and fly into the tavern. Listen as a "fly on the wall" as the bandits discuss their security measures. (If you don't hear them, just try again.) Go south from the town and get the mistletoe from the tree in the center of the screen. Go west one screen. If you see Mama Bear gardening or the Three Bears returning from a walk, leave and return until they are not there. (If you see them leaving for their walk, that's OK.) Enter the Three Bears' house. Take the center bowl of porridge from the table. Go upstairs. Open the dresser drawer to get a thimble. Leave the house. Click the thimble on the flowers to fill it with dew.

Go west one screen and walk up to the west edge of the screen (but don't change screens yet). Ready the hand mirror as your active item and save the game. Continue west into the desert. Walk west a little ways and then click the walk icon near the east edge of the screen, so that Gwydion is facing to the east. (Facing south or north as in the original game doesn't work here.) Do this as quickly as possible because Medusa will approach soon! When she does, click the hand mirror on her face. Go north. Click the knife on the small cactus budding at the bottom of the large cactus. Go north two more screens and get the shed snake-skin.

For Your Amusement:
Sit in the chairs and sleep on the beds in the Three Bears' house.

The Bandits' Hideout, and back in Town

Go east and south two screens. The tree with all the acorns under it is the bandits' hideout. Save the game. Click the hand on the acorns lying on the ground until you find some dried ones and pick them up. Dip the fly wings in the essence and fly into the tree. When done, click the hand on the hole in the roots at the base of the tree (not the shadow on the ground, which looks like of like a hole). Climb the ladder. If there is a bandit awake in the treehouse, Gwydion will climb back down; return up the ladder until you see a sleeping bandit. Quickly take the pouch from the table and leave (click the hand on the hole in the floor to climb down).

Pull out your magic map and have a look at it. Click the hand on the town to go there. Poof! Enter the store. Pet the dog to get a tuft of dog fur. Look at the shelves. As you can see, you need to buy a leather pouch, salt, fish oil, and lard. Click the hand on each item to buy it: leather pouches are at the very bottom left, salt is the second item from the left on the second shelf from the bottom, fish oil is at the very top left, and lard is at the very bottom right. When you've bought all the items, leave the store.

Go north one screen. This is generally when the eagle finally appears for me - try going back and forth between this screen and the one to the west if it doesn't. Go east one screen from the cave and click the cup on the ocean to fill it with water. Return west and approach the cave. When the screen changes, dip the eagle feather in the essence. Having disposed of the spider ("it's not a question of where 'e grips it; it's a simple question of weight ratios!"), enter the cave. After the cut-scene, leave the cave and go north and west one screen. Click the spoon on the mud on the west stream bank to get a spoonful. You now have all the spell ingredients.

For Your Amusement:
Look at the target painted on the wall in the bandits' hideout. Talk to it.

Repeatedly leave and re-enter the shop until you see a certain someone.

Get too close to the spider web. (save first)

More Magic

Pull out the map and click on Manannan's house. Go into the lab. Get the powdered fish bone from the top shelf, the nightshade juice from the second shelf, the mandrake root powder from the left side of the center shelf, the toad spittle from the fourth shelf, and the toadstool powder from the bottom shelf. Save the game, just in case you missed something. Read the spell book by clicking the hand on it and cast the "Transforming Another into a Cat" spell. Now cast all the other spells. ("Teleportation at Random" isn't necessary to win the game, but it scores points.) In the inventory screen, click the cat cookie on the bowl of porridge (note that the dot turns blue; this means it's "poisoned"). Return up the stairs into the study.

Click the hand on the bottom right corner of the bookshelves to close the door and move back the book. Open the cabinet with the key, replace the wand, and close the cabinet (it locks automatically). Go to Gwydion's room on the second floor and put everything with a red dot on it, except the map, under the bed by clicking the objects on the bed one by one. (If you just click the hand on your bed you put everything under there, but the developers neglected to include a way to get only certain items out from under the bed, and you need to be carrying the porridge.) Notice that the lumps of dough from the "Understanding the Language of Creatures" spell have a green dot, which means they are safe.

You still have some time before Manannan gets home, so let's have a listen to what some of the animals around Llewdor have to say, now that you can hear them with the magic dough in your ears. Go out to the chicken coop and hang around for a moment and you will overhear the chickens' conversation. Click the map on Gwydion, go to the bandits' tree, and head west into the desert. Wander north and south until you see some lizards. Hang about on the screen for a moment and you will overhear their conversation. In the screens just east of the desert screens can also be found a pair of crows and a squirrel and a chipmunk. When you're done with all this fun, head back to the house. If you still have time to kill, try doing chores you haven't already done, maybe (yaaay). Be sure to hide the map under your bed before Manannan comes back.

When Manannan finally returns and announces he is hungry, go to the dining room and give him the porridge. With him taken care of, go upstairs and get all your belongings from under your bed (just click the hand on the bed). Pull out the map and go to town. Enter the tavern. Talk to the pirate in the blue coat. Click your money pouch on him. Leave the tavern and go east two screens. Arrr! Looks like you've been kidnapped, matey!

For Your Amusement:
Let Manannan keep his shape long enough that he goes on a second journey (1:05:00 game time). You will be treated to an amusing cut-scene featuring his brother Mordack.

Buy a drink in the tavern.
Spend all your coins on drinks, then try to book passage with the captain. (save first)

At Sea

In the ship's hold, go east one screen. Wait and listen to the rats. If they don't talk about treasure, leave and return until they do. Get the small box and return west. Click the hand on the large box and you will drop the small box next to it. Hover the mouse over the ladder and you will now see a blue "up" arrow. Go up to the next deck. If you see the captain in his cabin, go back below decks and return until he is gone. Open the chest at the bottom left and you will find all your possessions. Go back into the hold.

Unless you want to get caught and thrown overboard, there's nothing more to do until you hear the shout of "Land ho, Captain!" You can check your map periodically to see the ship's progress. It takes 5:40 of game time to make the journey, so it's more thumb-twiddling for you. When it's time, click the sleep powder on the empty floorspace in the western hold screen. Climb up one deck and go east. Get the shovel from under the boat. Return west. Go up and east. Save the game.

For Your Amusement:
Try clicking the hand on something you can't pick up or manipulate, like the large crate (when not holding the small one).
Walk back and forth between the two hold screens until you meet a certain someone. (This one's not from King's Quest.)

Welcome to Daventry

Click the walk icon on the ocean towards the top of the screen to jump overboard. Swim east, aiming for the top right corner of the screen. On the next screen, beware the shark! Just keep going east and you should make it. Walk east and click the "hot spot" of the shovel just to the east of where the palm tree's shadow ends. The game won't let you dig in the wrong spot, so keep trying if you miss it. When you have the treasure, go north.

Walk up the path to the left. Stop on the lower part of the path in front of the large boulder, and click the walk icon on the boulder to climb up it. Go east and follow the path back to the first screen. Go around the bend. On this next part of the path, save the game and be careful like on the mountain path down from Manannan's house, because you can fall to your death. On the next screen, click the walk icon on the stream to climb up it. Go east two screens. Dip the eagle feather in the essence and you will scare off the Abominable Snowman. Go down either to the right or left.

Stop here and look carefully at the screen. You should barely see Alexander's foot at top left center. Save the game. Head straight down for the ledge directly below you and enter the cave (can be a bit tricky; the game kept interpreting my clicks as attempts to climb). You emerge at top right. Walk to the left edge of this ledge (again, a bit tricky) and then click on the rock wall next to it. Go a bit over and down to the center ledge. Enter this cave and you emerge at bottom left. From here, climb eastward over the pile of rocks to the bottom right cave, and enter it. You emerge at the very bottom right, which is the exit. (This is nowhere near as much of a pain as it is in the original game. Be thankful.)

Obligatory Damsel in Distress

Go east two screens (take care on the second one; you can still fall and die here) and south one screen. Pass by the cave entrance for now and go west and north. Talk to the gnome who will fill you in a bit about Rosella and the dragon. Return south and east and enter the cave. Exit this screen at the bottom right. Save the game because there's three more screens of carefully-stepped climbing ahead (which should look familiar to players of KQ1). When you emerge in the Land of the Clouds, walk to the western edge of the screen but don't change screens yet. Use the invisibility ointment. Go west. Click the storm brew on the dragon. When the storm is over, untie Princess Rosella, and watch the ending scenes. You have finished the game with full points, so you will get to see a special scene after the end credits that ties into KQ5!

For Your Amusement:
Go west one screen from the gnome's house and look at the rocks.


For Your Amusement at various times:
Talk to yourself repeatedly.
Click the knife on yourself.


Some information pertaining to the original version:

Copy protection: Requires original disk.

For Your Amusement:
Try swear words.
Eat the chickens.
In Manannan's chamber, use pot.
Look carefully at the bookshelves in Manannan's study. Do you see the computer?
Look under the rug in the study.
Look behind the tapestry outside Gwydion's bedroom.
When Manannan is home, repeatedly go down the mountain path as far as you can, or don't do your chores. (The sixth punishment will be death.)
Sit in the chairs and sleep on the beds in the Three Bears' house.
Screw up when casting the spells. (Save first.)
On the pirate ship, stand beside the hole that goes from the middle deck down to the bottom. Type jump on ladder but don't press Enter. Fall into the hole. When the screen changes, press Enter. A bug makes Gwydion walk in midair throughout the hold and sometimes change to the head-over-heels "falling" sprite. (Save first.)
Fall into the chasm that's at your feet when you trip into Daventry. (Save first.)
Talk to Rosella after rescuing her.


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